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We believe in free speech, free will, loving and letting love. We believe we can, if we try and participate, solve humanities problems. We believe in small government over big. give us libraries, roads, safe travel and safety from harm without and within. keep our food and air and water clean. We are ok with paying fair taxes for that. take care of our kids. take care of our health when we need it, without imposing your own regimens upon us. be a good mom or dad, if you are a mother or fatherland. dont lie. dont spin. dont spend insane amounts to bomb enemy nations real, imagined, or constructed as a ploy. just use common sense and if you choose to enter public service, truly serve the public, not your ego, your powerbase or your agenda. be cool to one another. enjoy music, arts, humanity. build something. climb a tree. colour more. have fun. Its ok to be different but we all want the same things sometimes.. to be free to live. love and be loved.

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