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Do You wanna emigrate to Sweden ?

I dunno..

But we we have a small farm no one use anyway...

3 small houses and a farm house or whatever its called. I love that place. Everything is built by my mothers father and we have used the land since the 1400 at least. The biggest hose of those have all you need, toilet, shower atc.

Do you know how to use the land.. ?

Normally only useless peoeple are allowed here,lol, but I am sure if you have land and I can vouch for you it is ok. The land is mall and my cousins are everywhere. No one lives there anyway and maybe you wanna escape the coming thing...

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Best of luck to ya all!

I certainly don´t know what is coming, but it feels like something big is on our way in terms of life changing moments.

Economy is certainly going to change, socially I think it will change as well, culturally I fear our way will be no more....

Militarily, well it seems your military is provoking the east all the time,,what will Russia and china do ? I don´t know...

I just feel some bad disaster are planned for us, and whatever it is, it´s not good. It seems the worst is planned for the USA. This saddens me.

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American exceptionalism

Well I have been thinking about what makes Americans special and here is what I came up with..If you don't like it , it is still, well.. true. Religious country in the world. Does not help at all.

1. Porn, biggest porn industry in the world, despite professing marriage, porn all the way, movies, videos, hotel rooms.

2. Violence. Omg who can miss it, beatings and shootings all the time, bleh.

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So I am just wondering here, is this your only solution ?

Your states made a contract called the constitution to cooperate as long as the articles there was honored.

If the contract is no longer upheld, it seems the contract has been annulled.

If we look at history, the federal government will wage physical war against those that wanna leave.

Things don´t look good. All these military equipment moving around and all that.

I wish you the best, all you Americans. But I think you are in for a rough ride.

I think soon the oppression will be so great I will never dare post something like this again.

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Seems like war is coming and the USA is running out of troops !

Will there be draft ? What do you think ?

I think it´s likely, especially after Obamas speech about national service...

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"V" tells you how it all is. War, implosion coming.


This guy has been scary accurate in calling the metals moving so I thought i´d be posting his views here. He has been scary accurate.

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Freedom wins

Well forgive me but i Thought I´d post my opinion here.

All you Ron Paul Constitutional liberty minded people, I do envy you.

All the optimism, despite sure defeat.

All the defiance despite fraud.

All the continuing quest for liberty no matter what.

The truth always wins(in the long run, the psychotic don´´t believe this but it is always true), and nothing will stop you and that baffles the powers that be.

They never stop, but they never met an adversary that also will never stop.

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Finally I am home alone..

Even though I wanted to be alone.. it is unbearable now, I miss my son so much.

It is crazy how much one can love a child. I never thought this possible.

That is that I would miss his screams and tantrums.

FINALLY i have silence and it is not what it used to be. I miss him.

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Forget lavabit .. here comes startmail...

already there is startpage and ixquick for those that care about privacy search and soon come startmail https://beta.startmail.com/. Hope at the end of the tunnel.

No reason to ever use google and soon no reason to use things like yahoo or google mail.


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Finally tonight the princess of the kindom of Sweden married her American commoner

or to be more exact, she married an American banker...

For me could it get any worse?

well at least he won´t be a prince since he won´t be a Swedish citizen..

He will stay an American wanker, sorry banker..


Marie Fredriksson (from roxette) Singing at Princess Madeleine's Wedding


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I decided to post some "supposedly" inside information here

I decided to post this here as we often read, insider this, insider that.

Insider mostly means(but not always) a high officer in a firm that has knowledge before other people do.

I do have friends that have the highest possible position in a big firm.

Tonight I asked several 0f them if they had considered my advice since last year that at least partially invest in gold/silver.

The answer was "no way", and asking if they where not at least worried about a market crash, the answer was, "Not at all.".

That is all, I posted this just to let you know what "they thought".

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Actual Footage Boston Bombing Suspects Fire Fight With Police


I dunno but sounds like

- 24 seconds: “chill out”
- 26 seconds: “chill out”, “chill out”
- 31 seconds: “chill out”
- 37 seconds: “we didnt do it”
- 41 seconds: “we didnt do it”
- 45 seconds: “we didnt do it”
- 1 minute 9 seconds: “hey officer”

is this in accordance with police testimony ? I dunno...maybe you do...

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Youtube these days ! Are they slowing speed on videos they don´t like?

Cause it seems to happen much more frequently when it is a video on an important anti tyranny video or similar. I got 100 mbit and some videos don´t even load on 240 p, that is ridiculous.

Have you experienced similar.. ?

They sure has an incentive to do so, based on who owns them...

what do you think ?

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so I think they will soon declare us all terrorists...

and fat chance there will ever be any political solution...

what I am wondering,, is if push comes to bad than worse I have a farm in sweden and i will if you need take you in...... cant offer more than that, but if you can work the land and wanna get out.....come here and work my land....i need nothning... just do the land....and to heck with your criminal land...not saying it is better here..but sane atleast.......