• Like Christopher Boyce

    Like Christopher Boyce

  • Catherine Austin Fitts

    I just listened to about 6 clips from that interview...she's very insightful, well spoken and easy to listen to. Thanks for posting!

  • Minor Threat

    Especially fitting since Minor Threat was a Washington DC band...one of the best to come out of DC behind the Bad Brains of course. :)

    Going to go listen to out of step now haha

  • Still Juicing :)

    Not fasting, but what I'm eating is mostly salads and grilled veggies with a little bit of grilled chicken or baked fish. Some pistachios or almonds in the afternoon. I'm juicing 3 times a day still though.

    I start every morning off with the same thing: 1/2 lemon, 1/2 lime, Tbsp of Braggs ACV, drizzle of honey and 1/2 cup of warm spring water. Then I do 30 minutes cardio; either on the elliptical or a bike ride, but I might try to diversify that a little, not sure yet. Next I have a couple hard boiled eggs and another juice, this morning it's blueberries, grapes, 1/2 a large beet, 1/2 lime and 1" ginger. Yumm. Juice for lunch, a Mean Green or maybe carrot ginger tumeric...

    My weight's down to 220 now (it was 232 before the fast - 245 a year ago and 266 2 years ago). Energy is high, mood is better, I feel great. I don't know what changed inside me to do this, because I'm usually lazy and apathetic, but I'm just going to ride this train as long as it goes. :)

  • why did you get downvoted?

    My mother did this diet in the 70's as cancer treatment. She went to a retreat in Mexico for a couple months to get started because at that time the treatment was banned in the USA.

    She had one really good summer after quitting the radiation and chemo and just doing the fresh pressed organic juice & coffee enema thing...in the end the cancer chemo whatever took her.

    That was probably my first hint at age 11 that everything was not all as perfect as it appeared in America...why does mommy have to go to Mexico to drink juice?

  • Thank you Michael

    This was a good experience, really glad I tried it! Today is Day 5.5 for me and I'm planning on easing off it today too. Probably juice through lunch, maybe have a strawberry banana smoothie, and then have a salad and some grilled veggies for dinner.

    I feel great, lost a ton of weight - this would be (and hopefully will be) an awesome jump start to a much longer diet IMO...but it is almost kind of hard to stop juicing and think about eating solid food again, you just want to keep going.

  • Day 3 was a little tough

    I didn't really have much energy yesterday and while my stomach wasn't really hungry my mind wouldn't stop thinking about all the delicious things I wasn't eating LOL. But I stuck it through with the help of some of that vegetable broth (with a little curry yum) and a delicious tomato, red pepper, basil, kale, garlic & lemon juice.

    Today I stepped on the scale and I've lost 7 pounds and unbelievably am at my target weight of 225 (6' 2"). Also discovered that I tightened my belt a notch without even realizing it.

    I'll continue the juice fast through tomorrow and ease back into solid food with salad, fresh fruit and veg. For camping this weekend I'll make up some marinated vegetable skewers and maybe some little chicken kebobs and keep drinking tons of water (instead of the usual Burgers, Brats and Beer).

  • So far so good!

    Day 2 went fine. I'm surprised how easy this has been. Caffeine withdrawal headaches have been minimal. Haven't really been hungry at all, just have to battle my mind's desire for something crunchy and salty. I've also lost about 4 pounds.

    I'm only doing 5 days since I have a camping trip next weekend, but I hope to use this as a jump start to a MUCH healthier relationship with food. And I could see doing frequent short detoxes in the future as well as trying a longer juice fast at some point too.

  • Started early

    Bought $50 of mostly organic produce yesterday and couldn't resist starting early with a tomato, basil, garlic, lemon, kale juice for dinner :)

    Really all I had yesterday was a black tea, an avocado, a green tea and lots of water, plus my dinner tomato juice. So I'll count that as a half day.

    Started this morning off with a cup of 1/2 lemon, 1/2 lime & warm water. Enjoying an herbal tea right now(Question: is honey allowed?) and will have some kind of berry breakfast juice in a bit.

  • Awesome Michael

    I've been eating light to prep and will switch to tea starting tomorrow...planning on starting Sunday with just the juice. The caffeine withdrawal headaches are what I fear the most. :(

  • Thank You Michael!

    Won't be able to start Thursday (date Friday night for sushi LOL) but I've been thinking seriously about doing this since last weekends posts too. Never done a juice fast before but I love to make fresh juice with my 15 year old Juiceman Jr (still going strong). My go to is carrot, ginger, tumeric and apple.

    I'll be following your updates and maybe start Sunday or Monday :)

  • Ted Cruz too

    But it would probably be closer to Ron Paul because I said no to almost everything.

    For example, I don't know the content of the reform bill for sugar subsidies off the top of my head, but just the fact that they use the word "reform" instead of "remove" was enough for me to vote Nay.

  • When I first heard of this

    When I first heard of this on the playground in grade school I went straight up to my room after school, put Zoso on the turntable, and started spinning it backwards by hand.

    Took me a few hours to finally find it (the school yard rumor didn't include the exact verse). After a while of going back and forth over 'there's still time to change the road your on - Iyyyy Looooooooooove sAtun' I looked up and the sun had gone down and it was pitch black in my room - terrified the hell out of me and I couldn't move to go for the light switch across the room for a few minutes - never did that again.

  • You say that there's no

    You say that there's no natural punishment for agressing against others but I disagree. Maybe not punishment but more accurately consequence. You will be out of harmony with nature, with other humanity, and as a consequence your path of aggression will always be beset with discord.

    I suppose I do just say that it's inherently wrong. I don't need a God or religion to tell me that, and to punish me for dis-obeying, any more than I need a government to.

  • Slavery

    Stand strong against allowing slavery to be included as a constitutional right. Even if it meant another decade or two of debate before ratifying.

    Other than that it was a pretty darn good document but it's still just a "piece of paper" and alone it can't prevent future generations from misinterpreting it and perverting it in whatever way they want; at least without an ever vigilant public to guard against it, and that's the hardest thing to maintain.

    If you could take that time machine back to 1913 to prevent some of the congressional shenanigans that year, like the income tax and federal reserve acts, that might be the next best stop.

  • Chemtrail Sprayer?

    Is the common theory on chemtrails really that commercial planes have seperate tanks and nozzles that are operated by pilots that create the chemtrails?

    That seems like an awful lot to keep under wraps. I had always assumed that the theory was something added to the fuel at refining or closer to production that could be dispersed without having to modify airplanes and could avoid bringing a whole platoon of people from pilots to ground crew to manufacturers to maintenance to upper management into the cover-up.

  • Prescriptive Easement from

    Prescriptive Easement from over a century and a half of continuous use by his family. So he doesn't own the federal land but he claims right to continue to use it through easement. And the federal government will claim not to recognize the easement. The federal government would almost certainly win that case in federal court...doesn't make it right.

  • And the 3rd ammendment

    I don't suppose the feds are paying him rent for the tent city they built on the guys back yard?

    Or the mobile strategic command center all up and down his driveway?

  • common Core sucks but

    I think the Federal Govt should have no involvement in education at all and teachers should have autonomy y to teach not be mere agents for the Man....But I don't think this is a very good example of why Common Core is bad.

    The article calls the borrow & stack method of subtraction the "good old-fashioned way" and I disagree wholeheartedly, just because that's the way US Government schools have always taught it in the past doesn't make it the best. I think it sucks, is overcomplicated and is plain ugly with all those cross outs and 1's being added in. The Austrian Method is much cleaner ;) I also prefer the same change method being taught here. Although the tape measure diagram thing is awkward and unnecessary, the point of this specific exercise is to generate a comfort level manipulating and navigating the base ten system, which obviously the child doesn't get as they've just repeated the same +10 from the 1st problem on all the other problems. If getting the right answer was all that mattered then why not just grab a calculator, or if you're really an entrepreneur bribe your little brother to do it for you and go play x-box instead.

  • rys2sense