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The Telegraph Online Poll: 86% UK Want Their Handguns Back !

Browsing this new website from the other story about US Sheriffs FINALLY WAKING UP - I found this article too:

From the Article:

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Alex Jones, His Radio Company, and DAILYPAUL (Video)

To Legitimate Ron Paul Constitutionalists: Do you think Ron Paul would have THIS MANY CONNECTIONS to criminals ?

Alex Jones works for GENESIS Communication Network. [GCN]
GCN has NO PRIVACY or other TERMS on their website.

How many media companies can boast THAT ? ?

GCN is an affiliate of ABC.

In 1984 ABC was bought out by Capital Cities - founded in part by CIA Director under GEORGE BUSH SR [who was vice president] Bill Casey. ABC then became known as 'The CIA Network'. (SEE VIDEO BELOW)

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The Case Against Alex Jones & Moon Landing (VIDEO)

I've recently caught wind that Alex Jones is not just a harmless news junky, but a well-connected, and evidently well-trained disinformation pawn.

To date, I have NEVER found a more entertaining, informative, or concise video making the EMPIRICAL CASE against Alex Jones:

And LEARN FROM THIS if you ever plan to have a liberty event!


People who peacefully assemble to draw awareness to a subject should be prepared for operatives like this showing up. Preparation, dear Watson.... or whatever the line is....

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Scientist Proved Thermite On 9/11 - Tells Corrupt BBC Why He Fights For Liberty (Video)

You might have heard of Danish Scientist Dr. Niels Harriet, Associate Professor of Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen. He taught chemistry, photochemistry, and photophysics.

He published a scientific paper proving the physical impossibility of the official story of 9/11 and also verified the presence of nanothermite.

Dr. Harrit ends this very interesting BBC-Attempted-Hit-Piece Interview by answering the question: "Do you think you put yourself in harm's way by doing the work you do [Publicly Decrying the Official Lie....i mean story]?"

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DailyPaul Slogan - and News Fast

Has anyone noticed that the message, the purpose, the guiding principles of the DailyPaul are: PEACE, GOLD & LOVE -- and yet none of the recent topics or active forum topics are INFUSED with ANY of those sentiments?

From what I see the topics people discuss are:


Also - have you ever gone on a News Fast - where you take a complete break from ALL FORMS OF NEWS OUTLETS ? (including this one)? Try it for 3 days or 7 if you can make it. I've heard nothing changes in your life -- except maybe you're in a better mood, more often.

Worth a shot?

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My First Trip to Texas - From Chicago

I'm on my first trip to Texas. I'm from Chicago and I've traveled to: California, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, & Colorado. Not to mention England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Spain, & Amsterdam(Others when I was younger)

Here's what I see in Texas: (Dallas & Austin)

It's SAD! So many angry, impatient - ANGRY, UNFRIENDLY people.
What happened to Texas? Was it always like this? Is this why my parents never took us here as kids?

I have no sympathy for the exploitation that goes on here.

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AUDIO: Lew Rockwell Interview: My Boss, Ron.

Awesome interview by Lew with some dude who worked for Ron. Interesting behind the curtain stories:

What it was like working for Ron?
How did the Republican Establishment deal with Ron?
Did Regan try to get Ron to betray his principles?
Staffers of OTHER congressmen wished they worked for a Principled Leader like Ron?
and more.

I wish it was an hour long.


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Video Reminder. Lew Rockwell: Rand Paul is NO Libertarian

He signed the NDAA Bill.
He pledged support for MITT ROMNEY, the Goldman Sachs Candidate, the one who wouldn't change a THING at the Federal Reserve.

As Lew puts it - and most of us agree: You can't change this ENTRENCHED system from the inside anymore than you can change the Mafia from the inside.

Watch & Let us NEVER speak of Rand Paul again:



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The REAL Outgoing Message of Ron Paul: Immoral People Cannot Sustain a Free Society


Ron Paul: "The founders were convinced that a free society wouldn't work without moral people....A society that boos or ridicules THE GOLDEN RULE is not a moral society."

Anyone remember THIS debate moment:

As someone said on YT -> I hope someone watching takes up the banner. Someone with miles of integrity.

Can't that be Judge Andrew Napolitano?

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IL Conventon & Grassroots was a J.O.K.E.

I'll tell you guys what went wrong at the convention - and it's evidence that there's a much larger issue that needs handling and in 1 word it is this:


I was reading one of the comments to the "IL GOP Convention" post and he or she said: "Basically it comes down to organization - that's it." and I couldn't agree more.

At the IL Convention there was ZERO organization:

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Freedom Fest ! !

After reading through some of the posts and seeing how some people are getting down following the campaign's latest move - I think it's time we take this movement into OUR OWN HANDS.

So what state is next? What can WE do OURSELVES to boost their morale and make sure they aim to do better than the state before them?

Can anyone put together a Ron Paul Rally? or a FREEDOM FESTIVAL in some town or precinct where it's needed? Use the local meet-up groups or this site to coordinate.

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Yanked SNL Skit Criticizing Obama

Keeping in mind that FOX & NBC are 2 sides of the same coin; and that Sarah Palin, George Bush, & Obama are all equally disturbing characters... I found this interesting.

Looks like SNL was going to be an equal opportunity mocker by ripping on Obama for going on and ON .....and ON AND ON...... about being the president while Bin Laden was "officially killed." You know, taking credit for it like he PERSONALLY pulled some McGuyver sh*t to figure out where he was and how to get to him.

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RP ★ROCKSTAR★ Money Technique

Ron Paul is a Rockstar - on that we all agree.

Now how do Rockstars make money? Touring! And Ron Paul is already doing that! The campaign needs to either:

A) Outright Charge at the door to his speeches. Tell the people this is a grassroots movement, and Ron Paul needs every dollar he can get. Or,

B) BEG for Donations at his events. Stop the event - just like a fundraiser / auction - and ask people to chip in ON THE SPOT. Ever go to church and see them pass around the baskets for cash? Yeah, same principle.

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My Fantastic Free Market Analogy. Free Markets Explained

In response to the person who posted: "Help me Win this Free Market Argument" I wrote this, but it was so long - I gave it its own thread, as a nice exchange of ideas may ensue:

His/Her lawyer friend accused the Free Market of fostering corrupt businesses teaming up against the market. I said:

Ask your friend if free markets gave rise to:

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[VIDEO] Ron Paul Debates MSNBC Panel of Experts

WAS searching for this video and thought it was deleted and gone forever....but....then I found it. Classic Schooling:


UPDATE: Sorry for reposting. And FYI: Rand voted to increase the debt ceiling. He is NOT our candidate.

"In matters of style, move with the current; In matters of principle, stand like a rock." -Thomas Jefferson

Rand is trying to play the game.
We need Principles, not Political Tactics.