• I'm not anti-war

    I'm pro-peace

  • Bull

    I think I was 6 the first time I rode on Disney's "It's a small workld after all". There are tons of films and vid, and TV/docymentaruies, international students/workers, jokes... American has been called a cultural melting pot, but before 911 peoplew wanted to be American, and we have our own culture, which is a blend of many.

    One of the worldly lessons of the Roman Catholic Church is governments come and government go. Empires rise, and empires fall. There are missions that are far older than the US.. and so these people were Mexican, and then became American, and maybe they will become Mexican again? Maybe Canadian? Maybe some new Union?

    I thiunk many Americans understand that we live in an oil energy based economy, and that America energy corporations made agreements with kings and global leaders who are not good to their people, and so the people depend on Islam, which varies in it's own cults, and clashes.. Sharia courts, Halal, Clothing police, and Johad/martyr.. the suicide bombing, that target American investments, that call on military to help.

    You think that if we know Arab cukture's (the video they made pointed out that Arabs have many cultures because they live globally) better, we won't bomb them for attacking American investments? Ron Paul voted to bomb Afghanistan. Plenty of Arabs there,, even the Arab, OBL.

  • ot became a donation for Jones thread

    And it wasn't correct because the article said the committee dropped the ad, BUT if you look on the Breitbart link and it shows you the votes.. Jones voted YEA.. PAUL was one of two who voted NAY, and both topic posts, your and his, rather take aim at pumping hate and blame for zio-Israel. IMO it's doesn't make Jones or Amash or anyone who voted YEA, 95.4% anything exceptional.

    The ad was dropped.. but the hate mill for Israel continues,, and to me, if all your answers and BOOMS are on Israel, you may be programmed to a UN Agenda for global government, nothing wrong with that, just look at the 95.4% that includes Jones and Amash who both voted YES.

    Rand Paul voted NAY.

  • truth is funny

    even when it's not funny.

  • terrorists are being targetted

    and asupporting Ron Paul gives them NO special rights.. Seems to me the parents targette4d Ron Paul, or he LIED to his parents, but if what they say is true, he's a terrorist.

  • think maybe

    I read it was Dec 2015.. is that what I posted? So I don't think there is a disagreement Jan 2016 no more DG. I think the missing plane was no where near there but a good time to bring it up and put it on the backburner,, see if the public remembers by Dec 2015.

  • Ed

    Are you saying that the US should remain on Diego Garcia so we can sustain these people by giving them jobs and providing food and water for ever and ever for them? It was a slave Island.. Filipenos were jumping ships since they became part of Magellan's crew...

    The grass always look greener but the truth is, whereever you go, there you are, and if you're not happy, you make everyone around you unhappy.. Island or not.

    I can't believe foreign aid is ok for this.. suatain people forevr and ever.

  • That's what they claim

    Here's one of their projects, because TEACHING (programing) is one of their acts http://teachmideast.org/

    Here's an example from their web pageL

    Time: 1 class period
    Level: Grade 6-12
    Materials: "Who You Callin' Arab?" article, essays on Stereotypes from TeachMideast.org

    The focus is on Arab, so an Israeli Arab would be a Middle Eastern Arab.

    Imagine for a moment a class about Caucasian, or white. Think there might be some outrage? Isn't the real objective to improve the image of the Arab in the United States as the ADL works to improve the image of Jews, but not Israelis?

  • The Altol is not self sustainable

    There are no idiginous people.. the people who lived in the atol have a history that dates back to the 1800s.

    The people calling themselves indiginous are demanding jobs working at the military base because they know that the atol produces coconuts and there's fishing.. but water, and that mean water for agriculture is not available without a desalination plant.

    The US LEASE on the atol end this December and why it's in the news. I'm sure Obama is going to give it up.

    What do you suppose Ron Paul would do?

    Gives up and lease and what about the people? Foreign Aid?

  • Oh boy!

    I had been looking forward to, Into to Environmental Sciences.. it was a new curriculum to the college of the sciences at the Univesity I attended, 1984 Junior year, and nearly a decade of beach cleanups, protests, rallies behind me. I considered myself a conservationist.

    The professor had an agenda that I was unaware, training furture UN Agendists. Some of his classes, I think I sat there with my mouth open as I was in such horrid disbelief what he was saying. And I was paying for this.. and being a military brat, I wasn't groomed to question authority (which is an ace, use it wisely).

    If I had to do it over, I would have put my own book of ewxperiences on the shelf and been a robot, learned what he was saying with an open mind, and done my best to ACE the class. It's not about agreeing with him, it's about understanding his agenda. The better you understand it, the better you can "his" question authority/agenda.

    So, if you're going to stick with the class.. don't teach him. Ace the class. What does he want to read?

  • no we didn't

    Israel was created by, of and for the Jewish people who needed a country to enable them freedom and self determination. Israel fights for it's sovreignity.. Americans have been dumbed down and now preparing to abandon America. US and Israel are becomming opposites.

    Obama administration doesn't get along with Netanyahu.. so the US and Israel are breaking apart. 2014 Israel has spent none of the US money alloted to it.

    Within a decade, Americans will be the ones asking, "Where is Israel? We thought Israel was our friend" You watch.. Israel, if not nuked by the religion of peace, will continue to strive to thrive, while we plunge into a dark age.

  • as a delegate

    if you are on a committee.. you have to show support for the nominee of the party.. it's in the by-laws.. it's really not a matter of trusting leadership.. it's becoming the leadership, why some say i't matric chess playing.

    Matter of fact, I had no idea I was supposed to support the nominee.. if not for Rand Paul endorsing Romney, I don't know if I would have woken up.. I'm grateful to rand because rand wke me up.. I think Rand woke many of us up.. why would he endorse Romney.. because staying in is the only way to win.

  • And so there we are

    My life is good. I hope your life is good too. Be well. Take care.

  • The menace, gentlemen, is the Jews.

    Let's start here.

    Do you believe this: "The menace, gentlemen, is the Jews. "?

  • When every house had a water tower

    The water towers had fans, to pump the water, and most fans back then were made of wood.. History suggests that when the population grew to the point that the fans were too loud for comfort, it led to ghost towns, some were resurected.. like Mendocino

    Mendocino’s Unique Water Towers
    For more than a century, Mendocino water towers and accompanying windmills have captured the attention of visitors and writers alike. In 1892, one reporter observed during her stay, “an individuality about the water works of this town not found in any other place.”

    Early settlers were blessed with plentiful water supplies from nearby creeks and rivers, which facilitated the luxury of piped water into the house. All one needed was a windmill tall enough to catch coastal breezes to power the pumps, and a tank positioned high enough to provide adequate water pressure.

    Today, most of the windmills have disappeared, but dozens of towers are left standing, ranging from completely restored to a few precariously leaning. Others have been converted into service for such purposes as an artist studio, rental unit or gift shop. You can learn more about the preservation of these unique structures by visiting the Kelley House Museum.


  • since 2004?

    I was working on Nader's ballot access getting petitions signed, which professional petition organizers wouldn't handle Nader's petitions because the Democratic Party was hostile, very angry about "the stolen election" and "Nader the spoiler", and wow did I learn some dirty tricks!! Talk about fight you!! Ron Paul's campaign was a cake walk by comparison.. broken noses, arm, vandalism, petitions destroyed, police would arrest/false charges..

    I ran a Nader Meet-up, when Meet-up was free, and I was doing the third party circuit.. attending events where I could collect signatures.. I was much better at it than Mark Dice (but if Mark wasn't being filmed he'd be great to have on a team/ capt).

  • how many here

    watch more RT/ Press TV/ Aljazeera, than Fox/CNN/NBC/PBS/ENTW?

  • PC Religion

    AKA multiculturalism?

    If so, I love this vid.. very funny [(not) but it is].

  • How is it the same thing?

    He is using a sentance of a story as if it is the whole story, which it is not, nor is it his, and I am using a sentance from a link I provided (since I had to ask him what he was taking aboiut several times) to show MY OPINION of a paper.

    Since is when is my opinion of a paper the same as a sentance if a story that the person telling wasn't there?

    Change is not redundant.

    If you were confused I apologise.