• why i think bitcoin fell this week

    didnt hear this in the news, but i came across an artice about sheep market place, which was hacked or the owners took all the bitcoins from vendors and buyers, which i think caused this down trend in the value of bitcoin since the sheep closed and someone got away with stealing millions of btc

  • drug laws suck

    just wanted to add my two cents to this conversation..i have been smoking for over 10 yrs..i work out 5 times a week, teach 3 intense cardio classes a week, teach spec ed, etc..the ignorance of some posters on here is incredible...motivation comes from within and a weak person needs to find it from within to keep themselves motivated, whether smoking or not..it is not the role of the govt to pick and choose what people can consume and what they cant...secondly, drug laws open the door for police to pry into innocent peoples lives on a reg basis...understanding how corrupt our government is and how militarized the police are today, i cant imagine anyone supporting drug laws that harm, if they do, only the consumers and that is their choice...alcohol and cigs are millions times worse then marijuana..its your life, consume as you please understanding the possible side effects. etc..

  • i am an 8th grade civics

    i am an 8th grade civics teacher and i do exactly the same..

  • LISTEN TO what news gave credibility 2

    as i am driving to work i here the report on 1010..the reporter comes on with a local resident that lives in the area ..he did not see the drone the pilot witness..anyway, the reporter leads into the resident by saying this local resident thinks he knows what it is, the resident says local kids fly their toy airplanes in the air and they elevate as high as the planes..i thought 2 myself that sounds like complete BULLSHIT

  • im so sick of this guy

    im so sick of this guy benton....it really angers me..we have been fighting this fight for a long time...the fight has 2 continue at the convention...how does paul allow him 2 speak like this

  • NYC sucks

    I went to school in the city and used to love going into the city to enjoy all the action. About 2 years ago,I asked a cop for directions. Before I knew it, he accused me of having a bag between my legs (obviously didnt) and threw me out of my car. He then demanded a breathalyzer, which he did twice on site..i never got the results of them, but before you know it i was thrown into a paddy wagon with about 6 other people..one person was arrested bc his car smelled like "weed" but there was nothing to be found. I wound up testing .10, the old legal limit..i later found out that while u r waiting to get to the dept to have the official breathlyzer, your BAC goes up up up...meaning when i was pulled over i probably wasnt at .10..

    secondly, what happens after that is atrocious..they lock u up in a basement bout 30 per cell and u wait to see a judge..there were people waiting for days and some were in for sleeping on park bench, etc...NYC is out of control..they took my car 60 miles away to long island..they told me that the car was theirs (mind u due process please) and the only way i could get it was if i got a lawyer..ny then forces u 2 pay to go to AA type class..mind u i drink like 1 every 3 months...costs me 6000 dollars total with lawyer fees, tickets, towing, etc...it a kangaroo court..i do not go to nyc..nor will i pay 750 to restore my driving privledges in nyc...You can have your big lights and big city..its a police state!

  • response to ignorance

    FREAKS???..what a loser INDEPENDENT PURSUIT...now gays need to ask for rights?????? people r born homo and for some it is learned or experimented...you really have no clue what you are talking about independent pursuit...homosexuality is as old as man...if you think peopole decide to be "gay" and take on a more difficult lifestyle you are so wrong...i used to pray to god before i came out to change me...i was born like this from day one..as a conservative liberty minded individual, people like you make me sick

  • someone correct me if im

    someone correct me if im wrong, but did john roberts decide this vote by allowing the law to stand..if that is the case, what the hell is going on?

  • it would be more profound,

    it would be more profound, this idea, if there wasnt slavery

  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!! RON PAUL IS

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!! RON PAUL IS THE MAN..GREAT INTERVIEW..NAILED EVERYTHING!!!!!!! What an idiot..do you get ss, well yea he put into it..!!!!!!!

  • media plays games

    man, did they really just question him taking social security..i mean if the gvt forces you to contribute to SS, why wouldnt he expect to get paid out on it..its his money..the media is sooo pointless and for people who understand what is going on, this kind of questioning turns our stomach

  • doesnt make sense

    this is sort of a smack in the face..im getting truly discouraged by this whole situation..rand paul is siding with someone who is just like obama, a big spending, big gvt liberal...can someone please highlight where romney and rand paul's viewpoints have EVER BEEN SIMILAR...this is absolute bullshit and it further infuriates me because i have always assumed there were 2 politicians on the side of the grassroots, paul and his son....

  • this whole interview was a

    this whole interview was a complete smack in the face to the paul campaign...i would love a bit of aggressiveness from the Paul campaign to counter these ridiculous arguments...it is sooooooooo frustrating to watch

  • larounche---true

    larounche---true account..they are not our friends..they were down my way a week ago and they had paul inked in clown,mocking him..they say he is like the rest of em and purposely doesnt pursue impeachment bc he is part of the problem..

  • yup larouche.. they were from

    yup larouche.. they were from ny..i called their offices to tell them that grouping paul with those 3 establishment goons really takes away whatever credibility they have...how can you stop a war with iran WITHOUT electing paul...i was respectful and friendly..

  • its crazy..ive never met a

    its crazy..ive never met a romney or sanotrum supporter..who is voting for these people..it just doesnt make sense..are the american people that dumb




    SANTORUM IS BOMBING....im not just saying this bc i support paul, but santorum is making no sense

  • great idea, nj here who would

    great idea, nj here who would go..he usually goes to webster hall in nyc

  • drudge has paul at 6 percent

    drudge has paul at 6 percent on supposed exit polls