• At least all the smoke in the video

    isn't from the US dropping bombs on another country. Sad that every time I see a picture of rising smoke clouds I automatically think, oh damn...where are we "spreading freedom and democracy" this time?

    P.S. John McCain is SUCH a fcuking scumbag. (I know that has nothing to do with this post but I really dislike that treasonist criminal)

  • Blackmailed? Bribed? Completely Crazy?

    These 2 individuals are either completely brain dead or they are seriously compromised. They seem proud of their treason. WTF?

  • There has got to be a sub-prime car bubble blowing up big

    I've never seen so many vettes, BMW's, Mercede's, Lexus, Camero's, Chargers, Mustangs, etc on the roads around here. Most have Air Force vanity tags or some other sticker on the windshield that indicates the debt slave is either a newly enlisted soldier or someone that works on base for some MIC contractor.

    There are also a lot of very nice rides in the parking lots of banks. Around here you can get new car loans for 1% if you have good credit. If you have bad or subprime credit...you can still get a loan but its for 7-10 years at @ 15% to 20% interest.

    I have to admit I'd really love to have a new muscle car...but I refuse to return to debt slave status. My paid off Toyota 4runner is just fine with me.

  • But Charlie gets drunk and steals public money

  • C U Next Tuesday

    She is a war mongering statist whore.

  • Its not really accurate to call it "American" foreign policy...

    "America" as far as I can tell...no longer exists.

    This is a Neo-Con/Israeli Private Central Banking and (mostly western owned) Multi-national Corporate Fascist foreign policy. The banksters and large international corporations have bribed and blackmailed government officials so they can operate outside of national and international laws. These banks and corporations consider themselves sovereign entities. They have private armies and contract with governments so they can kill anyone, anywhere with impunity.

  • A Corporate-Fascist-Criminal Thugocracy

    that calls no nation home and cares not how many innocent people are murdered in their quest for world-financial domination.

    If the psychopaths that have positioned themselves in the highest offices in America are not considered mass murdering criminals and need to be arrested....then NO ONE on the planet deserves to be incarcerated.

    Its so damn disgusting its comical!

  • And the awaking continues :-)

    People always ask me "what can we do?" Well, you can deny consent and you can do like this lady and stop working for and/or supporting the establishment.

    All one has to do is EDUCATE oneself about what true FREEDOM and LIBERTY is all about (Hat tip Dr. Ron Paul), and throughout your daily routine...you will come across lots of ways to peacefully deny consent.

    The single most important thing I ever did was to turn off the TV and started spending more time actually visiting with my neighbors and supporting local businesses. Take all your money out of banks. Barter where possible. Do favors for friends and don't accept, ask for or expect any FRN's in return. Good people won't let someone constantly do things for them without giving them something in return. I'm a former network administrator and my computer knowledge is always coming in handy as a way to help others without it costing me anything. I get food, other things like TP, Beer, liquor (and I don't even drink alcohol), herbs, car repairs, etc. all in trade for my services.

    My wife and I have never been happier, we have minimized what material items we want/need/require down to just a fraction of what we used to have. We feel so free and independent. It turns out the old saying..."You don't own things, THINGS own YOU!" really was true
    in our lives. We don't have much, but we have zero debt, a paid off Toyota 4 Runner, and LOVE...NOT FEAR!

    Have a great day all! I do every fucking day! :)

  • Bump for clarity

    Bumper Dumper

  • Him and Lindsey Graham

    need to be sent to prison where they are tag teamed from behind by the biggest men with the biggest dicks. It should be filmed and shown online as a warning to all the other congress critters that are actively committing treason and destroying this nation.

  • Oh well then...

    In that case he should have just unloaded his glock into the kid! (Sarcasm)

  • Excellent!

    I'm proud of you!

  • Its really very simple

    A criminal banking cartel is using massive money creation to loot the nation. Everything the Fed does is designed to create an illusion of legitimacy. It has none and never did.

  • My research indicates that Russia

    has orchestrated several false flag operations on their civilian population...SO, I'm guessing that there are a few things (like false flags) that the global elite have more or less agreed are off limits. I'm positive that Putin knows 9/11 and 7/7 were both false flags but he also benefits from the "war OF terror". In fact, even many 3rd world countries are using the liberal use of the label "terrorist" to murder anyone in their country that does not support the ruling administration or, just to get rid of rivals.

    Also, although Putin appears to be much more rational and "freedom friendly" than the criminals that have been running our nation into the ground...don't be fooled. Putin is rich and powerful because of the corporate oligarchs who set him up to rule Russia. His focus is on continuing to transfer massive public funds into the private hands of himself and his large circle of friends and associates.

    The only thing the oligarchs care about when it comes to "the people" is that they remain under control and don't start trying to create any kind of change that would make the looting of their population more difficult.

    I'm confident that within the next several years, the internet will have provided enough information to enough individuals all around the globe that mass non-compliance and a big enough group of people will regularly deny consent to the psychopaths...and they will lose all of their perceived power.

    The people have the power to stop the madness...we just have to wakeup and educate enough individuals to change the world.

  • Government...

    What is masquerading as government is a crime syndicate with a flag.

  • He is impossible to listen to anymore....

    He is a complete sell out to the MIC and the banksters.

  • Shameless Bump!

    and some humor :-)

  • Religion is a prison designed to look like a palace.

    Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and rationality.

    I get downvoted anytime I post articles about reason and rationality in relation to the scam of gods and religion but I keep holding out hope that slowly ever more people here on the DP will get over the religion hump.

    Most all of us USED to think government was good and we were actually spreading "freedom and democracy" around the globe. Why can so many people accept they have been lied to about government and (9/11, JFK, The Fed. etc.) but are unable to break away from the religions myths?

  • Be afraid...be very afraid...

    The sheeple must be sufficiently horrified to go along with sending troops back into Iraq..or into Syria...or into Ukraine...or Iran...or where ever the MIC decides is in such a horrible situation that they must be bombed...AND NOW!

    These beheadings don't pass my smell test. The 2 "reporters" may have indeed been killed, but they were most likely actual CIA agents or CIA "assets" that needed to be used up.

    However, I suspect neither one was actually killed. Its most likely a wag the dog or a kuwait babies taken out of incubators type of propaganda.

  • The Pope is the devil

    Religion is so fcuking stupid. Wake the fcuk up...