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Gold Will Break Below $960 – It’s in the Script

This a recent article of mine on why they will try and push gold down, very pro-Gold, pro-Liberty and I think it will resonate with the readers of the DailyPaul.


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JFK and 9/11 - The Common Threads

Hi All,

I just published a new article on JFK and 9/11. I had been reading a lot about it, especially from Lew Rockwell's site, and I think I made some interesting comparisons. Love to hear your feedback.


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Cactus Land

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New Libertarian/Esoteric Novel- Free

I’ve recently published a new novel, Your Love Incomplete, and I’m offering it as a free download. I decided to offer for free because I feel charging for it would seriously limit its readership.

Here is the link:

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Why Obama Supporters Should Vote for Ron Paul in the Primaries

This is a very sarcastic, ironic parody on why Obama supporters should register as Republicans and vote for Dr. Paul in the primaries. Warning, this piece is dark and ironic. While it may seem to support Obama, please read to the end. Maybe this could be something to send to those gullible Obama supporting friends and relatives. All votes count, and if they believe him, they might be convinced by this. http://thehallowmen.wordpress.com/