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An idea for "RON PAUL OR NO ONE AT ALL!"

I'm putting out an idea I have that I don't know how to implement. A web page called "RON PAUL OR NO ONE AT ALL!", a site that only records votes for Dr. Paul, only one vote per IP address, only votes from the USA, and any other ideas anyone else can come up with to try to more accurately track and document the good Doctor's true level of national support, free of the MSM's propaganda. It could also have a map that shows where all the support is, nationally. I think this could be a useful tool. What thoughts or ideas do any of you have to add? Is this a good idea?

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Patriot Action Network

Do any of you post on the Patriot Action Network blogs? Most of the moderators seem to be very anti Ron Paul. There were quite a few Ron Paul supporters posting on there that I saw before I got suspended, and they won't even tell me why I was suspended:

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A+ Credit refuses to cash your check if you won't remove your cap

My mother has an account A+ Federal Credit union in the Austin Texas area, she wrote me a check for Christmas, I went to their Round Rock Tx location, to cash it, they have signs on the door saying something like: "For your safety and the safety of others, we request that you remove your caps, hats, and sunglasses before entering the building." I personally don't like being treated like I'm a suspected criminal, so I wouldn't remove my cap and was told that their policy is not to provide service to anyone who will not remove their caps.

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Larken Rose's latest newsletter, Although it's very disappointing, he does make some valid points

Although it's very disappointing, he does make some valid points

One Road to Freedom

The "Campaign for Liberty" is about to have a huge event in Valley
Forge, Pennsylvania, in just a couple of weeks. I'm not sure yet
whether I'll be there (as a spectator), but I know I won't be
speaking there.

Being faced with the tyrannical monstrosity that now resides in
Washington, a lot of pro-freedom folks are talking about how
everyone who loves liberty should do whatever it takes to "get
along" and to "work together" toward our common goals. The question

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Polling Point Poll

I've been getting these polls for about a year and a half and thought all the Ron Paul supporters might like to voice their opinions. When asked about what I liked about Obama/McCain, I checked other and typed in nothing. When asked what I disliked, I checked other and typed everything. I was totally negative about all the other slimeball candidates, and I think they really need to hear from us true conservatives. If you can, forward this survey to everyone you know.


Oops, try this link:

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Fire Society forum bans Paul supporters

I don't know why but Fire Society forum has banned most of their Ron Paul supporters this morning. I was one of them. No reason was given for my banning. The fredheads seem to be able to do anything they want, but if you defend Dr Paul, you get banned. if you're curious, you can check it out at: http://www.firesociety.com/

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Hunter & Brownback seem to be ahead on this poll

I just came accross this poll which hasn't felt the Ron Paul Revolution yet. It's a little more than 1/2 a page down
Come on people let's make some noise

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Firesociety forums

There is a site that caters to conservitive forums which is pretty interesting. There are quite a few Dr. Paul supporters posting on there, however there are a bunch of Fredheads on there who are posting pictures of Dr. Paul wearing tinfoil hats and saying 9/11 was an inside job, calling us loons, kooks, wackos, etc. Some have said that Dr. paul really has only 22 supporters, or he has the support of less than 5% of the population, plus that old favorite "snowballs chance in hell" of winning.

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The Cost of War

I think everybody should see this, and if you have websites, there's a way on here to put it on your sites. It would be very impressive to see at the top of every Ron Paul site:http://www.nationalpriorities.org/Cost-of-War/Cost-of-War-3.html