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Brian J. Brady
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I am a 30-year Republican activist who served as San Diego County Co-Chair for the Ron Paul for President 2012 campaign. Elected to a 4-year term on the Central Committee of the Republican Party of San Diego County in 2012, my colleagues elected me to regional chairman in the county (there are 7 regions)and the Executive Board.

I was active in the Oceanside Tea Party and helped organize the largest tax day tea party event in the country in 2011 and 2012. Founded the Republican Liberty Caucus of San Diego in 2012.

I would describe myself as a paleo-conservative and was influenced by Senator Barry Goldwater, President Reagan, and (of course), Congressman Ron Paul. Support Rand Paul for President in 2016.

Pro individual liberty, pro constitutional foreign policy, and unapologetically pro-life. I don't care if gay people pursue and are granted State-licensed marriages. This wouldn't be an issue if we didn't have an income tax.

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