• I cannot stand people like Granger

    I have been stalking this site for years now. I visit dailypaul atleast twice everyday to keep up on politics and Ron Paul / Rand Paul, but I rarely post here. However, I am really active on having debates on facebook's news story. Granger is the type of person I encounter all of the time. They are part hypocrite, part good willed, and part gullible.
    They shutdown their common sense and go into knee jerk mode when certain issues pull on their strings.

    Yes, chemical weapons are bad, but how are bombs and sanctions better? Killing the leftover children who barely survived the chemical attack brings justice to no-one. After-all, bombs are just a chemical reaction on impact, and the results are just as brutal.

    Besides those points, I always ask, who has more to gain from this attack?

    Assad, who has been winning for 2 years now, even while our government has been foaming at the mouth for an excuse to invade?

    Or the terrorist rebels, who kill innocents regularly, who Need our help in order to win an usher in their Islamic State?

    Witnessing the knee jerk reactions since the attack, clearly proves who had more to gain and who had more to lose.

    Lastly, these same people who are willing to rush to war and bombs, are the same people who stand by as we drone attack civilians, kill thousands with wars, and millions with sanctions.

    We killed 500,000 Iraqi children in Iraq during the 90s alone.
    But that was justified and worth what exactly? We ended up going to war anyways and killing more.


  • Lurker/new member has a question

    Hey iv been coming to this Awesome site since june. Decided to register because i want to go to this rally. It is almost 2 hrs away and i was wondering how early should i get there. The earliest i could get there would be around 5. I dont wanna drive all the way up there, with my family, to be turned down.