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stopped at obama impeach stand today AND

Im thinking as i go up to talk to these people, they are going to be fond of paul..well i look on a big poster they have and there is paul romney, gingrich, and santorum all in clown hats, etc..i didnt notice that photo until i was ten minutes into a convo...i understood their gripes about the pres and their reasons for wanting to impeach him..they were also HEAVILY AGAINST war with Iran..HEAVILY..they said that was whole point of them being there..so i naturally say, why arent you supporting paul then...the two of them then say he wont seek impeachment for obama....i said okay, but do you rea

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Comment from co-worker about Paul

Everyone at my public schools knows i support paul bc i have about 4 bumper stickers on my car and i often bring him into discussions...a co-worker came up 2 me and said, i see paul is goin good in the polls..i was like he sure is....very encouraging conversation! if u mention his name to people, they will remember him when he is brought up on the news!

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Christie endorses Romney

google it, its official.....i will never vote for him for my governor ever again

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in my 8th grade gvt class

there was a political cartoon in their textbook, so i figured i would show them how the media and journalists use this to persuade ideas and push agendas...i showed them the war of 1812 cartoon with the cut up snake saying join or die..i then showed them the 4 frontrunners in the republican primaries, including paul..i showed them the national review pics..the minute they saw paul, they were like ewww, what the hell is that..i then explained to them how the media tries to manipulate peoples minds....i also told them some cartoons have valid points to them

fair to say they enjoyed the lesson

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Joe Scarborough calls out Perry


get at perry..its so easy if the media would just do their job!

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article i wrote on why to elect ron paul..would love to get it circulated

Why should we elect Ron Paul?

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offended by vicente fox on cnn last night

i thought the interview was very telling..here we had mr. morgan asking fox how america should go forward and hes telling us how better off central and latin america are..he also said its imperative for the US, CANADA, AND MEXICO to come together like "europe" and begin to work together to get out of this mess..immediately im thinking AMERO, etc..what have we come 2 that we are now asking vicente fox for help with our issues..so offensive and so telling at the same time..we dont want your opinions mr.

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ny times article with some great Paul content..POSITIVE ARTICLE

SORRY if someone already posted this

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ron paul ignored AGAIN

Heres an article from todays NYPOST, ignoring Paul all together