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Michael Savage Paul Craig Roberts Interview Now.Post It. Here.

Where is it. Post it here. This is an order. It's the best I've ever heard. So on point. PLEASE

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Rand Paul vs Christie

Does anyone see Rand Paul working behind the scenes quietly working his butt off while clowns like Christie crash and burn. Rand is setting himself up to be an honest and real presidential candidate we haven't seen since Barry Goldwater.

The system is so corrupted, but Rand is the leader of the least corrupt group in the federal system.

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PLEASE help me find this documentary. The one with the female narrator. like 10 hours long.

Begins with 9/11. goes through biblical history and claims that all the biblical figures were actually Pharaohs. she has a bit of a whiny voice. If there's any chance of finding it it's you guys.

It's about the production quality of the original zeitgeist.

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In one paragraph. Describe what you think happened in Bengazi on 9/11/2012

Western funded Al-Qaeda groups, under command of _______<???>_______were ordered to ambush the U.S Embassy and Consulate. Mission Objectives:

-Kill any or all diplomats/Ambassadors.

-Obtain weapons cache of shoulder fire rockets and other arms.
|---->For use by the FSA (Free Syrian Army and other assets)

-Maintain the the Al-Qaeda <---> 9/11 connection PSYOP.

-Maintain general disorder and chaos in the now conquered Libyan nation.

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Rand Paul is running. He is likely going to win.

When you start looking at who is attacking him lately; You understand what a threat he is to the "old order". He will run. He will likely win if he does. Nothing is certain, but can you imagine?

"Hey dad! Can you handle the treasury?!"

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Ron Paul should run for Governor in Texas 2014

Promote his website. Dominate the head lines. Spread the message of liberty. Do it through the internet. Wouldn't be that hard.

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I can't watch Dr.Who with Matt smith

He's unwatchable. I loved David Tennant and the show but this guy's face accent and everything else is horrible.

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People ARE waking up.

Can you feel it? Everybody is starting to sound like us. I don't know how to handle this, we're going mainstream. It's exciting but frightening. I don't know...Just keep swimming.

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Glenn Beck's New Book! (Prepare To Laugh)

I get it now! Glenn Beck's job has been to be the fake, stupid, and non nonsensical caricature of the real reporter Alex Jones. This is the icing on the cake though:

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Did you hear about the Nanny cam Beating? Is it a PSYOP?

Woman is remaining "anonymous".
The guy got away and the cops "just can't seem to find him"
The "raw footage" is edited and blurred out.
The kid in the video couldn't care less that his mother is being beaten.
The mainstream media has the exclusive lead on this story.

This seems totally orchestrated. A TOTAL PSYOP.

Make people install cameras?
Create racial division?
Good PR for the cops?


This MF May have well been FRAMED

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* Another FBI fairytale: FBI Foils Plot To Build X-Ray Weapon


Psyop checklist:

[x]Makes the FBI look good.

[x]Creates sympathy Obama.

[x] Makes conservatives look like criminals

[x] Published by CBS,ABC,NBC,AP, or NYT.

What's the agenda here? Time to roll out the X-Ray wall scanning vans now?

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We have whipped Sean Hannity.

Admit it. His Radio show is not UN-listenable. He can't go more than 7 minutes without saying something I patently reject, but I think he does a good job some of the time.