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September 11th - The Crime that Will End the Empire

I just happened across this blog over the weekend. I think the blogger is in Australia. This site is an excellent all-in-one source for anyone who believes the official government story about 9/11.

The truth about these events is neither comfortable nor palatable. However, until these atrocities are properly investigated, and the author’s of the crimes sanctioned the West will remain a doomed and wounded civilization being steered from one useless and futile war of choice to the next on the back of lies, manufactured threats and false flag terrorism.

The Western world has no chance to live in freedom until these lies are completely exposed. It’s that simple. Freedom for Westerners and the 911 lie cannot possibly co-exist. That’s to say nothing of the incipient Police State that is still being erected on the back of the fear and loathing generated by these events right across the Western world. Literally millions of human beings have faced sudden violent death in the Wars propagated on the back of these hideous and grotesque lies along with the thousands murdered in the event itself.

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Greek police use tear gas and stun guns to convince peasants that its historic recession has "officially" ended.

This Is How Greece Celebrates "Exiting" Its Historic Recession.

Greece - it would appear by this morning's GDP print - is now the engine of growth for Europe. Despite near-record unemployment, record suicides and poverty, and an increasing number of Greeks doing unpaid work (or in slavery), GDP rose at the fastest rate across the EU... However, it appears, judging by the protests across Athens today, the people did not get the message that the crisis is over... as police resort to tear gas and stun guns.

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The illegitimate US election ( lowest turnout since 1942)

In the week since the US midterm elections, more extensive figures on voter turnout have become available, revealing an immense level of popular disillusionment and outright hostility toward the Obama administration, the political establishment and both big-business parties.

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If the Republicans truly heard this message, we will see real and immediate actions to re-establish these sound principles

We were told by Obama that even though he was not on the ballot, his policies were. Yes, they were and the message of the election was loud and clear; America does not like the Marxist policies of the Obama regime. Even though the message was clear, the question is did the leaders of the Republican Party hear and understand the message. We already know Obama did not hear, did not understand, or chose to ignore the message.

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(Flashback) Helen Thomas pushes Dana Perino over the edge!

This is SO Orwellian to watch now that I know WTF is REALLY going on.

Dana Perino tells Helen that "it's an honor and a privilege to be in the briefing room" and "to SUGGEST that WE in the United States are killing innocent people is just absurd.."


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Michael Brown’s Parents to Speak at UN (That rates a hum...)

Why would an American be invited or feel compelled to meet with an international body like the United Nations based on an incident that happened in one of the United States?

FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) – The parents of Ferguson police shooting victim Michael Brown are headed to Switzerland next week to speak at a United Nations human rights conference.

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Rod Class DC Gun Case Exposes the War Powers Act of 1917

The Rod Class DC Gun Case, 1:13-cr-00253-RWR, took an unexpected turn the morning of November 6.

Former World Bank Lawyer Karen Hudes showed up at his hearing, along with a former FBI Agent, and several members of the AIB Radio Research Network.

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Never Charged, Prisoner Released after 13 Years in Guantánamo Prison

“Forever prisoner” Fawzi al Odah is finally going home.

Odah, one of the first detainees sent to Guantánamo Bay in 2001, was released Wednesday by the Obama administration after 13 years of being held without charge or trial.

Now 37 years old, Odah was captured in the months after the U.S. invaded Afghanistan in 2001. He was a teacher in Afghanistan and fled to Pakistan, where he was captured by bounty hunters and turned over to the U.S. military as a suspected member of al Qaeda, according to the Miami Herald.

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The United States has “ordered” Ali Abdullah Saleh, the ousted Yemeni dictator, to leave the Arab country by Friday

I'm SURE this is "to keep Americans safe" or because former USG puppet Ali Abdullah Saleh remaining in Yemen will "jeopardize US national security" but even so, it's getting very tiring watching as the USG keeps going around the world killing and threatening people.


The United States has “ordered” Ali Abdullah Saleh, the ousted Yemeni dictator, to leave the Arab country by Friday or face UN sanctions, a report says.