• But it DOES produce something!

    "and yes, he doesn't actually produce anything for all of that wealth so it seems despicable."

    John Stewart that most of it was investments and his income was from interest, right? Well investing money into the markets GROWS the economy! Investors provide a liquid market for capital, essential for a healthy economy. I would rather invest money into the economy than pay it in taxes, thus using it less productively.

    Economy, economy, economy.

  • Never donated before...

    Proud to say that I donated $20.12 to the Ron Paul campaign. I'm SICK of the media blacking him out! BLACK THIS OUT!!

  • Utterly brilliant read!

    You did a fantastic job getting all of the points across, and I especially liked the TED talk video you included in the post! Brilliant!

  • Try not to be so annoyed...

    but recognize that this is the thinking of the status quo, or the way people think today. I simply LOOOOVE how Ron Paul always cites historical examples in his arguments! Something very very very few politicians or even people do nowadays.

    Gold standard for life!

  • It's just silly to turn this into a theological debate...

    ...but I thought some would. Try to look past the quick "god ain't reel" crap and listen to what the man is saying! He used a passage from the bible, brilliantly linking it to modern day government. Weather God is real or not is entirely beside the point. Anyways freedom of religion FTW!!!1

    I've been thinking too... we've seen other candidates talking about smaller government, liberty, etc, basically just copying Ron Paul. However, is that not a good thing? If someone like Mitt Romney gets elected on a campaign based on smaller government and freedom, isn't that a good thing? Ron Paul would definitely be the ideal candidate to stand by his principals as he has for the past 30 years, but I am glad that these ideas are becoming more mainstream.

    I swear Ron Paul should be a seer. Freedom is mainstream! Nah he's already a wise wise man.

  • Brilliant Post!

    And well said :) it's Dr. Paul's wish that we take the road of Nonaggression, and even though we all would LOVE to pound Reid's face into the pavement, we should try and refrain from such aggressive desires ;)