• oh yay

    So how many of these 6 will be given to La Raza whose mission it is to wipe out white America?

  • backwards

    The question is not whether Ron Paul women are pro life it's whether pro life women are likely to be Ron Paul supporters. If they are more likely to support someone other than him and as you state that Ron Paul women are nearly all pro life it means he is garnering very small total support amongst women. Hence the reason why it's mostly men here. Btw Ron Paul being a Baptist doesn't mean he had the support from the Baptist Churches... All that went to Huck.

  • Attending a pro life rally

    Does not make a woman politically active. In my experience in California at least pro lifer women most often have beliefs that are founded in the teachings of the Christian church (usually evangelical or Baptist) and as such will use the guidance of the church to make political decisions for them. Problem is these churches don't support Ron Paul because he doesn't carry his religion on his sleeve and for some strange reason these churches require Zionist endorsements from AIPAC for any candidate they are 'allowed' to support. So HuckleSanitaryTowel was their pick.

  • Reproductive rights

    Many women who are politically active believe in their reproductive rights. They become hugely fearful when you have the Paul's talking about the illegality of Roe vs Wade or the states rights to ban abortions or contraceptive devices. As such whereas many men at daily Paul were once progressives but recognized the dangers of government overreach and tyrannical behavior most progressive women just see the RR issue and stop right there.

  • ISIS

    started this not Hamas. Guess who armed ISIS?


  • ISIS not Hamas

    ISIS, a US conceived and armed body are responsible for the current escalation through the false flag attack of killing 3 Israelis.


  • I highly doubt that

    These crises don't happen by unfortunate or incompetent policies like they would have you believe they are manufactured. Al Qaeda and Isis are manufactured threats to keep the war machine going. They don't need to ship them over here since their raison d'etre is dollar hegemony not the American people. For us it's just a matter of keeping the pretty squabbles going so that we believe in the democratic processes offered by having a two party system that argue for one side of another in these squabbles distracting us from the costs of the wars. Consider the current squabbles over supreme Court decisions over women and labor unions getting up the ire of dems vs the ire of repugs over immigrants healthcare and Benghazi.

  • How so?

    Science consists of theories and hypotheses that are used to explain observations, otherwise known as data otherwise known as the facts. That is the only part of science that is fact. Yet you think it is funny to refer to observations as fact?

    Under a microscope scientists have observed bacteria evolving to counter the environmental changes. Did they not see and record that fact? Scientists have unraveled DNA sequences of humans and compared them to other mammals. They look the same. Do they not look the same?

    You seem to be confused. Observations are facts whereas interpretation of the observations are open to debate.

  • what about lack of hurricanes?

    Is that also caused by global warming/climate change? We are approaching 3700 days without a major hurricane making landfall on us soil which is a 100 year record. But since that is good news we are told that is just weather. When sandy hit it was a confluence of 3 factors that made it deadly. 2 of those factors were repeated twice before in the last century: northerly track and a noreaster. The 3rd factor has nothing to do with the climate: the population where it hit.

  • Morals from my atheist viewpoint

    ..do not need to come from some imaginary punitive deity but rather from the simple premise that if you wouldn't want that done to you then don't do it to someone else. Hence the expression 'take the moral highground.' For an advanced society of people to live harmoniously its members need to strive for this moral highground otherwise the society resorts into a more base society where law of the jungle applies: no rules and the strongest and fastest survive. Hence morals are an expression of our evolutionary state. Religion is nothing more than an attempt to exploit for power that feature of our evolutionary state.

  • 46 yes 49 no 3 undecided

    46 yes 49 no 3 undecided

  • Plumbing a challenge

    I would imagine that retro fitting the plumbing needed to support hundreds of apartments would be a seriously expensive challenge.

  • My bugout kit

    Does not account for the eventuality of noneness. I need to re-strategize and I thank DP for helping me realize this.

  • Just imagine

    if all politicians had this level of honesty to address the crimes of Israel and U.S. and U.K. And just imagine if the media gave them the respect they deserve for doing so. And isn't it a pity that Ron Paul never had the cojones that GG has. Now wake up to the reality and realize how screwed we really are.

  • Tarp fund

    Bailout money lol

  • Whatreallyhappened.com

    Is my number one repository of mainstream news (I consider what most people call mainstream news as being the alternative.) Love to help out but I am not sure Rivero will pay these taxes even if helped. I will miss the multiple animated bovine excrement meters for sure.

  • problem reaction solution

    Is a better way to express conspiracy theory without invoking the pejorative.

  • WTC7

    Just prior to the Iraq invasion, I discovered that a third tower on 9/11 had collapsed. Why had I not heard about this. Then I saw the video and I reaffirmed for myself the claim that it was falling at freefall speed. As a person with a strong scientific and engineering background I knew this was physically impossible without demolition charges. I don't believe in miracles so I could no longer accept the official story. After that it was just one never ending stinking rabbit hole. Discovering how almost everything I thought I knew about money, politics and the modern history of our civilization ends up being a lie was a pretty tough pill to swallow. Even tougher is seeing so many intelligent people still vehemently defending the lie out of ignorance or cognitive dissonance. But the hardest thing of all is when the government rolls out more liberty stealing legislation unopposed entirely in the name of this lie and I watch Dems and RINOS lap it all up with a big 'hell yeah'. They are cheering for their own own enslavement.

  • At least he was not..

    At least he was not Twanking

  • As long as there are bad cops

    and the good cops are not tirelessly trying to stop their abuse of peoples rights and freedoms then there are no good cops, only less bad cops. These antics however are endangering innocent people so I cannot condone..it goes beyond civil disobedience.