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How to become a delegate in Arizona

The process for becoming a delegate in AZ is as follows.

Each "Legislative District" will hold an election between the dates of 4/7/2012 and 4/21/2012 to elect "State Delegates" and "State Alternates" to advance to the May 12th State Caucus to elect the 29 National Delegates. To vote at each district meeting, you must have secured the Precinct Committeeman "PC" position by 12/31/2011. The deadline to become a PC by 12/31/2011 was 11/30/2011. Good news - YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A PC TO BECOME A DELEGATE. Keep reading.

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Long time Neocon friend converted to Paul Supporter. Great story,

My Friend Ray has always been a major Neocon and when I saw his email along with a video from Judge Andrew Napolitano. The subject line in his email was "Please forgive me" At first I thought why would you need forgiven for waking up to the truth. But I realized he was speaking to many of his fellow neocons.

"Please forgive me"

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Why Ron Paul isn't top-tier

What is the LA Times talking about? They are using polls weeks or months old. I guess they thought they had better write this article before the new polls were discovered by the general public. Some of the polls now show Paul ahead of Perry by 4% 37% Paul to 33% Perry and just 2% behind Romney. Another misrepresentation of the facts by MSM. Let's set them straight on their facts!


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PC's Needed in Arizona District 6 to become Delegates For Ron Paul

Hello Fellow Freedom Fighters.

I need some help in locating Ron Paul supporters who are registered Republicans or willing to register as a Republican in Arizona especially in Legislative District 6. I am the chairman and will appoint anyone who supports Ron Paul as a PC. The we will work to make you a Delegate to support Ron Paul.

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Ron Paul will End the War

I Found this on YouTube and wanted to share it......NIcely Done!


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Just hit one Million!!

Just hit one million, let's keep it going!!

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Open Borders Crowd Attacks!

I am leading my opponent by 7 points, but with the margin of error it is a dead heat. The open borders crowd is throwing everything they have to knock me out of the lead and I need everyone’s support NOW! The primary is in 3 days and I need $5,000 to run adds to fight these attacks. They have spent about $70,000 fighting / Attacking me and I’m still in the lead! However new attacks came out today and I NEED to RESPOND ASAP to these attacks to stay in the lead! Please Donate whatever you can afford to www.DavidFitzgerald2010.com.

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Listen to Liberty Candidate David Fitzgerald on http://kvoi.com/

I will be on the Jim Parisi Show at 8:30 am today MT Standard time


Please help chip in $20,$30,$50 or more to www.DavidFitzgerald2010.com we are pushing for an additional $8,000. I'm trying to stay in the lead until next Tuesday.

For Liberty!

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Open Borders Crowd, Attacks

As many of you know I am the only State Candidate ever to be endorsed by Ron Paul in Arizona. Things are progressing well in the campaign and we continue to lead. We are only 14 days to the primary on August 24th and we are sprinting to the finish line to stay in the lead. I only have 3 days to file my monthly financial report and I need to demonstrate a significant increase in funding. We have raised about $5,000 and I would like to make a final push to raise another $5,000 in three days. I am asking for your help.

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War Zone in Arizona

Our borders must be secure and it's apparent the Federal government has no interest in doing so. It's going to be up to Arizona to correct this. Arizona is #2 in the world for kidnapping and it's estimated 70%-80% of all drugs come right through the middle of Arizona State. We have over 100 illegals in Maricopa County jail for murder. Our own Sheriff Paul Babeu is getting death threats from Mexican Cartel three counties in. I wanted to share an link I found that shows some of what is going on.

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Ron Paul 2012

Ron Paul 2012 ‎"Freedom is not defined by safety. Freedom is defined by the ability of citizens to live without government interference. Government cannot create a world without risks, nor would we really wish to live in such a fictional place. Only a totalitarian society would even claim absolute safety as a worthy ideal, because it would require total state control over its citizens’ lives.." — Ron Paul

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Nullification….. Gaining Popularity in Arizona!

Arizonians have become angry with the federal governments unwillingness to secure our border. The recent death of Robert Krentz, a respected rancher on the Arizona border, was the last straw and Arizonans are outraged. I want to join many state legislators to push back against the federal government and nullify any unconstitutional legislation that comes out of the Federal government. The time is right in AZ for States rights to come to the forefront of American Politics.

Because of these important issues and what Ron Paul said “It does not matter if I become President, if I am the only one; we need everyone to run for office.” I am running for Arizona State House. Currently I am leading in the polls, along with my team; Lori Klein for State Senate, Carl Seel and me, David Fitzgerald for State House. Please visit me at www.DavidFitzgerald2010.com .

We are pulling resources together to increase our chances of winning. We still have 7 mailings to 12,000 voters to be paid for at a cost of $6,850 each, totaling $47,900, phone banking and robo calls will cost $4,000-$6,000 to reach 24,000 voters multiple times among other things. The good news is the cost is shared by all three campaigns. I need you help in raising an additional $15,000.