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Missouri Super-Brochure

Just finished off Atchison County for $68.00! Figured I would start a thread since one isn't up yet. Whose in on Missouri?

*For some reason Atchison County is still showing. Must be bugged as no precincts are available.

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Neocon & Fox News TV Analyst/Elder, Charles Krauthammer Writes Semi-Positive Opinion Piece on RP

It seems Krauthammer finally has one foot on the bus. Now if he can just stop bucketing Ron Paul with an imminent second place and stop calling him "wacky" he will be on for the ride. MAX OUT

Article = Ron Paul’s Achievement
Author = Charles Krauthammer

There are two stories coming out of New Hampshire. The big story is Mitt Romney. The bigger one is Ron Paul.

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Lack of Paul Support over 45 Years Old; Why and What to Do?

It seems like more often than not when I am listening to a Main Stream Media (MSM) Ron Paul (RP) interview or even MSM Republican Debate the term "enthusiastic supporters" always seems to find its way to RP (oddly enough usually triggered by the interviewer). Whenever I see this happen, I usually sit back and hope RP will NOT say yes, the YOUNG people are backing me .. yadda... yadda...

Put yourself in a person over 45 years old shoes that is watching the interview/debate and doesn't know Ron Paul or has never seen any Ron Paul analysis beyond Fox/CNN/MSNBC.

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As Much as I Disagree with Rick Santorum...

He actually calls out MSM (AND Fox News) Bias....

Link to Story - Including Video (from Real-Clear-Politics Main Page):


Santorum Quotes:

“I’ve seen the media completely try to shape this race,”

“Here you have folks supposedly in the conservative media who are saying, ‘You know — well, we’re going to choose who we think is going to win,’”

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Revolution PAC Advertisement

Directly from the "www.realclearpolitics.com" front page, today (12/28) under the "Real Clear Politics Video" section,

Direct Link with Video:


QUOTE FROM ARTICLE, "This video from The Revolution PAC, which supports Ron Paul's presidential candidacy, asks viewers to "imagine for a moment that somewhere in the middle of Texas there was a large foreign military base. Say Chinese or Russian."