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Rand Paul: National security run amok

The feds have concluded Americans would rather be safe than free

Washington Times Editorial by Rand Paul | Aug 9, 2013

In March, Sen. Ron Wyden asked Director of National IntelligenceJames R. Clapper if the federal government had “any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans.” Mr. Clapper replied, “Not wittingly.”

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Live Stream from Texas Convention


Found this is a link to a UStream channel run by a Texas delegate. He will be streaming as much as possible. This morning he streamed the rules committee proposing a no video recording rule... it failed! He is streaming Mitt Romney's stop in Fort Worth shortly (2pm Central). Should be a link worth following through the weekend!

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Drama of a Brokered Convention

Drama of a Brokered Convention
In 1976, Ford and Reagan took it to the wire

By Craig Shirley - The Washington Times

As the Republican Party hurtles toward a possible Animal House-like climax at their confab in Tampa Bay in late August, the national discussion has turned to controversial GOP conventions of the past, most missing the meaning of each and how these ideological food fights sometimes changed the face and future of the party.

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The REAL story behind the GOP primaries... Revisited

The real story behind the GOP primaries is that one candidate, supported and funded entirely by individual citizens, has been able to effectively compete despite the unprecedented efforts of the establishment to shut him down. Despite the consistent efforts of the mass media to ignore, minimize, ridicule, and at times attack Ron Paul and his achievements, his movement continues to grow. The most important question pertaining to this election is – can the people win?
In reality Ron Paul is leading one of the most beautiful, fascinating, and profound revolutions the world has ever seen. It challenges the most powerful political forces of our time in a country and world that is being run by and for special interests groups. It seeks to restore a Constitution designed to serve the interests of average citizens. This revolution is being carried out so subtly that it is hardly recognized as one during the process. It is such a peaceful revolution that no individual has so much as sacrificed a scratch (well there was Louisiana).
All documented evidence clearly shows that wars, occupations, and meddling in the affairs of foreign countries only create resentment, resistance, and terrorism. Modern terrorism was born in response to our meddling which came first. In the meantime the over extension of America’s foreign policy continues to lead the country into bankruptcy.
This, as well as serious domestic over spending only carries on because it benefits special interest groups, as opposed to serving citizen interests.
This election will decide if America continues on the self-destructive path of endless wars, bankruptcy, and possible full scale economic collapse, or the process of recovery begins under a constitutionally conservative President. Thus the stakes are very high. All of the establishment influence and money is financing the establishment candidate. To help assure success virtually all of the mass media has even been willing to expose itself as a promoter of establishment candidate rather than serving the responsibilities of a free press, in a free election, in a democratic society.

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Drafting Resolutions?

I was wondering how many here are going to try to move to introduce new resolutions that are in line with Dr. Paul's views to the republican platform at your local conventions?

Don't know what resolutions are?


(I'm not selling this, but thought it would be a valuable preview video and you could get it if you want. You dont need to though, with a little research you can learn these things.)


Balanced Budget Amendment

Proper Declaration of War

Full Audit of the FED

Proclaim Party Opposition to GSEs

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Texas Redistricting and Convention/Delegate Update

Hi everyone,

MY name is Ryan and I am a member of the republican party in Fort Worth (Tarrant County) Texas. I have some great news and some updates on the precinct conventions and delegate selection process. First the great news! In Tarrant County, the conservative stronghold of Texas, we now have a Ron Paul supporter as the County Chair!


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Tarrant County, Texas Precinct Conventions Tuesday, April 3rd! (Important County!)

Fort Worth Texas is the conservative crown jewel of Texas politics! The precinct conventions are TOMORROW and we need all of you that support Ron Paul and limited government to come out and make your voice heard. I will spare you the prep talk because I'm sure you have been researching what you need to do! Please Tarrant county... show up and represent your precinct!


Tarrant County Republican Party Chair Jennifer Hall has announced precinct conventions will be held April 3rd , 7:00 p.m at various locations around the county. Due to the redistricting difficulties this election cycle the convention process will be separated from the primary (May 29, 2012). The State Republican Executive Committee voted to provide counties the option of holding precinct conventions and the Tarrant County Executive Committee voted on March 10, 2012 to exercise that option. A committee was formed to work out the logistics and locations of holding precinct conventions. Thanks to their hard work we now have locations.

Precinct Conventions are the first and most fundamental step in the party convention process and Tarrant County is comprised of 650 voting precincts. The committee has determined 32 "hub" locations around the county which will be used to conduct precinct conventions this cycle. These "hub" locations will be used to conduct anywhere from 15 to 20 precinct conventions each. These conventions are for you to submit resolutions for consideration in changing the Party Platform and to pick delegates/alternates for one of the four Senatorial District Conventions in Tarrant County. The Senatorial District Conventions will take place Saturday April 21, 2012 which is where delegates/alternates for the State Convention on June 7-9, 2012, will be chosen.

To participate in your precinct convention you must be a registered voter (30 days prior to the date of the convention) or be eligible to vote a limited ballot within your precinct under Texas Election Code § 112.002 and swear an Oath of Affiliation to the Republican Party. Voters who were registered last year and have not yet received their new voter registration card are still registered and will be able to attend as a delegate after taking the oath, which is as follows. "I swear that I have not voted in a primary election or participated in a convention of another party during this voting year. I hereby affiliate myself with the Republican Party"*. In order to be a delegate to one of the Senatorial District Conventions you must either; attend your precinct convention and be elected to be a delegate, or have an attending delegate put forth your name and be elected. If you have any other questions or need further information call TCGOP headquarters at 817-595-0303.

* "The party officer administering the oath or the written form of oath shall include the following statement with the oath, "Section 162.014, Texas Election Code, provides that a person commits a Class C Misdemeanor offense if the person knowingly votes or attempts to vote in a primary election or participates or attempts to participate in a convention of a party after having voted in a primary election or participated in a convention of another party during the same voting year. A vote in a primary election is void if the voter previously voted in a primary election of another party or participated in a convention of another party during the same voting year."

Go to this site and you will find a map and a list of locations where the Precinct Conventions are being held.

Tarrant County GOP page with an interactive map for finding your precinct...


Google Docs list of all locations by precinct...


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Texas Redistricting and Convention/Delegate Update

No precinct conventions in most of Texas!

THIS update came in an email to Tarrant County Republicans:

We have received a number of questions from around the state which we would like to address in this email.

Q: Why can't we simply have precinct conventions as normal?