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Smudge Pot dealt in story-telling, spirituality, satire and occasional serious reporting until the South America project was announced. When he wasn't on the Daily Paul he was usually creating and deploying software products and websites to demanding commercial clients nation wide. A self-professed "libertarian" off and on since roughly 1986, his activist resume is both extensive and secretive however through the late 80s and early 90s Smudge was attempting to see how various military dictatorships in Latin America did, were or could transition back into republican models. Earning a degree in political science as an unintended consequence of this, Smudge also resurrected the Spanish language in his generation, having familial blood origins the region and memories of it having been spoken in his early years. Returning to this field of study, endeavour and land is now of primary significance to Smudge who now sees Latin America as a great alternative for those seeking opportunity and freedom at all levels. With partners presently in South America and the Caribbean representing multiple sectors, Smudge is making introductions, adding value to proposals, providing marketing support, translation services and soon, open deals like real estate and other opportunities. Don't hesitate to PM him, he's really quite cordial in person.