• The witness is sticking to his story

    The witness in my article above is absolutely adamant of the facts. The stories that all came out first in alternative media sites, all of us reported it was a law enforcement officer. I have since had other accounts stating the same thing and backing this story.

    It was many hours later that a 3rd supposed victim (a deputy) was also supposedly hit. The truth needs to be spread around to bury these later erroneous reports. It was a rifle, not a shotgun. 2 people were injured, not 3. It was in the hands of an officer and not the mistake of a gun owner at the show. Why it was loaded to begin with is anyone's guess.

  • Rounds is establishment all the way

    Mike Rounds would be another Scott Brown in the Senate. Curious where you got the idea that he is "strong supporter of audit the fed"??? In a recent interview done by the Argus Leader after his announcement in Sioux Falls he was asked about the bailouts. He feels that the banks have ZERO fault for the crash in 2008. Let us also not forget that this man while he was still our Governor, accepted an appointment by Obama to be 1 of the 10 Federal "Regional" Governors. He is a traitor to our form of government and an establishment hack all the way. Unfortunately, that is all we ever elect. We need to stack the deck with 3rd party and independent candidates in 2014 and we need to work on getting our electronic vote counting BANNED before the primaries.

  • Totally agree ajnock!

    At least I am not alone here. It continues to infuriate me that this site has become like the MSM when it comes to silencing the candidacy of Virgil Goode. The DP posters are acting EXACTLY like those that shut out Ron Paul. The irony is unbelievable. You are all the same people that we united with in anger when these tactics were done against RP yet do not see the folly of your ways when it comes to Goode being shut out, lied about, left out, not understood, and just plain not having a clue about his positions or anything about him.

    Thank you ajnock, at least my rant and fury is not all alone.

    To those that keep doing this............Knock it off! It is not bringing anyone over to Johnson, in fact it is infuriating people against him.

  • Excellent Point!!!

    I have never heard the argument put quite that way against open borders. The open borders issue is yet another reason why I cannot support GJ. On his own website he states that he envisions a US truck going 60 miles per hour across the Mexican border passing a Mexican truck going 60 miles per hour into the US??? In other words, sounds like his dream is the NAFTA Super Hwy!!!! NO THANK YOU>>>>>

  • It is a biased poll

    My state does not allow write-ins so I can't vote for Ron Paul so that option is irrelevant. If Gary Johnson was the only 3rd party on my ballot I would slightly plug my nose and vote for him. BUT the fact is that there is another option on my ballot that I don't have to plug my nose to vote for and that candidate you censored off of your poll and did not even give us a blank space or an "other" space to respond.

    This poll is just as bad and the msm dropping Ron Paul's name off the results. Talk about dejavu. I will be voting Virgil Goode, try creating a poll that is not so obviously biased next time and maybe it will mean something. Sorry, but this poll reminded me of what the media did to Ron Paul.


  • There is nothing wrong with the name

    of the Constitution Party as first and foremost we are all STRICT constitutionalists. Our party has been literally holding classes and flat out teaching the constitution to our communities for years.

    Possibly you should try doing some real research on the subject before getting hung-up on a falsehood.

  • Missouri ballot access

    Yes, Virgil Goode is already on the ballot in Missouri. There are only about 11 states left to be determined at this point where deadlines for petitioning is not over yet or there is no decision yet. The states not possible or Republicans throwing him off of, paperwork is submitted for certified write-in status. Hopefully there will not be hardly any states where one or the other option is not possible but the major parties get more ruthless every cycle.

  • Last time, Chuck was a certified write-in in CA

    I know that in 2008, when AIP got Chuck Baldwin kicked off the ballot we got him set-up as a certified write-in candidate in CA. I lived in CA back then and was the first time in my life I wrote-in a Presidential candidate. Boy!!!!!! was it good to vote my conscience.
    I will have to do some checking regarding TX and see what the options are currently there.

  • You are correct!!!

    Thank you for posting. You are absolutely correct. The reason why 3rd parties are not progressing is b/c people keep voting for lesser of 2 evils and supporting evil. It is critical for the future of any minor party to get as many votes and support as possible if we are going to ever crush the 2-headed dragon.

    If more people vote for 3rd parties, it makes it easier to get ballot access in the next election cycle and to stay on the ballot in their state. We need volunteers for petitioning and money for legal battles and advertising for our candidates as msm usually blacklists all Constitution Party candidates. The establishment knows we are the biggest threat to the GOP and if you are angry with what they did to our beloved Dr.Paul, then get off the stick and HELP US!

  • Part II

    The states that we will not be on the ballot, Virgil will be a CERTIFIED Write-in candidate so one way or another when all is said and done we should be an option in most if not all states. Gary Johnson will be in the same situation so there is no reason to use ballot access as a reason to rule one out over the other. GJ is obviously not familiar with the level of corruption to keep 3rd parties off the ballot but he certainly should be by now yet still makes the false claim of being on all 50 ballots. He would have to have a crystal ball and some slick talking to keep making that claim with a straight face.

  • I am a State Chair for CP

    I love Dr.Paul but the fact of the matter is he will not be on the ballot in November. Having said that, I am switching gears to support Virgil Goode who is much closer to the platform of Dr.Paul than Gary Johnson. Looks like the people that have chimed in so far have little or no knowledge about the CP or Goode.

    Yes, you should support Goode if you feel he is a better choice than the others. We are NOT a theocracy and we are avidly ANTI-WAR so those that have said otherwise, sorry but they don't know what they are talking about. Like Dr.Paul, we are non-interventionist, want to END THE FED, abolish the IRS, end abortion, stop illegal immigration, support tariffs on imports instead of income tax or federal sales tax, repeal NDAA, NAFTA, GATT, etc..... We stand up for the Constitution!!!!!!!!!! Our name does say it all.

    The thing to understand about Virgil is he has now spent approx. 3-4 years heavily involved in our party. During that time, he has learned a lot from us about the constitution and the dangerous pcs of legislation that he supported back when he was in Congress and not yet awake. I used to hold his old record against him until I honestly took a look at what years we were talking about and the fact that back then I was a blind Neo-con myself. So, I now just can't blame him for that as that was the past and I did not know any better back then either. Virgil Goode greatly regrets some of his past votes but is now awake and in-line with Dr.Paul on almost every issue.

    We NEED everyone's support as a party. If we can't grow the party and have support, people have no one to blame but themselves for being stuck in this 2-party outrageous system. If you want to never break out of it then just keep throwing all your time and money into the r's and d's and see where it gets all of us!!!!

    Third parties need your help and your donations so that we can rise up from this ash heap of a ONE PARTY scam and finally starting being able to get somewhere in the future.

    In Freedom & Justice.

  • Trust your gut.

    Trust your gut.

  • The good news is that the bigwigs here

    love to make national news so maybe they will allow the chips to fall where they may. We can hope.

  • We use all paper ballots BUT

    like I said they are all run through optical scanners. The information about Nebraska came straight from Beverly at Black Box Voting in my conversation with her after I lost a statewide election as a candidate in 2010. I felt like I was cheated but there was not much I could do about it unless I had boatloads of money or exit polling to back it up.


    100% of our ballots are put through scanners which are subject to machine manipulation of the votes!!!! That computerized system is actually controlled in the neighboring state of Nebraska in complete secrecy.

    This is why WE NEED EXIT POLLING done in South Dakota on election day.

    This is completely inaccurate post and needs to be understood as such.

  • Google Irregardless

    It most definitely is a word, although the conspiracy against it seems to be alive and well apparently. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/irregardless

  • NO, exit polling needs to be done in that situation!

    What needs to be done is to ask as many people as possible who they voted for at as many precincts as possible. If you have just a small piece of paper they could even sign, that would even be better.

    Then these results can be compared percentage wise to the official results given to see whether they are in line with your samples of exit polling.

    Only getting Ron Paul's votes is dumb! It will prove nothing. It does not prove that a different candidate got more votes even if you were to capture every single Ron Paul vote. You need to poll who they voted for, not just who voted for RP, to do anything else would prove absolutely nothing.

  • Only took 3 minutes to research the truth

    Fox could have done the same thing if they were not willfully doing the wrong thing.


  • The optical scanners are bad news

    The fact that all the ballots are going to be counted in optical scanners means that the results can be easily manipulated 7 ways to Sunday!!!

    The answer is doing Exit Polling at each precinct. Exit polling is accepted by voting experts as hard evidence of possible voting machine manipulation. If exit polling is organized, it will give Dr. Paul a legal stand to contest the final vote count.

  • He needs to clear-up misunderstanding on pro-life issue

    There are many in the pro-life community that have an erroneous idea that he was never for a constitutional amendment. He actually AUTHORED it 30 years ago. If he gets this cleared-up, he will win over the rest of the hearts in Iowa and the nation.