• 9 People were On Board . . .

    8 People survived.

    Guess who was the 1 casualty ?

    Prolly just a coincidence though....

    PS - Good, Honest journalism from the Chicago Tribune - NOT !

    "So-called Birthers" -- yeah, so-called by establishment shills.
    Obama released his long-form fake certificate and by doing so he: "Blasted Carnival Barkers who refused to let the issue go."

    Carnival Barkers ?

    I haven't heard that before but holy SHT that is some Trollish Writing.

  • So, then Why Was My MOD Suggestion Ignored ?

    I've never looked at this before - but I notice it's ILLEGAL (on this website) to:

    1) Spread DISHONEST information or OBFUSCATE the HONEST SEARCH for truth
    2) To COUNTER the ideas of Peace or LIBERTY --

    So why are people who are clearly participating in these acts allowed to remain ?

    People who LIE about 9/11.
    People who LIE about the False Flags that followed.
    People who Ad Hom you if you post TRUTH about Alex jones

    These are OBVIOUS USERS who I've named before and provided evidence of them breaking these rules.

    So what about them ?

    SheepHerder911 posted a "humor" story HE WROTE wherein he murders a libertarian as a punch-line. So I called him on it. His next post? A DECEPTIVE article in support of FOX NEWS which actually showed how the Government was writing

    NEW SPECIAL LAWS to protect IT -- but that would NOT apply to the rest of the population.

    Maybe they're paying members...
    Because I don't see any other logic for allowing them to remain here.

  • Minorities get a PASS from Society in this context.

    Do you have your head in the sand ? This IS something to be discussed, especially on a site like this. Being a minority apparently absolves you of criticism for grouping together for stupid reasons.

    "Brown Pride" Across his Chest.

  • Outright Lies Now ?

    When did I insult your family name ?
    Are you using Alex Jones rules of engagement now ?

    Both posts I visited of yours were UNINTENTIONAL encounters with you.
    Get over yourself.

    And ad hom is pure insult -- I listed all my REASONS for naming you as a FALSE MEMBER.

    Your posts don't do anything to spread the message of liberty.

    As a disinformation agent, don't be surprised when the WHITE BLOOD CELLS show up to find you and name you.

    Don't pretend anything else is going on.
    People can read.
    - I . O . U. 1 Sarcastic Joke -

  • Let's Define TROLL

    A troll is one who STALKS and/or AD-HOMs(pure insult, no substance) your posts.

    I'm SURE that I posted my reasoning for labeling you 'fishy'.
    And I didn't stalk you here, I wanted to see the "HUGE WIN FOR JOURNALISM" --- which, if you were a true liberty-lover you would have called it what it was:

    A Huge Win for the Government, in one of their False Flag Trials.

    I provided my support.

    However, as you can see from this post here -- you have ZERO substance mixed with PURE INSULT.

    It's fun to be awake, isn't it ?

  • No Problem.

    Yeah it's cool - i spotted you.

    No skin of my nose.

    I'm one of the brighter sheep you'll come across.
    You on the other hand...are slightly less sharp.

    See ya next time.

  • Please be more Aware.

    Read my follow-up comment, because I was proven correct. This guy is not one of us. He's not here "to be friendly". Look at his name --

    He is here to HERD SHEEP.

    You don't know what his point was.
    You can't TESTIFY to what he was thinking.

    All you can do is INTERPRET his words.
    You take them literally - you assume his heart is in the right place.

    I am more skeptical -- especially with a name like that.

    What liberty-lover would EVER have a name like that ?

    Then you read through his post and the punch-line is MURDER.
    You give it a pass because it's CLOAKED IN what you hope is SARCASTIC HUMOR.

    But why give him that pass ?

    Didn't you learn anything from the 2008 and 2012 elections ?

    And his next post ?

    This guy is full of sht.
    And look at the trolls and poor sheep who down-voted me.

    That's fckin' SAD.


    I believed that this "herder of sheep" was couching Libertarian disdain as humor.

    I called him on it and pointed out why.
    I'm an expert in psychology - I posted my reasoning.

    Here's further evidence that I WAS CORRECT:

    "sheep herder" posted ANOTHER FISHY POST where he tries to defend a FOX NEWS "journalist" for protecting her police-connections in the Aurora Colorado FALSE FLAG event.

    HAHAHA - he even Titles the Post: "Huge Win for INVESTIGATIVE Journalism".

    FOX NEWS ?
    Investigative Journalism ?

    The article explains that when it comes to the needs of:

    Private Citizen vs. Journalist Protection --- Journalist gets to hide SECRET POLICE SOURCES.

    But the government is writing a federal law right now where:

    The Needs of The Government vs. Journalist Protection --- who do you think wins ?

    I told you guys his name is directed at US.
    "herder of sheep, like on 9/11"
    Pay Attention.

    And don't let comments from the BRITISH SUBJECTS down below manipulate your thinking.
    Now I'm off to watch a Ron Paul Interview.

  • Another FISHY POST from the "One Who Herds the Sheep"

    This story is FOX NEWS TRASH.

    So the reporter gets informed about incriminating evidence in this FALSE FLAG from THE COPS ? ? If the cops had that evidence - why would they leak it to a journalist instead of providing it to the court ? ?

    Hm -- maybe because no such evidence exists - but we'll never know because this New York FOX insider is "absolutely" protected.

    The article explains that there is a Federal LAW being written about Journalist protection and even FOX says:

    The federal measure would establish a balancing test between source protection and the government’s need for the information, not provide absolute protection.

    So because this is a case where A PRIVATE CITIZEN has a "need for information" -- Journalist Protection is upheld.

    But the Federal Law will allow THE GOVERNMENT'S "need for information" to SUPERSEDE Journalist Protection.

    Do you get that ?
    This isn't a win for liberty at all.

    A false flag has been FURTHER covered up, and the government is going to write a special rule for itself where it can do what private citizens CANNOT. (i.e Supersede Journalist Protections)

    This user is trash.
    I called it when he posted a story where he murders a fellow libertarian.

  • .

    I DID have a comment -- but then I read the comment below and deleted it.

    I agreed with his comment more than my own.

    RT did an interview to make 9/11 truthers look stupid -- or they defended the official story somehow --

    Does anyone know where that clip is ?

    I think it was part of some documentary, but when i saw it i agreed with the point the documentary was making about RT -- they are Government-Approved and when push comes to shove -- they will push the government story.

  • oops

    I have no idea why i directed this at you.

    While my content was accurate -- my reason for directing it at you made ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE AT ALL.

    My bad.


    I saw that movie and I did NOT think to analyze the PHYSICS -- GREAT FIND.
    That clip "destroys" the story for Buildings 1 & 2.

    And building 7 wasn't damaged on all sides - EVERY CORE COLUMN could not have failed at precisely the same MILLISECOND. It doesn't work like that - everyone knows that right ? Uniform Collapse was an IMPOSSIBILITY. And Larry Silverstein FIRST ADMITTED to PBS that he had the building "pulled". (ignore the lies he spews afterward to try to cover it up)

    Cool post.

  • Where were You in 2012 ?

    Did you notice Drudge was not a friend of Ron Paul or honest journalism during the 2012 campaign ?

    He didn't comment on the media blackout of Ron Paul.
    He played the same cards all the other Corporatists played -- he pushed Romney.

    Every Drudge link is a known Corporatist Shill Center.

    *Remove from bookmarks*

  • Dana Carvey - But Rob Here would TRULY be the Good Guy

    Dana Carvey did the biggest favor EVER for George Bush I by making fun of him on Saturday Night Live, treating him like a loveable buffoon -- when he's probably less than that.

    Dana Could ABSOLUTELY get this impersonation down - and it would be HILARIOUS. He needs more visibility though so I hope he does a LOT OF SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS --

    Even the Paul family rallies around Ron -- choosing him to be the best man ?

    I can't believe what a HERO he is.

  • Wrong Again - I see a Pattern Forming...

    The pope MISIDENTIFIED the "current financial system" as a FREE MARKET.

    Will that ever get through your skull ?

    I'm not biased AGAINST the pope at all -- i just don't give SPECIAL FAVOR to the pope.
    He's a man - like me.

    And I evaluate his words as I would evaluate any other's - you apparently rearrange WORD & MEANING so you can interpret the pope as being holy roman cesar infallible.

    He's just a dude, dude.

  • I Couldn't Have Been More Clear -

    I explained it using his own words.

    He thinks what we have right now is a Free Market -- that's just wrong.
    He asserts distrust in those who 'wield economic power'.....he knows that applies to him, right?

    He's a person - that's all.
    Jesus never said anything about some special god-connected pope.

    "Be Still - and Know that I AM GOD." -Bible

    Meditate & Meet God.
    We all have access to God.

    "Even the LEAST among you CAN DO ALL i have done AND MORE." - Jesus

    Jesus, The Judge, & I are correct.
    The pope is mistaken.

  • Appreciate a Native Perspective

    I'm 1/13th Cherokee so I can weigh in on this :p

    Really, I'm new to this issue -- I shouldn't even comment.

    I appreciate the CONFLICT that you guys have had to go through.
    But what's your idea of how to MAKE THE BEST OF IT - starting right now ?

    How can each individual MAKE THE BEST OF IT ?

    I think it's possible that as people accepted government money -- which is like a toxic curse as mentioned in other threads -- the human being was stripped of his Sense of Self Worth. So you have wounded individuals who might like to see themselves as a United Strong Collective Tribe --

    But wounded individuals cannot join together to form a Strong Tribe.
    I think no matter what direction you take forward -- it should focus on STRENGTHENING THE INDIVIDUALS within the Context of the Tribe(maybe).

    Empowerment is usually the answer.
    And being able to take care of yourself - being self sufficient and independent (from any external authority) is CRUCIAL to psychological well-being.

    I like to think about the solutions.

  • Use it for what it IS -- EVIDENCE.

    9/11 Truth provides SOME EVIDENCE about inside participation in 9/11.
    That's it. That's their role.

    If you want Steps Forward -- you go to other sources -- like Ron Paul's or Jesse Ventura's or Judge Napolitano's Economic or Political advice. From those sources you should be able to piece together a
    ROAD OUT OF AUTHORITARIANISM that might go something like this:

    Uphold the Constitution.
    Do Not Support Banker Candidates.
    Support a Free and Open Market -
    Freedom protects against Corruption better than Top-Down Illusory Security.
    Spread the Message of Liberty
    Be Humble.
    Volunteer to Help when you can/are inspired to.

    How does that sound ?
    Be a BEACON in your little part of the world.

  • Why did you post this ?

    What does this add to the discussion ?

    Are YOU a cynic ?
    Would you consider CYNIC a compliment?

    Would you say that OF ALL THE CHARACTERISTICS of 'most' conspiracy theorists -- is "cynical" the most prevalent characteristic ?

    Because this article suggests that ABOVE AVERAGE INTELLIGENCE might BETTER describe Conspiracy Theorists than your own chosen word of 'cynical'.

    I'm just wondering if you're insulting CTs on purpose -- or just because you're a dumb fck ?

  • yeah ?

    Do your own ideas include:

    1) No fckin' WAY a plane hit the pentagon - because when 12 years have passed and we still can't see a frame of proof --- that's proof enough.

    2) Buildings don't collapse on themselves naturally.

    3) Seeing someone earn an UNNATURAL profit from unnatural destruction is suspicious.

    4) When a scientist publishes a scientific paper for his colleagues to review and weigh in on -- CONFIRMING the presence of THERMITE -- that is compelling evidence for INTENTIONAL DESTRUCTION.

    5) When the Commission responsible for investigation DOESN'T EVEN TEST the debris for foul play -- that is ALMOST criminally negligent behavior.

    6) Shipping out evidence before THOROUGH INVESTIGATION is a crime.

    7) Asking someone to accept that a passport can withstand a jet-fueled fire-ball and subsequent catastrophic building destruction -- is UNREASONABLE.

    For starters....
    did you have ideas like those ?