• Debra Medina

    I love Debra Medina! I wish she were Governor of Texas instead of the neo-con Perry we have now! Texas would be a MUCH better place to live!

  • New here?

    I've been here for about a year and a half! What does that have to do with anything I posted about?

  • Presidential debates

    The best thing that we could do, is to get the debate format changed to include ALL candidates that made it on the ballot in enough states to win! Hell Gary Johnson would have had a much better chance of winning if he were allowed to debate Obama and Romney in front of all of America! Does ANYONE know how we can make this happen? This B.S. of choosing between a corrupt democrat and a corrupt republican has to stop! There should be at least 3 or 4 candidates on stage during the presidential debates! And the debates should be hosted by someone NOT affiliated with either major party! And all questions should come from the voters and not known to the candidates before hand! Make them think on they're feet!

  • Banks

    Banks are the most corrupt institutions in this and most other countries! Do NOT trust banks, they are in bed with the government! Your money is safer under your mattress then in a bank! GET YOUR MONEY OUT BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!

  • Women

    Most women are liberals! Even the one that grow up in a conservative house are liberal at heart! Most need to learn that "the government" is the American tax payer and not some fairy godmother so when they say "the government will pay for it" They know that we ALL pay for it!

  • Yes

    Yes I think it alright to be a Ron Paul supporter and receive food stamps! We cannot stop it, so you might as well use it if needed! Lots of illegal's are getting them so why be against American's that need them?

  • All I can say

    Is that she IS HOT!!!!

  • We MUST change leadership!

    If Preibus gets reelected, the G.O.P. is DONE!

  • This gone WAY to far

    End the war on drugs and this will NO longer be a problem! The war on drugs has caused WAY more problems then the drugs themselves!

  • 2 party duopoly!

    I really do NOT think we will get anyone good to vote for as president from either of the 2 major parties! Therefore is is imperative that we force a rule change to allow third party candidates into the debates. It is the ONLY way we will EVER take our country back. I believe that if a third party candidate were to get into the presidential debates he or she would have a REAL chance to win the election. Maybe we could get the league of women voters to take over control of the debates again. But I believe that anyone running for president that is on enough state ballots to win should be included in the debates. The American people deserve to hear what they have to say!

  • This just shows

    This just shows us that the G.O.P. cannot be changed or reformed or taken over! We must build up the libertarian party as that is the ONLY chance for the liberty movement to continue!

  • Gary Johnson

    I wish people would stop posting lies about Gary Johnson! He is NOT a warmonger and truly loves this country! He is NOT a corporate puppet like the other two! He has a plan to reduce government spending! He has a record of doing what he says he will do! He will repeal the patriot act and N.D.A.A.! End the income tax! Audit the federal reserve! He will follow the constitution! He may NOT be Ron Paul but he IS the BEST candidate running in this election! The ONLY way we have a chance to break the corrupt two party stranglehold of the system is to vote for third party candidates! Gary Johnson may NOT be perfect but he is by far the BEST candidate running for president! Even Ron Paul will be voting for Gary Johnson! Wake up people, don't let the trolls turn you against the best choice for the liberty movement!

  • Vote libertarian!

    The best course of action is to vote for the libertarian candidate Gary Johnson! If we all vote for him, even if it's not enough to win the election he will receive enough votes to qualify the libertarian party as a major player and make it harder to ignore them and keep them out of the debates next time. I believe the two major parties are far too corrupt to ever allow a GOOD candidate to ever get the nomination. So our only chance is to build up a third party. And I think the libertarian party should be that party!

  • Waste of time and effort!

    This is a waste of time and effort! Most states will NOT count write in votes so he cannot get enough to win! I really wish we would all work together to get Gary Johnson into the presidential debates! Because if he can get into the debates people will see there IS a good choice this election and he will have a real shot at winning! But we in the liberty movement MUST work together to make this happen. We will get NOTHING done if some of us decide not to vote at all or write in Ron Paul. WE MUST ALL WORK TOGETHER FOR THE SAKE OF LIBERTY! Even Ron Paul will be voting for Gary Johnson this November!

  • I wish

    I wish he would help Gary Johnson get some support so he can get into the presidential debates! he could really use some help as time is running out! If he's not going to endorse him publicly at least help get his name out there! Or give him the left over money so he can run T.V. ads. We really NEED for Gary Johnson to be in those debates as that is the only chance we have for liberty this November!

  • Better idea!

    Why don't you guys do the right thing and help us get Gary Johnson elected! That is the ONLY way we can work together to defeat Obama!

  • Fighting the G.O.P.

    I think we are wasting our time and energy fighting the G.O.P. We should be using our time and energy to build the libertarian party into a major party. I cannot and will NOT vote for Romney/Ryan this November! Join me in voting for Gary Johnson and help keep the liberty movement rolling.

  • Another choice

    Gary Johnson is looking better and better! He is actually MORE qualified to be president then Ron Paul. Check out his track record! This guy would make one hell of a president! He's got the 7 votes from my family who were planning to vote for Paul. The more i look at it the more i realize that Johnson is actually the better choice as he is NOT part of the corrupt G.O.P. I say f*&k the republican party and lets build the libertarian party.

  • Romney

    Mitt Romney and intelligent comments do NOT go together.

  • Romney Failing to Excite Base

    Once people realize that Romney is NO better then Obama the only people supporting him will be the rich who will benefit from his tax plan!