I am the first person to call Dutch "War Mongerer" Ruppersberger's (D-MD-District 2) office in Washington D.C. and in Timonium, MD about this bill? There is way over 1,000,000 people in this district. How freaking disappointing........

    Congressman C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger

    Washington, DC
    Phone: 202-225-3061

    Timonium, MD
    Phone: 410-628-2701


  • OMG

    I just got owned!

    P.S. You spelled "endorses" wrong in the title.


    Some of my friends are starting the ignorant talk that if you don't vote for Romney it is a vote for Obama. I have rescued a few of them convincing that Rombama is the same puppet.

  • Totally agree

    I'll be at gathering of the vibes and think this movement is already a huge support structure of Paul. The good news is most people that listen to jambands think outside the box (mainstream) and enjoy there complicated improv music and therefore typically and inherently have little tolerance for bs (romney/Obama). We are also extremely passionate. The bad news is most of this group is financiallY broke. This type of weekend music festivals do draw get out the vote groups that while claim to be unbiased you can see are confuse democrats (tax, big bank, vote for the man liberals). The Major point is at these types of festivals (all good, gathering if the vibes, bear creek) a Liberty presence is needed as 10,000s of people do attend (literally). Sorry on the phone and can't proofread.

  • Why is it?

    Every time I hear Ron Paul speak it is like listening to something that should be In the Bible... And he even does this under attack. Amazing. How will anyone ever be able to be a champion like him.. We can only hope.

  • RON PAUL = *Chuckles* = No Way = My Hero

    RON PAUL = *Chuckles* = No Way = My Hero

  • Mitt Romney or Gary Johnson? Silly question...

    UM, the question should be:

    "Write in Ron Paul or Vote for Gary Johnson???"

    RON PAUL will tell you time and time again.... This is not about RON PAUL it is about:


    BY ALL INDICATIONS, Gary Johnson shares the positions and principles that Ron Paul does.

    MORE IMPORTANTLY, It does not take a giant leap of intuition to see that Gary Johnson (or even Dennis Kucinich or Ralph Nadar) have integrity. Rand, I am not so such about.....yet.

    How could anyone vote for Romney that has visited this site? Obama and Romney are part of the same corrupt party.

    Positions/principles/integrity have my vote.

  • It is a game

    The game is called two for one. You get Romney & Obama all wrapped into one politician. I am so tired of looking at message boards where people are actually arguing, what they believe to be differences, between the two.

    I think the place we failed the most (whether it is youtube, news comment sections, ads, or even brochures) is we just didn't show people that Obama/Romney are simply the EXACT same failed policy wrapped into one.

    You can especially go onto any political news articles comment section and see the argument between Obama vs Romney go on and on with these brainwashed Sheeple. We need to continue to point this out and gather votes from BOTH parties.

  • Oh, jeez. Please chill out.

    The Bachman vote was an obvious data entry error. There is obviously fraud against Dr. Paul, but "the man" isn't gonna make it this obvious. Let's not over exaggerate because it makes us look like fools to guests that may read these boards. Also, when we have stronger data to point to true fraud people will be less inclined to listen when people are crying wolf for silly reasons.

  • Add Maryland to this discussion

    Our state is a joke just like New York when it comes to proportional representation. We love Daibold too in case you didnt know.

  • bump

    it is all about delegates...

  • According to U.S.A. Today Front Page Today (Friday)

    In the bottom left of the front page, where they give you that factual tidbit everyday. Santa Barbera, CA (according to the USA today) has the highest gas prices in the country (if i recall it was like 4.50 per gallon!). I can see why they want some liberty over there. Thought this was interesting quite the coincidence to not share.

    Erik in Maryland..

  • PEOPLE...Please Wake Up....Think about the Cause/Effect...Sigh

    With all due respect to Mr. Swann (heard he was a college graduate as a teenager), it DOES NOT matter what they can or cannot force on you.

    The only thing that matters is the END GAME. Sure, if you sign it and vote for RP, you may be breaking the law. So the first question is, "What is the penalty (if any) if a national delegate signs it and votes for RP"? HOWEVER, if you DO NOT sign it then the question becomes, "ARE THEY or CAN THEY take your spot and give it TO SOMEONE else? If YES, then you are playing right into there hands by not signing it. This is about DELEGATES and if you aren't going to Tampa anymore because you wanted to make your Liberty stand based on a silly piece of paper and potentially lose your national spot, then in my opinion, the big picture strategy is being lost.

    "What is the penalty (if any) if a national delegate signs it and votes for RP"?

    "ARE THEY or CAN THEY take your spot and give it TO SOMEONE else? If YES and you don't sign it, then you are playing right into their hands.

    I would guess they can strip you or at least plan to if you don't sign it or they wouldn't have sent it out in the first place. Think before reacting. Get the facts and never underestimate "the MAN" when he trying to stick it to you.

  • Confusion & Thoughts (Vermont)

    I was looking at the super-brochure main-site and I can't seem to figure out the following:

    1. Judging from the site; Georgia (GA), Ohio (OH), Tennessee (TN) and Vermont (VT) all have available Super Brochures for purchase. March the 6th is the Primary and Caucus for the preceding states. It says at the beginning of this string that GA deadline is tonight. Does that mean that all the states for March 6th end tonight?
    2. The state of TN seems to have a glitch. It is only showing one county and a total of ~7,000 super-voters.
    3. VT precincts are crazy expensive.

    I also wanted to make the following point:

    I believe RP can make a huge showing in VT. RP did really well in Maine & New Hampshire. The neighboring people of VT are just as independent minded. If we have time after the GA match; VT should be the main state of SB focus. Unfortunately, with most VT districts running into the hundreds of dollars, we REALLY need a Paypal pitch-in. Let us know how much time there is for VT and if practical, pls start a pitch-in. Thoughts?

  • Well Lets be clear

    If one really thinks we did so well in Iowa & South Carolina without help from the 100,000's of Super Brochures (SB) sent out than that is pretty foolish.

    The SB is not even linked to the Daily Paul homepage anymore and the site now has 3 states (Missouri, Maine, and Colorado) that need the same type of boost and we have like ONE week to complete all 3 states. Additionally, all 3 states are UNDER 10% done.

    Finally, we don't even have a chip-in for any of these states where some precincts are over $1000.00.

    Seriously, are we in to win or to just make blog posts all day?


  • Instead of Watching the Votes Come In

    Go to the Super Brochure and buy a few precincts.

  • Florida

  • Chip-In on SB Main Site & Breaking Apart Expensive Precincts

    Has this been considered:

    Perhaps putting the chip-in on the SB main site will help generate more revenue. I bet a lot of people visit the SB main-site without ever visiting Daily-Paul. Maybe put a little blurb about how the chip-in works and make it accountable showing what has been purchased with the $ donated. Precincts are getting upwards of $30 for Nevada. This might help.

    Another possible idea: I bet also some people don't do chip-ins because they want the satisfaction of buying a full precinct on their own. Maybe if a couple large precincts a day were broken apart that would also help.



    Precinct 1 = $150


    Precinct 1-01 = $15
    Precinct 1-02 = $15
    Precinct 1-03 = $15
    Precinct 1-04 = $15
    Precinct 1-05 = $15
    Precinct 1-06 = $15
    Precinct 1-07 = $15
    Precinct 1-08 = $15
    Precinct 1-09 = $15
    Precinct 1-10 = $15

    One may argue, that you would be worried that they wouldn't get bought up this way. I would argue that the $10 to $20 will go in lightning speed. You can see that the Maine SB Project already has tons bought under $10. This is evidence that we are missing many contributions because the lowest price precincts are too high for some people.

  • We Need 80% Today or Fail

    We need to get to 80% today or we will likely fail at 100% Nevada. By taking so long for Nevada that leaves limited time for Maine and Minnesota/Colorado are right around the corner. All three of those states could be game changers for the campaign.

    $20,000 gets us to 80% today. That's 400 - $50 donations.

    Here's the first 2 $50 donations:

    Your Receipt

    ChipIn Event Title: Ron Paul NEVADA Superbrochures
    ChipIn Event Organizer: Eric Erkenbrack (eme321@gmail.com)
    Transaction ID: 5908b40b792fbdae
    Contribution Amount: $100.00
    Contribution Date: January 17, 2012 8:51 AM UTC

    Dig deep. We are running out of time.