• How did you "re-wire" your

    How did you "re-wire" your brain. I have a close friend that has PTSD and he still gets very little sleep. I want to help however I can, even if it just being able to understand what he is going through.

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  • Glad to hear that you

    Glad to hear that you recovered from your depression. I was never in the military so I can't really imagine what it is truly like to come back from that.

    I see a lot of young adults that have a difficult time finding their purpose in life. I can only imagine how much harder it is to find purpose after coming back from war.

    I am fortunate enough to feel a great sense of purpose. I believe that that is the key to living a good life. I encourage everyone I meet to strive to find their purpose.

    Perhaps the saddest thing about war is that it forces a person to go against their ideals, morals, and values. It is hard for a person to go on in life knowing that they went against their principles when it really came down to life and death. But people do what they have to do to stay alive. We can't really help it. All we can really do is help others to not make the same mistakes. I don't really know.

    I won't pretend that I understand, but I think we should all try our best to do so.

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  • You're right.

    We need to show our strength with our number of vapers in our community, $, willingness to take action, and ability to organize.

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  • Got it! Thanks for the

    Got it! Thanks for the insight. That's what we need to do.

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  • Caught the Vapors in Burbank,

    Caught the Vapors in Burbank, CA.

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  • Thanks for the input

    That's a good point actually. Something we have not discussed. I came here to ask for advise because I know how innovative the Daily Paul community is.

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  • This video stayed fixed on

    This video stayed fixed on Dr. Paul: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/22302804

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  • Thanks for watching the live stream from my phone :)

    I am glad my battery on my phone was able to last (still at 50%) and that I got an okay reception out there.

    Thanks for watching! It was 10x more fun because I knew you were with me watching and listening.

    -Joe Mariano

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  • Haha, what did I say?

    Haha, what did I say?

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  • The only reason I was filming

    The only reason I was filming the crowd was mainly because I was hoping everyone could still hear Ron Paul. This whole movement is really about We the People. Ron Paul has made that clear.

    Also, I saw about 20 people video taping with much better cameras. I'm sure those will be uploaded by tomorrow if not tonight for those who want to watch Ron Paul's entire speech.

    I just wanted people to know that there are real supporters coming out even if the Mainstream Media wants us to think otherwise.

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  • Thank you for the kind

    Thank you for the kind feedback.

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  • Today, he had a certain tone

    Today, he had a certain tone that made me feel that it wasn't about him. It was never about him, but it was very clear today.

    It's about us. It's about the movement. It's the idea that we have to keep alive.

    His speeches aren't the most polished, he mostly freestyles the entire thing, but they somehow have a lasting effect. It's as if his words take a while to really sink in.

    Let's stick together regardless of what happens in this election.

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  • Thanks. Glad you liked them.

    Thanks. Glad you liked them. Feel free to share and reuse.

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  • Thanks. A lot more people in

    Thanks. A lot more people in 2012 than 2008!

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  • That's a huge compliment

    I really appreciate it very much. I do what I can for us liberty loving people.

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  • Photos of RP at USC in 2008 for Comparison.

    Thank you! Glad you like them.

    Photos of Ron Paul at USC in 2008. Man, we've grown.


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  • Today's Photo Album of Ron Paul at UCLA

    According to the MSM, there were probably a good 50-60 people there. LOL.

    Hope you enjoy them:

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  • I will be posting my pictures ASAP

    They're still uploading...

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  • As a Business Owner....

    I have had an employee "stick around" for as long as possible until they found another job. They would call in sick, take days off, when in fact they were looking at other options.

    I personally think that it is a bit dishonest. Of course I understand doing what you have to do to stay afloat. I get it, it's difficult. But also keep in mind, that there may be someone who could replace you at that job, who would love it and would do the job 10x better. You sticking around is an opportunity lost for that person. That's not good for the economy/job market.

    Imagine when he finally decides to look for work that he loves and no one will hire him because there are so many people going along for the ride. Most employers do not want to fire employees because of legal repercussions. Is that fair?

    I think pretending that you love the job, and that you want to be there for the long-haul is a form of deceit. Is the employer forcing you to stay? No, you can leave anytime. Could someone who loved your job do it more efficiently and effectively? Probably. So let it be. Be honest about your relationship with your employer. Business owners should be treated fairly as well don't you think?

    Your advice reminds me of someone who is an unhappy relationship. INSTEAD of breaking up with the other person and saying, "You know what, I know this will be painful for a while, but this relationship is going nowhere. You go your way and I will go mine," you're ADVOCATING for the person to look for other partners while in the current relationship. That's sneaking around and it's the same case for a business relationship.

    How? Well, because the relationship is between the employer and the employee. In good faith, both parties agree to a trade. The employee trades productivity for a wage. The trade is not for the employer to pay a wage to someone being unproductive with their time. Believe me - if the government wasn't so involved, people would get fired much faster. The only reason they don't is because of government stepping in trying to protect the employee.

    If you believe in liberty, you will see why government intervention in the free market (including employer/employee relationships) is unfair.

    I agree with you on one point - to make the most with what you have. I firmly believe that everyone should do their best and appreciate what they have. But when something is unhealthy, it's not a matter of trying to learn to love it, it's having the courage to let it go. It's all about knowing when to hold on or let go. The answer is different for everyone. We all have different thresholds for BS...I guess mine is low. :)

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    I'm 30 and I own 2 businesses. I am starting a third.

    I started a computer service business 7 years ago. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. It was scary at first, but I've never looked back since - I'm actually starting a technical training program now, and I've helped start a web design business and a limo business. Based on my entrepreneurial tendencies, I think it would be appropriate for me to be the one to play devil's advocate.

    Although, "playing it safe" makes sense for a lot of people, it doesn't usually apply to those striving to be the best. If you don't want to be the best at a particular profession, or if you don't see any opportunities around you, then keep your job. If you do have ambitions to be great at something and you feel like there are opportunities to make a difference, quit ASAP! You are not doing yourself a favor by wasting your time. Sometimes, the pressure you choose to put on yourself, can be the motivation you need to set you on the right path. Light the fire yourself...when you know you can handle the responsibility that goes along with it.

    First things first, I need to ask: What kind of person are you? What do you want to become?

    I understand why some people would say to stay at your current job until you find a better one, but one thing you need to consider is your time, energy and emotional well being. How much time do you spend each day at this job you hate? 8 hours? Do you know what you can do in 8 hours! If you are someone who could make use of that time, then take a chance. If you would waste the 8 hours, stay at your job and let them pay you.

    Hating your job might be a signal that you are wasting your time there and you need to be doing something better. If Steve Jobs had your job, he would have hated it too. Is it because he was a lazy bum who couldn't sacrifice some discomfort for a steady income? Absolutely Not! He would have hated it because he would have KNOWN that he had bigger and better things to do in his lifetime.

    If you haven't already, watch Steve Job's commencement speech at Stanford. He talks about making sure you love what you do.

    I love what I do. Every day I work, I feel like I am playing. I love my life. I also make pretty good money doing what I love. I don't think that is an accident. When you love what you do, you are likely to be good at it. When you are good at what you do, people are willing to pay for your skill.

    What is it that you love to do? Is it useful to society? If so, you can probably make a living doing it.

    The idea of sacrifice is overrated. Yes, sacrifice when it is a means to a specific end, but don't let it be the end. Don't overestimate how a year can turn into 5, into 20, and next thing you know, you've reached a point of no return. Let me give you an example. My mother worked at a limousine company for 14 years. She kind of fell into the industry. She's been in the industry for over 20 years no. She was making $125k per year. She lost her job as the VP. Just like that she was making $0. For all those years, she hated her job, she sacrificed, she made a lot of money, and what does she have to show for it? Not much. Had she started with something she loved to do, she would not be in the predicament she is in today. With 20 years in the limo industry, all she knows is limos. It's a shame because she loves working with kids. She could have started a preschool by now. You can do a lot in 20 years.

    No amount of money could pay for the joy of doing what you love.

    When people say, it isn't all about money, what they mean is that you shouldn't put money first. Happiness first, money second. Money doesn't make you happy, money will just enable you to do more things when you've decided to live happily.

    Think about Dr. Paul for a second. There are certain things he will not compromise. He lives based on his principles even when it isn't practical. Quitting a job is not practical, but practical is not always principled. It wasn't practical for me to write-in a vote for Ron Paul back in 2008 knowing that it was impossible for him to win, but it felt right. I know I did the right thing. I hope you do the same for yourself and make the tough choices that will enforce your belief in yourself. Trust in yourself. Trust in good people. We have your back.

    Feel free to contact me with any questions. You can call me too. Just message me. I'm always happy to be able to help someone who is willing to help themselves.

    One last recommendation: take a look at a book called "The Dip" by Seth Godin. He talks about knowing when to stick and when to quit. Basically, he says to stick if you know that it will lead to a good outcome and quit when you know it's only going downhill.

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