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i am a concerned american watching my country and the world going into a prison planet system. i woke up 4 years ago and i was shocked to find out who these people that control the world are and what they've been up to in secret without us knowing about it but now i em awake and i know whats going on and why society is the way it is and why the world is the way it is i woke up thanks to Alex Jones David icke Ron Paul max igan Michael Tsarion and there documentary's what i really want to see is complete freedom no strings attached no limits put on human kind a chance to be free the way we were meant to be. OH YEAH BEFORE I FORGET WE NEED TO AUDIT THE FEDERAL RESERVE THEN END THE FEDERAL RESERVE THERE IS NO NEED FOR A CENTRAL BANK IN ANY PART OF THE WORLD THESE GUYS ARE A BUNCH OF CROOKS PREYING ON HUMANITY FOR THERE OWN SELFISH PURPOSES AND PERSONALLY I'M SICK OF IT END THE FED PLEASE SUPPORT DR RON PAULS EFFORTS TO REIGN IN THE FED THE BILL IS HR-459 CONTACT YOUR CONGRESSMAN BY EMAIL / PHONE / LETTER AND PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION FOR HUMANITY'S SAKE THANK YOU

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