• This is largely about money

    Let's say Sheldon Adelson is willing to spend $100 million to take down Rand. So, we get 2 million people to cough up $50 each. Checkmate.

    I don't think it would be that tough to do. Even most folks of very limited means can come up with less than $1 per week for a year.

    Plus in Oregon, and possibly some other states, each person who files taxes can claim a $50 credit ($100 per couple) for a political donation. If you don't claim it, the state gets the money. Therefore, your choices are to give $50 to the state, or to your favorite candidate or organization. What you owe or get back doesn't change, either way. "Free" money.

    Refuse to be intimidated by the "Big Money Old Boys Network."

  • Not only do they not reach

    Not only do they not reach out, it's a lot more restricted than the chart I found when following the links indicates, at least in Oregon.

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  • After what they did to Ron,

    After what they did to Ron, why would anyone be surprised? At least it didn't take Jon Stewart to begin exposing it this time, way late in the election cycle.

  • "Tubthumping"

    is the British word for political campaigning. The closest US word would probably be "stumping." You're right, it's very symbolic.

  • George Romney withdrew in

    George Romney withdrew in February 1968, before the issue of his eligibility (or lack thereof) was resolved. I'm old enough to remember.

  • Very true, but if people are

    Very true, but if people are still using banks (I'm not) they might as well take advantage of a useful service. I too strongly suggest folks check out their local credit unions. Mine is incredibly inconveniently located for me now, but is SO worth the geographical inconvenience.

  • Notary Services

    Most banks have notaries, and will notarize things for free for account holders.

  • Art Robinson

    Along this line, I hope anyone able will support Art Robinson, candidate for Congress from Oregon's Fourth Congressional District. He came very close to unseating a wildly progressive, career- politician scumbag in 2010, and has an excellent shot this year. Ron Paul endorsed him in both 2010 and this year, and the Good Doctor's endorsement is proudly featured in the number one spot one his website, http://www.artforcongress.com/. He's an amazing man and I hope you all will see fit to check him out and do whatever you can for his campaign.

  • Actually, Salem is in Marion

    Actually, Salem is in Marion County. Polk is nearby, though.

  • Ron Paul is quoted by Brandon

    Ron Paul is quoted by Brandon Raub's fellow Marine friend, attesting to his sanity, at 1:10 in this vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbFQe9Fz9Dg. He doesn't mention Dr. Paul's name, he says "truth is treason in the empire of lies, right?" Obviously, these liberty- loving Constitutionalists are dangerous lunatics! Or at least the MSM will no doubt spin it that way.

  • It's still the 20th in my

    It's still the 20th in my time zone, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the greatest American since Thomas Jefferson.

  • You can find the sc hedule at

    http://paulfestival.org/the-festival/program-schedule. Tom Woods is speaking on Saturday. I have no idea why anyone would downvote your question!

  • LOL!

    I better learn to watch my decimal points.

  • I remember reading

    that Ron Paul got 5% when he ran as a Libertarian in 1988, but I don't have a link or anything for you.

  • Have you tried an online pharmacy?

    She'll have to fax or mail them the prescription, but the savings can be tremendous. I know of one inhaler which is $208. locally for ONE, that's available online for $78. for THREE, including shipping. Got this info from an M.D.

  • Okay, I only put in 50

    which is 51 more than I can afford. But we REALLY can't afford to not have Duane at Tampa. Hey folks, even 5 bucks helps. Skip your Double Divine Mocha Latte for one day and chip in for Duane, please. It all adds up.

  • Allen Alley has to go

    I'm convinced he's the one behind the shenanigans.

  • While I agree with much of what you say but

    I'm afraid you are 100% wrong about smoking in the 60s. You claim 'I remember smokers using their Liberty to smoke in restaurants or anywhere else they wanted. They claimed it was their "right" ' which is absolutely false. If you are truly old enough to remember then you *know* it's a falsehood. Smoking was endemic in this country back then, and no one thought a thing about it.

    When my mother was in a bridge club in the 1930s there were 35 smokers and my non- smoking mother. Growing up in the 50s and 60s I remember my non- smoking parents always had ashtrays and a decorative lighter on the coffee table for their smoking friends (who were most of them), and at parties, decorative containers of cigarettes. It was considered polite, and had nothing to do with "liberty" or lack thereof.

    Even as an adult in the 70s and early 80s, I remember ashtrays were everywhere, even in hospitals and my doctor's office. It was the anti- smokers who started claiming that smoker's were infringing on *their* liberty.

    I just hate it when people spread disinformation. When you lean a valid point against a falsehood, it tends to diminish the valid point. And in case you're curious, I do NOT smoke cigarettes (or pot either, for that matter).

  • What a joke you are

    Crawl back into Mittens camp where you belong, troll.