• Never met

    Never met. Rarely write. But have to say that if it weren't for my daily (or several times/day!) "Daily Paul" connection, I'm certain I would have left on the coo-coo choo choo a long time ago! Just thought you should know how much it means. Thanks for being here and there), everyone.

  • Where or where?

    Son just earned a scholarship for Fall 14 and it's required to go directly into bank account which I don't want to do and used exclusively toward tuition/books assuming it's still there next year. Should I inquire about Credit Union or are there any other creative ideas I could ask about instead?

  • "Sociocultural Variation"

    Action Alert:
    Revisions to the Diagnositic & Statistical Manual (DSM V) by the American Psychiatric Association are forthcoming.


    Pay particular attention to the section describing revisions to "Sociocultural Variations" appx. 1/4 to 1/3 way down) especially to the last two lines of that paragraph and let the term, "SOCIOPOLITICAL DEVIANT," marinade in your psyche a bit!

    Voice opposition by signing petition and forwarding to friends and other liberty minded folks.

    Full disclosure - I'm a practicing licensed Mental Health Counselor, natural healing/remedy promoter for 25 years, avid RP/liberty supporter and truth seeker.

  • .


  • Florida

    Early vote for GJ in honor of RP R3volution and the U.S. of AMERICA!

  • Consider this....

    How Romney & Obama are the same.
    see bullet points:


  • What time

    What is the starting time of the Fest especially on Friday? I've looked all over the web but haven't been able to find it.
    Other than a list of speakers and bands, is there a posted itinerary for the 3 days?

  • Yes, Yes

    Not organized religion.
    Rand is free to support whomever he wishes or not. Personally, I would not nor do I have any intention of supporting Romney, but that's not the question.

  • Maybe it's just me....

    I can't seem to find a schedule of events for the August event.
    I looked on the website for the Fest but couldn't find what was happening and when. All I could see what that it was going to be at the Fairgrounds. Does anyone know where I might find more details?
    BTW, coming from a Floridian, those who are coming from out of state, Florida is extremely hot in August due to the high humidity and being very close to the equator. When it's 95 degrees outside, it feels like 195!!! Bring hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, umbrellas, ponchos and make sure you made arrangements to keep hydrated. Can't afford to lose anyone, lol!

  • True The Vote

    In response to an earlier post about how to become part of the voter fraud solution:
    Volunteer for True The Vote


  • Nothing is free! There's

    Nothing is free! There's always a price. The question is what is the price, who pays, and how.
    Stop drinking the 'free ride' koolaid.

  • What????

    Are you kidding? What the *** have you been smoking? "Obama acutally believes he is helping." ????
    He is helping alright, and it 'aint' America!!!!!!
    He's all about deception, control, manipulation, hypocricy, fulfilling his father's Marxist "Dream", social justice, etc. etc. etc.
    Please, do just a little homework for God's sake beginning with what a Psychopath is.
    They are both disgusting!

  • What if...

    Instead of being overtly "disrespectful" during the convention by booing or heckling, why not do what the vets did at the White House when they marched in downtown D.C.
    TURN OUR BACKS! during certain speeches.
    Literally turn 180 degrees around until (he) or (they) are finished speaking.
    Or, break out singing our National Anthem. That'll surely drown out the non-liberty B.S. speeches and send OUR liberty movemnt message LOUD AND CLEAR!

  • Interstate Exposure

    Drove through several states last week with two RP bumber stickers on the back of my car and a RP sign on both sides of my back windows.
    I'm tempted to put one on my windshield when I drive.....just kidding!

  • I too

    I too have two Ron Paul Bumper Stickers on my car which initiates lots of car honks and thumbs up responses.

    I think it would be extremely beneficial to the campaign if a bumper sticker was handed out to each and every attendee at every event where Ron Paul speaks!!! I'm beginning to see quite a few Obama 2012 stickers on the interstates as I travel to and from work and it's disgusting!

    Let's start flooding the highways with Ron Paul stickers on cars, trailers, campers, trucks, SUV's and Semi's!

  • Wonder

    Wonder how much of the taxpayer dollars are going for those secret service at such an "event."

  • Do you have

    I think it's a good idea. Every vote counts. Do you have super brochures to pass out? (large print) :)

  • That's it.

    That's it.
    I'm moving to Washington!!!!

  • Boston

    How 'bout flooding the area with RP supporters handing out SuperBrochures or better yet, drop brochures from the sky like those emergency food packages. After all, it's an emergency right?

  • Salute

    They were saluting the veteran's who had committed suicide since Obama has been in office. I believe it was a one second salute for each of the deceased. The salute lasted between 3-5 minutes.
    Then they did an appx. 20 minute prayer for all fallen soldiers since Obama took office.