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Libertarian Jeff Bezos (Amazon.com) Buys The Washington Post

Great News for Rand, Justin Amash & others - including all of us and our country!

"Please feel free to fill the comments with speculation about how the paper may be influenced by Bezos’s personal political views, which lean libertarian..."


Lets show him our support anywhere/anyway you can!

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Fox News: Bin Laden Raid Files Purged From Pentagon Computers, Sent To CIA

Anyone smell what I smell? Even Fox does..

The nation's top special operations commander ordered military files about the Navy SEAL raid on Osama bin Laden's hideout to be purged from Defense Department computers and sent to the CIA, where they could be more easily shielded from ever being made public.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/07/08/report-bin-laden-raid-f...

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Daily Caller: Upcoming Rand Paul Speech on Foreign Policy @ Heritage Foundation

I support Rand Paul and it will be interesting to see what he is able to say as he goes straight into the Viper's Den (Heritage Foundation):

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul, who has not been coy about the fact he is considering a 2016 presidential run, will lay out his foreign policy vision in a speech at the Heritage Foundation on Tuesday.

The speech, entitled “Restoring the Founders’ Vision of Foreign Policy,” comes on the heels of a trip by Paul to Israel, where he sought to demonstrate his pro-Israel bona fides.

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Call the Senate and House and Ask Why We're Shutting Down Southern Air Defenses and Conducting Pretend "Arial Assaults"

I am quite alarmed that we are conducting "Military Exercises" firing fake bullets from choppers in Miami and Houston over populated areas, and at the same time we are apparently shutting down "arial defense" in the South.

Smells fishy, and I want answers, don't you?

Sounds like they are preparing for an "attack" that they are disarming defenses in the skies to allow. Sound familiar?

Call the Senate: (202) 224-3121 and call the House (202) 224-3121 and ask for your Reps or Liberty Reps and lets get to the bottom of this now!!!

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MSNBC Attacking Rand Paul Now

MSNBC now:

"If you listen to Rand Paul, the Republicans will keep interfering with the President".

I LOVE the press for Rand. I love them attacking RAND PAUL in particular. Good for us and good for liberty.

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Doug Wead: Rand Paul for President - 2016

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See the original posting here:

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For Republicans, there is a silver lining to the re-election of Barack Obama. The door is now open for real change in 2016. The recently adopted Romney Rules at the RNC, which would have locked out any true democratic participation and guaranteed eight more years of GOP establishment, top-down, Brahman-style, domination, are now moot. The gate is open.

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NOW is our biggest chance to Reform the GOP!

All things considered, I believe now is our biggest chance to reform the GOP from the inside out.

So, think of it like this... up until now.. think of all the work it took just for Ron Paul to become a FOOTNOTE at the convention. After they cheated, ran media interference, etc. All of that work just to BARELY get any delegates.

We will need an EQUAL EFFORT now - from this point - to actually go from this point to WINNING.

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Winners & Losers: GOP in Deep Trouble, Ron Paul Looking Good

Romney lost today to a guy who is overseeing a horrible economy, prosecuting unpopular wars, and who can barely string 5 words together without a teleprompter. This was the best the Republican Party can do. Not only are the Republicans evil, they're evil and contemptible losers, which is far worse.

The biggest losers tonight are of course people who value peace and freedom, but we would have also lost if Romney won. The GOP is right up there in the loser category, however. The GOP lost seats in the Senate, and did little to improve its position in the House. It has served up two ridiculously bad nominees in a row, claiming "electability" and then going down in flames.

Rand Paul certainly came out of this looking very bad as well. He fell in line behind the party masters, banking on some advantage to be gained through an endorsement of Romney. He ended up just looking politically unsavvy and unprincipled. There is little to be gained either, from playing ball with a Party that as inept as the GOP at this point.

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Daily Caller: Several ‘Ron Paul Republicans’ win closely contested House races

Texas Republican Rep. Ron Paul will retire from Congress next year after serving for 12 terms, but several Republicans influenced by the iconic libertarian-leaning lawmaker will be arriving to take his place.

Thomas Massie won the race to replace retiring Kentucky Republican Rep. Geoff Davis, beating Democrat Bill Adkins by 20 percentage points. Massie, an ally of Paul’s son, Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul, raised nearly 10 times as much money as Adkins, according to the Lexington-Herald Leader.

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This Just In: Obama Wins - Sets Stage For Ron/Rand Paul 2016 After The Riots!

It comes down to South Florida, my home area - and Obama will win this area, will win Florida, and therefore, will win the election.

And, after the riots occur that will be similar to those in Greece, the country will be finally forced to elect RON or RAND PAUL in 2016!

So, it is a time for us to rejoice!

Prepare yourself for the coming economic riots and calamity and continue the Republican takeover so we win in 2016!

Congrats everyone!


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Why Did The Republican Party WANT to Lose This Presidential Election?

What do you think?

I think they have Obama doing exactly what they want: NDAA, playing to big oil, big banks, etc. - they win with either Romney or Obama. I also think that's what gave Obama a bump over Hilary ... deals with the devil in 2008. Just an idea.

Your thoughts?

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Top Story On Google News: "Rand Paul Aids Romney and Ryan in Ohio"

Go to http://news.google.com and check out the #1 story that everyone in the US sees right now as well.

"Rand Paul Aids Romney and Ryan in Ohio"

Actual Story: http://www.usatoday.com/news/politics/story/2012/09/25/gop-t...

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Can We Raise Enough Money to "Buy" a Neo-Con?

Something to think about...

The South got behind LBJ and then he gave them the middle finger in terms of civil rights.

We need a better Trojan Horse than Rand. Perhaps several of them.

The people are on our side.

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Rand Paul = Our President.

Rand Paul is our best choice for President in 2016.

He will NOT be silenced, he is the highest profile "liberty" office holder. He is in power now.

I suspect he is being directly advised by his father on almost everything he does.

There are too many other candidates and office holders in states all around the country. Rand is the LEADER, whether people who wish Ron Paul was elected (like me) like it or not. And I like it. I like that Rand is a snake ... only OUR snake.