• Keep in the fight.

    Now that our Washington Caucus is one week behind us, our work is just starting. Exposing fraud, bringing challenges. When the country is in this big a mess, your job is only 1/4 done when you vote or go to caucus. Keep learning how the system works and go along side others to challenge legally according to the gop rules. You can have whole precincts thrown out when rules are broken. We are working hard. Don't ever give up, just give pushing forward! And don't spend too much time talking. Network with people that know how the system works who are Paul Supporters and rally behind them. I rarely comment. You guys, we have every chance to pull this off still. Find out who the most knowledgeable people are in your area and work with them.

    And don't EVER assume they are smarter or more powerful than you in the long run.

  • This is a war for American Minds, not a battle! $250

    I remain committed and see light ahead!

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