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Melanie Hall is the creator of 3-Steps to Lean and Green specifically designed for those who want to reconnect with their food at a local level, take responsibility for their health and wellness, and reconnect with their heart’s desire. Her dynamic approach brings out inherent strengths within each individual and focuses those strengths on bringing forth their inner vision. Her passion for finding, using, and supporting “real food” motivates and inspires.

Melanie facilitates courses promoting the local food movement at nearby community colleges. She is a published writer and speaker on various topics on making healthy food choices, personal responsibility regarding wellness, developing emotional security, spirituality and meditation techniques that serve as the foundation for a fulfilling and peaceful life.

Her distinct background includes professional coach training and 9 years of coaching and adult education experience in clinical and community settings. She formerly had a career in information technology and is a proud mom of two children and 5 grandchildren. Melanie enjoys traveling and has visited countries all over the world. She currently resides in southwestern Virginia in sight of the Blue Ridge mountains.
Phone: 276-694-3594

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