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How Do Nurses Get It?

How did nurses get Ebola. Though not family members and friends who slept with and cared for Patient Zero while sick in a small Apartment without any protection. But the nurses wore level Four protection. What says CDC about that? Something doesn't smell right.

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Another day of Glittering Gold

Gold and silver are doing better than stocks and oil in the last several days. Yeah. The Gold Comex. Is stammering. Not so sure about Love and peace today. Maybe tomorrow.

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Battle in Tennessee

Early voting has started last week in Tennessee. The juggernaut rino Lamar Alexander verses Joe Carr. The battle for liberty is here. The state that Obama didn't win. Or Al Gore I believe a win by Carr will blow the crap out of the dysfunctional republican party. I know two votes for Carr. Hucklebone and Thompson are throwing there weight for Alexander. last night Palin backed Carr. The battle is heating up.

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Are borders are being overrun now.What say you Rand Paul

The current administration is following the Saul Alinsky, Cloward Piven all Marxist professors .Cloward/Piven. The strategy. A political strategy to overload the American public welfare system to a point were it creates a crisis and bankrupts the nation. Leaving the country no choice but to adopt and socialist/communist agenda. What says Rand or anyone else in the DC. America is forever to be changed. Very soon.

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My 2014 gold prediction

2014 will be a long cold winter and spring and very early fall. Gold will be hot this year along with silver. COLD AND GOLD. Will be the talk of the town.

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My daughter came back from Houston airport Monday

Got sick day and half later. Layover in Houston everybody was coughing. She is in her thirty's and feeling bad. trouble breathing. Her sister -law just got back from the doctors yesterday with confirmed positive for flu. She is a RN nurse in ER in one of the biggest hospitals in Nashville TN. Been very sick since Sunday. She had the flu shot in October. What up with that.

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Swine Flu in Houston TX

This swine flu in Texas sounds like a bad one. Houston airport has lots of Air traffic in and out. Wash your hands. Be careful. Question those that have the vaccine caught the bug?

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My doctor ordered an HIV test for me.

I went to have my blood taken last week for my yearly checkup. They Usually take 2 vials for testing. This time they took 5 vials. After they did this I question why so many vials this time at the clinic. I ask what else they were testing for. They told me for Hep C and HIV. I been married many years I been with this doctor for 14 years. I have been tested for HIV and Hep C when I had surgery several years ago. Today I went for my annual physical. After going through my blood fats, liver, urine and PSA results.

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"Inflation at 53 year low."

Bloomberg News states we are at a 53 year low on inflation. Every thing is hunky dory in the country. If that was the case only the man would be working like it was in the fifty's. Today both man and wife work. Just to keep their head above water. Most not getting anywhere. Our government now have two indentured family servants working and paying taxes. This is totally wrong when they don't include food and gas in the inflation index. Blatant lies. Years ago I said don't believe anything the government says or tells you.

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Drudge Report

The Drudge Report views tops in the billions for 2012.Should make the cable TV and radio hosts get even more squeamish.

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Nothing like salt.

Nothing goes better than a little salt on a fresh wound.Stings but helps in healing.Today when I run errands I will park my car in front of the Columbia republican head quarters in my town square.With my Ron Paul2012 bumper stickers. Then I will go get lunch from a friend who runs a food cart in front of the court house.I will get extra cheese on my sandwich to remind me of all the wine'ing the republicans use to explain Romney's lost.My bumper sticker tells it like it is.Ron Pauls honesty brought you down.If he says were now over the fiscal cliff.You better believe him.

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Drudge Report

Drudge reports one billion views last month.Goes to show you.Who needs cable news.O'reilly and Matthews.So long.Soon to be gone like the eight track.

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The World According to Ron Paul

Today markets are down.Gold is down.Probably because Ben Helicopter Bernanke refuse to drop QE3 out of the sky yesterday. Tooth fairy Ben needs to sprinkle magic Obama bucks across the globe.
Ron Paul warned them "all" about printing money.All that glitters is silver and gold coming soon.Lead might hold value too.

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My wife voted in Tennessee today for Ron Paul

Today my wife went to early voting in our town of Columbia in Maury County Tennessee. Home of the 11th USA President James Polk.She wore her Ron Paul Revolution shirt inside the voting office.

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Bloomberg News

Bloomberg News.com on the internet reports all campaign donations for all candidates in January today.Ron did good.Great job everybody.