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Ron Holland is a long-time advisor to international investors seeking secure, legally compliant strategies to protect and grow wealth. He currently serves on the Board of Advisors of a major Swiss wealth management firm and is co-editor of the successful financial report Mountain Vision and a contributing editor to the geo-political newsletter Freedom Matters, published by Appenzeller Business Press AG (ARBP).

Ron brings 40 years of financial experience to readers of Freedom Matters as the former president of a Swiss-owned broker-dealer firm licensed in 47 states, head of a bank trust department, international retirement consultant, public speaker, stockbroker and author of three books (including Escape the Pension Trap) and numerous articles and special reports.

He has developed a number of successful financial products directly relating to Switzerland and securing wealth - including the first Swiss-franc denominated portfolio in a U.S. variable annuity. He is a strong proponent of global investment diversification outside U.S. markets and the dollar as protection from America's exploding national debt.

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