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Ukraine, US to conduct joint military drills in Black Sea

The Ukrainian and US navies will take part in a joint exercise called “Sea Breeze 2014” on September 8-10 in the northwestern part of the Black Sea, Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense said.


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13 Year Old Girl Shooting 3 Weapons Awesome!

This 1-1/2 minute video shows what education and talent can do for sport and defending one's self.


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Happiness is a Choice:

After all the news, this eight minutes is good.


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If you had a Time Machine,

If you had a time machine
and you had one chance to travel back in time, anywhere for eight hours, and you could change something at that point in time. What date, location and item ( if any) would you change?

Mine would be simple, I’d go back 1,200 years from present time. My location would be where my cabin sits today and I would just like to see what it all looked like then. I wouldn’t intentionally change anything.

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Archeological evidence of human activity found beneath Lake Huron

This was in 2009 and the update is awesome to read.

ANN ARBOR, Mich.—More than 100 feet deep in Lake Huron, on a wide stoney ridge that 9,000 years ago was a land bridge, University of Michigan researchers have found the first archeological evidence of human activity preserved beneath the Great Lakes.


Here is an update.


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Zeitgeist- The Movie: Federal Reserve (Part 3-5)

Have you seen this?
Explains much on current events.


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The Majestic

Here is a short clip of this great movie that speaks to today.


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The future of Obamacare in action

A US federal court has granted Hawaiian lawmakers permission to slash benefits for residents whose families formerly lived on a string of Pacific islands that the US military used as a nuclear test site in the decades after World War II.


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Mind and being happy

One of the greatest texts about happiness and living well wasn't written by a self-help expert, spiritual leader or psychologist. It was written by Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, and it may completely change your perspective on dealing with life's challenges.


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Iceland's Auroracoin, and a new independence?

Norse money-god Niord was famed for being able to give riches to anybody he wanted. In modern Iceland newly-minted money is falling from the digital heavens.


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Putin -vs- Visa MasterCard

Russian President Vladimir Putin says Russia should create its own national card payment system, following the example of China and Japan. They diversified away from global monopolies like Visa and MasterCard and launched their own systems years ago.


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Hemp from Ukraine

Hemp aid: US considers buying industrial cannabis from Ukraine to bolster its economy

Published time: March 26, 2014 16:13
Edited time: March 27, 2014 10:48


The US Department of Agriculture is looking to boost imports of hemp seeds from Ukraine, hoping this will help the country’s battered economy. However, they still do not know what it will be used for.