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In 1997 Newt Gingrich Proposed The Death Penalty For Marijuana Possession!

...even though he admits having smoked it! so says Gary Johnson:


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Unions and Campaign Finance

I work for one of the larger Counties in California and when you're hired to work here you automatically become a member of one of two unions and they begin extracting union dues from each paycheck. I recently saw that one of the big unions our staff belong to - SEIU - has endorsed Obama for re-election.


I posted a question asking how the decision to endorse a particular candidate was made and got a vague response about there being a 6-month "discussion" among union members and leaders that resulted in that decision.

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Military Supporters

We need to organize supporters who are currently enrolled military personnel in such a way that Ron's amazingly lopsided support by the Military cannot be ignored by the MSM. We could have a good number of them attend the next debate(s) in uniform with the intention that should one of them be chosen to ask a question they could point out that Ron is overwhelmingly the candidate that the troops would like to be their Commander in Chief. Or maybe an event can be organized that would have a huge group congregate at Occupy Wall Street wearing their combat gear and carrying Ron Paul shwag.