• Thanks but...

    My friend, I wasn't looking for answers to those questions. I answered them, for the most part, in the rest of my comment. Your answers, I have heard many times before, but you should really examine what you said, as they are mostly illogical, I once believed like you but they leave you with so many holes and are very illogical. You would do well to maybe look up some of those verses I mentioned. The trinity has turned the one God into 3, breaking the 1st commandment. It is also obvious that you have been influenced by Platonism, without likely knowing it (tradition). Don't forget according to Gen 2:7, "man became a living soul". Man does not have a living soul, but he is one. You have separated man into 3 things, soul, spirit and body. The Jews never believed that, but the pagan greeks sure did. In the bible there is 1 God and there is 1 Lord and they are not the same person. Psalm 110:1 (literal translation) "YHWH said to my Lord, sit at my right hand".

    Deut 18:18 - I will raise up for them a prophet like you [Moses] from among their fellow Israelites, and I will put my words in his mouth. He will tell them everything I command him.

    John 8:40 - As it is, you are looking for a way to kill me [Jesus], a man who has told you the truth that I heard from God.

  • You aren't crazy

    Hey bro, you aren't crazy. I started out an evangelical christian. I, like you, found the bible to be contradictory to what the church was telling me about God/Jesus. Some of the questions I had...

    If Jesus was God why would he pray to God?
    How can an immortal God die?
    If he is God's son, how can he be God? I am John's son, but I am not John.
    Why does the Old Testament never mention that the Messiah would be God, but that he would be a great man.
    Why did Jesus cry out to HIS God on the cross... "My God, My God, why have you forsaken me"?
    Why did Jesus ask God to "deliver this cup from him", wanting to not have to go to the cross (if he didn't have to)?
    How can 1 God have 2 separate wills?
    How can a loving God burn people alive for all eternity?
    Why did the apostles refer to the Father as the God of Jesus countless times (Eph 1:17, Rom 15:6, 1 Pet 1:3, etc.)
    If God is made up of 3 persons, why is there no teaching in the bible about that?
    What and where is the kingdom of God that Jesus and his apostles keep talking about?

    That's just a small portion of the weirdness I saw in the bible that the church didn't have answers for. Christianity was beginning to make little impact on my life because, like you, I had to overlook whole sections of the bible. At one point I decided to look into these things. What I discovered was amazing.

    I found that the early church (3rd, 4th centuries) had dozens of debates to determine who God was and if Jesus was God. Their was a raging debate for many decades. It was highly politicized and influenced by the emperors and eventually in 381 the ruling emperor said you will be put to death if you don't believe in the trinity. Basically putting an end to debate. The established church will tell you the early councils were peaceful and the trinity was just a natural progression from the apostles to the early church, but that is the furthest thing from the truth.

    I looked more deeply into what the bible said. The running theme through the bible is that there is only one God and that he is only one person (Mark 12:29, Jn 17:3, 1 Cor 8:6, 1 Tim 2:5). He is the father of Jesus. Jesus was and is a man (Acts 2:22, Acts 17:31, John 8:40), a descendant of King David, appointed by God to bring about God's will. He was not born THROUGH his mother, he was born to her. He did not pre-exist his birth (what a weird concept), but he was in God's original plan (1 Pet 1:20). He fully obeyed God, all the way to the cross and those who follow him and believe in Jesus and his God, will have life in the age to come (John 17:3). There is an age coming when Christ will return to the earth (2 Thes 4:16) and he will call out all of the dead that are in the graves. The believers will join him in ruling the earth. That is the everlasting Kingdom of God that he kept telling people was coming and that God promised to Abraham. Believers do not go to heaven or hell when they die (Greek Mythology). They simply die and are dead. Their is a day of resurrection coming (when christ returns), on that day, the dead will be raised to life and the judgement will happen. The righteous will be with Jesus ruling the earth ("the meek shall inherit the earth" Matt 5:5). The unrighteous will be destroyed, possibly in a lake of fire. They will not be tortured for all eternity (that would make God worse than hitler).

    Most of these issues have come about because of the Greek philosophical influence of Platonism and neo-platonism. The idea that our bodies house our soul. The Jews didn't believe that we have a soul, but that we ARE a soul (Gen 2:7). Christianity was taken over by greeks and the world they lived in was a Platanistic one. It heavily influenced Christianity.

    One thing I've learned is that the established church is not much different than the established political class in our world. It is political, it is for profit, it is corrupt. The bible and God are not corrupt and the truth can be found but you have to take off the blinders of tradition and seek out the truth that is waiting to be rediscovered.

    Feel free to message me if you want.

    Also this is a great website with more details about what I've briefly outlined. http://www.biblicalunitarian.com

  • Hawaii?

    How do I get to hawaii? I can't swim that far.

  • Braveheart

    FREEDOM!!! Your quote is from Braveheart. I love it!

  • Try to imagine it playing out

    I've tried to imagine the issue coming down to the state level and I wonder if it would pose an even worse divide in the union. I wonder if when the states have the control over the abortion issue, if we might find some states or people of those states hating the people of the other states. You might have a war-like attitude between states because of this issue. We might even find some states boycotting states that hold an opposite view. Dangerous to the economy of the nation. Some might even try to leave the union, that would be last case scenario but the issue is so divisive that it could come to that some day.

    Though something drastic does need to happen. People don't understand what is really happening. Their are over 1 million abortions performed each year in the US. That is a loss of 1 million americans each year. So for instance, during Bush's presidency their was a loss of between 8 and 10 million americans because of what we call 'choice'.

    I don't think anyone has the right to tell a woman what she can do with her body, however, she cannot harm another human being. A woman can do whatever she wants underneath the skin in her body, however, if their is another person inside her, she cannot harm what is within the skin of that person. That is the stance Ron Paul takes, and so do I.