• There is a problem with all of the "status correction" angle

    The 14th amendment corporate person was born of fraud and warfare. It is clear that most do not even realize the corporate person is a legal entity they created to put you into regulatory applicable entity.

    So for one to have to go through the process to 'correct the status' is like asking for your property back from a criminal who robbed you. The entity was never valid to begin with. They committed fraud to make such a legal entity and it is slavery if one has to perform involuntary servitude to satisfy the criminals' requirements to exit a status that one never consented to creating in the first place.

    This is the part that really bugs me about the red amendment- it does not suggest remedy for the on-going crime and the criminals who carry out such crimes. This is why I am calling for justice. Those psychopaths in the 'courts', 'prosecutors', BAR, and 'law enforcement' should all be put on trial for their criminal racketeering and warfare against the people. These criminals should be removed from society for good for their on-going crimes. They are the single largest threat to safety and security of the people that exists but even the liberty movement seems hopelessly lost in their individual slavery that they have no idea that any of this exists thus are unaware of the criminal fraud being committed against them.

    It all seems obvious to me that these people are dangerous criminals that need to be brought to justice but most seem to think that we just need other people in congress to 'fix' things all while the people are so hopelessly lost that they don't know what is wrong so there is no way they can possibly know how to fix things.

    The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

  • Lie Lie Lie!


    The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

  • A 3 step plan

    1. Learn how to grow and use Cannabis

    2. Grow Cannabis

    3. Use it for whatever use the divine inspires you to use it for

    See? No permission from others necessary!

    Learn it, make it , use it!

    God already gave you permission by being alive. If no other man accuses you of actual injury then no other men have the authority to tell you how you can interact with nature.

    Wake up! No permission is required. It is criminals who seek to control you and if those criminals harm you then you have every right to bring them to justice.

    The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

  • The Feds have been growing medeical cannabis since the 80's

    for medical patience from a court ruling that REQUIRES the feds to grow medical cannabis for patients. They have been growing the cannabis at Ole Miss and serving patients for over 3 decades.

    The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

  • Step 1 - check for slave status

    "1. Entered immigration, NO armed officers, just the average immigration workers. I walked up to a friendly and smiling lady, she stamped my passport and waved me on."

    When are we not going to need papers to move around anymore?

    One quantified item as proof to the end of our slavery worldwide is to know we no longer need papers to move around because everyone is EQUAL and no one has the authority to control another man's movement.

    I don't trust any of you who are so blind to the fact that you blindly accept the need for papers and permission of others to move the planet. This is the slavery by consent mentality.

    Let the downvotes by the slaves begin...

    The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

  • I can't believe that Americans still don't see the big picture

    That 9-11 was a planned event for a much bigger planned agenda that was in the works since the days from the Iran Contra. I can't believe the people are so utterly in complete darkness of how the Iran Contra/Skull and Bones/Carlyle Group Boys were working on behalf of the globalist (CFR Trilateral Commission Rand Corp and others Bankster groups) to make all of this happen since the 1980s. The American people don't seem to have the attention span and multitasking capabilities that these globalist have which results in the people not having the intellectual capacity to see the bigger picture of who the players are and how they operate. It seems that Americans are simply too dumb to understand that evil criminals are taking America into intentional destruction for a much larger agenda. The loss of liberty is NOT an accidental byproduct of security measures. It is a planned descent of America into a global governance structure that America is being "transformed" into like Europe is being transformed into the EU. All of these things happening are being done by criminal men who have agenda for control of the whole new world. The US Declaration of Independence and US Constitution are the enemy of their plan.

    Their plan involves satisfying all logic necessary to have total information awareness of every aspect of human life coupled with full spectrum dominance over any point of existence on Earth where all commercial participation is subject to their permission and regulation as a "privilege". The logic of their system is why we have seen the rise of checkpoints in America. This is a conditioning phase for a much more controlled future, where any form of travel will be a "privilege". They will keep patiently nudging and nudging and nudging until people are trapped in a maze dictated by others.

    They want to disconnect people from nature which is why they have the Agenda 21. If they disconnect people from nature then they are less likely to survive on their own and less likely to venture into self sustainability. This means we can expect them to make venturing into national forests and other nature as first permitted activity and eventually prohibited illegal activity.

    Another key aspect of the control freaks agenda is the eventual removal of most of the living human population and strict control over human birth with birth being a licensed privilege. For removal and total mind control operations we can see the beginnings of this now with internment camps built and ready to go along with the legislation making it 'legal'. We can see the influence of their designed compartmentalization of our jails and the normalization of mass pharmaceutical drug use now in jails that enables compartmentalized processing of inmates to where even people in the system can not know exactly what happens to inmates during processing because of multiple parallel dormant avenues established but not yet implemented.

    Possibly the biggest aspect of all of their agenda is the centralization source of persons identification records. The Real ID act and other legislation is a cover for a deeper agenda with the processing, storage and retrieval of ID along with intelligence dossiers on everyone. The central pillar of their plan is to have not only everyone's ID and all records sourced from them but to have their networks be the backbone of court processing records software and the software databases that source all intelligence information for law enforcement networks. Their goal is to make it where the cops and courts have no idea what is reality and what is fiction because of the integrity of the information from their sources. They will let most things happen naturally but as more and more intel is fed into artificial intelligence algorithms designed to find subversives to their agenda they will have these database networks issue auto attacks against their adversaries with fictional records that the court and cops presume is correct information but it is just an automated entry.

    Another big part of their plan is stealing the US military from American political control. They have largely completed this task with UN security council and NATO. If America were to fully wake up then WWIII is the backup here with their agenda being to simply nuke all aspects of American military that is not loyal to their Agenda.

    There has been Armies of People who are funded and strategically placed in key stronghold positions of government since the reconstruction acts and these strategic positions are monitored and controlled very tightly in order to keep the agenda on track. There are literally millions of what can only be described as luciferian types that have exact processing schemes for controlling the key positions. One of the biggest and easiest place to see this is in our major Universities. Pretty much every student political club is formulated as an established procedure for the explicit purpose of being fed into the intelligence monitoring machine with pentagon operatives that are brought in for very explicit protocols to be carried out for guiding, mobilizing and finding the next gen of psychopaths or for subverting any legit political reform movement. There is a well funded machine in place that uses student activities fees to process the next round political scumbags from boys to criminal men and help pay for their floaters to be performing all of the other tasks that need to be done on command.

    For anyone who is actually paying attention the agenda is much more sinister. They are working to confuse an entire population into consenting for their own removal or slavery into a privileged personhood forever. This is their agenda and they will destroy America if need be to get their agenda. America is expendable to them because their agenda for control of the planet is the most important and if America wakes up then their plan is to essentially wipe America off the map if necessary in order to move forward through conquest instead of consent.

    From everything I have learned about their operations the only way I see out is for America to issue a US declaration of war on the prime operators and those who assist them. Without using the US military to take out the key operators and networks they will continue on to their destination of world domination. But it looks like they will win because I can't find more than a handful Americans who have the intellectual capacity to see what is happening and make rational choices about what to do about it.

    The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

  • Ridiculous how far we have come

    "In my previous post last year I explained that Utah (and now Oklahoma) legally recognize Gold and Silver U.S. Minted Coins as valid US Legal Tender and Money."

    ALL states are required by law to use ONLY gold and silver as tender. The tender issue proves their fraud prima facie.

    The ignorance and Constitutional breach of the US Constitutional tender laws blows my mind. Every 'government employee' is violating the tender issue every working minute of every working day by accepting an unlawful tender for the payment of Constitutional time.

    They can levy drug war on innocent people all while they are breaking the tender laws proving they are lawless people prima facie. I have no words to describe the total fail by all Americans on the tender issue. How can any 'judge' be a judge if they are breaking the law, any prosecutor or cop or any of them? How can they be recognized as anything but lawless criminals for their ongoing breach and extensive injury and parasitism they inflict with their unlawful tender sitting at the center of all of it?

    The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

  • Welcome to the pog and dony show

    Need time consumed and the vibe stifled so that your psychopathic agenda can slip through cracks with a fuzzy record of debate?

    Call code pink to bring a shit show on command and act like its all disruptive.

    Sh^t Show...

    It's better to get the record of their lies and fraud on the record unobstructed so that this can be used against in them in a court of law. They know that so they have their contacts bring out the code pink to wash it down the drain. This is manipulation of fools by scumbags with a purpose.

    The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

  • Jimi Hendrix

    When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.

    Jimi Hendrix

    The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

  • Treason requires two witnesses - I will be the second

    I will face these treasonous scumbags in court, look them right in the eye and make the accusation of treason and demand their justice be the death penalty.

    I will donate the rope, building materials and my labor to build the gallows for those criminal traitors.

    Let us spill the blood of these criminal tyrants so that our wilted tree of liberty may be replenished to thrive into the future.

    Let's DO IT!

    The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

  • Relax- if you are liberty lover we are allies

    If you think I am calling you names I apologize for any miscommunication. I am known to be fiery dragon. While I huff and puff over logical failures I am still a gentle dragon.

    My only recommendation here is to use the following maxims in your study of law:

    No law can violate any other law
    No one can violate the law to uphold the law

    This is the base logic I found after 4-5 years of historical law and legal research and then I went back over everything with this new discovery of maxims and found the actual structure of law itself. It has a very discrete structure of concentric sets of applicable domains where each subset is entered into only by consent and the superset is always applicable simultaneously with the set one is operating in at the time of any claimed breach by another.

    If you use these maxims and look to find how these truths are NEVER violated then you will be able to find how the whole of law fits together beyond all reasonable doubt. Once you find the structure then you find out it is We the People who lawfully have the most valid cause for action against the criminals operating under color of law claiming to be the 'government' which is my whole point here of asking the liberty movement why they are not pursuing justice.

    The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

  • Legal = Law for Fictions --- Self-evident truth

    Legal = Law for Fictions because of all common law, case law, Constitutional law, Treaties, contracts, trusts, etc.

    I have never seen a case that doesn't operate this way.

    Logically you know why this is self-evident truth though- there is one very specific reason that tips it over the edge into self-evident undeniable truth-

    The fiction of the Legal realm cannot bind man. Legal rules can be violated by natural men which means the legal is not real it is fictional. Man is bound to law because it is the truth of how everything actually operates. Law is not a rule it is reality. Legal rules are thought up inside of men's heads and agreed to and then later interpreted when valid cause is present to interpret and issue judgment is sought by a real man that holds applicable capacity to that fiction. The only way a man can enter into a fictional capacity is through consent. The only way a man can maintain inside of that fictional capacity is through integrity to operate within the agreed to bounds.

    If someone else tried to put a man into a fiction without that man's consent then they would be committing fraud, extortion and/or slavery i.e. a crime must be committed to put another into a legal fiction capacity. Can Walmart come to your house and apply employee handbook rules to you when you don't work at Walmart? It doesn't make any logical sense.

    This understanding is superior logic to 'legal crime' faulty 'logic'

    All case law I have ever reviewed is 100% consistent both ways: men in the fiction have the fiction's rules applied to them because consent was demonstrated AND cases nolle pros or dismissed who never had a man demonstrating consent to the fictional capacity/status.

    I have seen cases that have been nolle pros or dismissed because there was no case against a full liability man. One MIND BLOWING 'case' was a 'person' was charged with possession of cannabis but the man informed them that the corporate fiction did not exist and demanded his cannabis back in open court and in writing (even telling the judge and prosecutor in signed affidavit that he would charge them perjury of their oath and criminal fraud if they did not give hium his cannabis back) and he received a nolle pros (the judge said 'law enforcement' had an accidental mix up in the evidence room and destroyed the cannabis so he would have file civil suit to get damages for the loss). How does a person charged with possession of cannabis get a nolle pros after admitting in open court that the "officer stole his cannabis" and demand his cannabis back or he will charge the jhudge and prosecuting attorney? Because the man is not a fiction and they are charging a fiction thus there is no 'case'. I have this official case file from the court stamped and I have the man's original hand written notes and I witnessed 3 'judges' preside over the challenge with the first 'judge' being fired during the case and I witnessed a BAR operative sent directly from the Florida Supreme Court to tell the man "there is no answer here" trying to get the man to consent to personhood and then this BAR operative trying to start a fight with me inside the courthouse because his logic was destroyed. The nolle pros is why you won't find this in "case law". It is not a "case" therefore cannot be a "case law". This is the point you are missing so badly and what B3 already hinted at previously.

    I saw the Florida Asst State Attorney lose his mind in the 'courtroom' during that 'case' and begin yelling at the top of his lungs bursting out of the 'courtroom' into the hall yelling as he was pacing frantically up and down the halls of the 'courthouse' yelling "why are you [judge] not finding the defendant in contempt of court?"

    Oh yeah I have seen this and alot more. I had a friend have a felony case dismissed for DUI when challenged properly. Actually I know more than a dozen who have won on everything that has been thrown at them.

    Legal being the law for fictions is derived from observation of case law and dismissals/special appearances.

    "(Earlier this year you said you were not winning in court, but were impacting the system by way of teaching them your truths.)"

    I said no such thing. I have been winning on defense but I have had multiple obstructions of justice take place by those working in the 'courts' and 'law enforcement' when trying to be the accuser. I am conducting a criminal investigation of them and I have informed them directly face to face of this fact. I have informed the 'judges' in open court, I have informed the city PD pretty much all the way the chain, Sheriff's deputies, DA's office and the Grand Juror's office. I have had a meeting with a Grand Jury foreman, who as predicted beforehand is a pentagon placed operative put there to obstruct justice. He is out now but investigations reveal it is now a crony crapitalist sitting in the foreman's seat so I will be paying him a visit soon too to get more evidence of the on-going conspiracy on the record.

    If you think I am going to give you any cases whatsoever you have lost your mind. These cases of dismissals/nolle pros are like pots of gold that all of the psychopaths are trying get and consolidate. I have shared them with people I know across the country and they have shared them also. But to put them up for the psychopaths to purge from the record or add to their training would be stupid of me and you seeking these so badly and your intent to probe me hints at your likelihood of being an investigator looking for those evil "sovereign citizens". Not going to have the possibility of helping any psychopaths, dude.

    We need to maximize novelty for now so that they have no idea what is coming at them. We need to keep finding novelty and shape our novelty in such a way that if they rule against the logic then they will be destroying case law for business. They don't want that because they are sustained from there extortion of business and business requires consistent case law to function properly. When we align our arguments such that any choice they make will affect contract law consistency of business then we can logically put them in a position to dismiss or have other people come down on them in their own system for the blatant upheaval such a ruling can cause for business generally.

    So all in all the way you are asking me to prove legal = law of fiction through case law is kind of like asking to play a game of tennis with yourself with no tennis court, no ball and no tennis racket. Case law is only less than half of what is needed to understand the entire picture. The said part is that it is really simple to understand that it is the law for fiction because it has no application to REAL MEN. The real man can have liabilities of agreed to fictional capacities but the man is not the fiction because the man can leave that capacity for a time and come back to it or even enter into multiple simultaneous capacities at the same time.

    I have even prevailed in a business lawsuit against my company based on false claims of capacity during an incident of an employee not on the clock when the incident occurred, using this very same logic (fictional capacity when and where) all while I had 2 attorneys with 25 years of experience each who I had to hold their hand and correct their errors the whole way. My company won because I know and comprehend the fictional capacity structure. The attorneys were like lost little boys who thought they could fatten themselves up by playing dumb but what they didn't realize is that they are ACTUALLY DUMB. I kept them in line and had a dismissal. By the way, if I count that case it 7 out of 8 victories.

    The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

  • It is a criminal usurpation

    and those operating under color of law should be brought to justice as soon as the attempt to do this for both obstruction of justice and deprivation of rights under color of law, Those individuals should also be required to pay damages to their victim for any action that continues with no accuser.

    The prosecutors and judges who do this are criminals engaging in a conspiracy under such scenario and 3 of 3 branches have failed to maintain the law.

    The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

  • Do you know anything about business?

    Business is voluntary.

    Current and dominant interpretation throughout history is government is the ruler.

    Enlightened American law found the need for equality and the path for law to be a service not a weapon. Problem is you had a bunch of control freaks who wanted power as always and you had like always a predominantly unaware moronic society not paying attention to real law and not understanding how to progress in the face of the war being waged by the BAR. Hell most didn't and still don't know the BAR is the one's levying war on American law for their own power and control agenda of the European banksters.

    Modern Business demonstrates the lawful operation of a legal entity.

    Current 'government' demonstrates what NAZI style organized criminal authoritarianism is.

    The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

  • Not true

    ALL business operates this way. The structure of business, the contracts of business, the hierarchy of applicable law.

    The 'government' is the only exception amongst all other entities that operate EQUALLY. This is self-evident fact from empirical evidence of the bafoons thugs admitting on the record repeatedly of their own crimes. The ONE ENTITY that is the outlier exception IS THE ERROR AND SHOWS THEIR OWN CRIMES THROUGH ADMISSION. If they operated lawfully then there would be no need for them to operate any differently from any other entity and their error is usurping lawful power only comes from consent because of their corrupted desire for power over others. Their lawful position is one of impartiality, so seeking of power is the ones to watch. It is the very laws they have bound themselves to yet they ignore their own bounds in law, like you stated here that it is 'rhetoric'. Inconsistencies are required for their operations which means because law requires consistent non-conflicting logic to be valid they will violate the law to uphold the law, which is exactly the logical conclusion why they are the outlier exception from the whole; it is a criminal racket.

    I have 6 wins of 7 cases across three states bro.

    The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

  • Those things define the applicable entities

    If you get property through their personhood or registry of land with the State under proper Citizenship then the terms legally apply according to their applicable consented structure.

    If they applied these legal obligations to common men not under that established capacity or men under another governing entity other than the one making the claims would be color of law by the entity making the claim because no legal obligations had been generated or are provable. The elements present would depend on the facts of that individual case- the aware man who naturally feels possible threats of other men conducts a criminal investigation in the moment to get all elements of the crime i.e. upholding the law aka Columboing them

    This shows some of the resolution needed to know if all elements are present for applicable legal status.

    It's like if I worked for Walmart and was off duty and at home, Walmart's SOPs and employee rules have no application unless you are operating in that capacity.

    Legal status = man within a fiction
    Law Status = a full liability man

    A man not on or made avail for duty has no duty.
    To force an innocent man into duty and keep him in duty is slavery and is a crime so severe that on a jury I would recommend the death penalty for anyone who participated in any such transgressions another man. On the hand if someone were to demonstrate all elements for lawfully obligated duty then I would hold them to that duty as a jury member.

    The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

  • Its not about being wrong, it is about being different

    You are at the center of creation bro. If you can't understand that then we have no business talking until you have figured that out.

    My last point here-

    Your understanding of "legal"- rule made by the government controlling authority ... blah nightmare fear ... blah nightmare fear blah nightmare fear...

    MY understanding of "legal"- Law for fictions

    OK? I only see equality and impartiality for the entire logic of law to serve its function. Law is discovered from nature and people use it as they need it and other people determine if it is valid amongst peers who understand the process and required congruency of law. Logic is the dominant force and the nightmare want us to believe the big bad nightmare you present but that is the boogey man in the face of REAL law.

    I am not required to believe in an insanity where one does not know the difference between what is real and what is fiction. You have expressed what you claim is the logical possibility of a 'legal crime'. This is logically fallacious proven as follows
    legal - law for the fictional realm
    crime - requires mens rea thus mens = mind => requires man with mind
    man NOT fiction thus no crime in the legal realm. -logic bro...

    See? No more confusion. Legal = law domain of fictions

    Fictions are creation of man. Men contract-entrust-ordain establish etc, rules with more than one party and thus discover the strictly constructed law governing the fictional capacity that is expressed in all elements of a valid contract or elements required of the ordained entity. When the men step into the fictional capacity the legal law of that contractually-trust-will etc created fictional capacity is applicable to the man as duty; it is the veil around the man and the only way the man can stay inside the veil is to not breach the defined duty bound fictional veil. Legal is a law functional domain within the class hierarchal concentric inheritance of all logical domains of law. The only path in real law to get to legal is through the elements of common law entity/relation creation. For you to say this is not correct is irrelevant because as a grown ass man I will choose the most logical path that makes sense within the sum total of ALL information taken in to find my own conclusion of how things work.

    I am not bound to your conclusion and you are not bound to mine but the difference in what I am saying is kind of like Fibonacci introducing the Hindu-Arabic decimal numbering and math processing of these numbers into Europe. Europe had roman numerals predominately which was very hard to utilize in daily transactions. Fibonacci introduced the decimal numbering system and the efficiency of commerce exploded.

    I see a superior logic in law than what is generally understood now amongst the population, that was a discovery within nature and the only thing that will stop such a logic is criminal tyrants. This means that the very process of exercising law is exactly the process of discovery of criminals vs law abiding 'persons' in duty. The system is a self generating discovery machine because of their logic error in law that is all the same authoritarian nonsense that you blab about and that has held back humanity for most of history.

    I am not required to believe an inferior logic of 'violence and benefits' or 'legal crime' as lawfully valid when the real optimization actually exists in impartiality and equality and is dictated by pure logical processing. Psychopaths or archaic barbarism is not required or wanted here.

    Want to see where some real natural law starts? check this out:

    The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

  • Grow a spine- I am not belittling you

    I am trying to show you that your interpretation is that crime is legal. You already admitted that. Any human being that shall these two as simultaneously valid has failed to recognize the shortcomings of their position.

    If you are resolved it is legal crime that is immune from prosecution then that is what has been emitted into nature by you. This emission is consent via silence to the crimes. Such a position cannot come from the divine but only from observation of the nature of the crimes and acceptance to other men's thuggery that is before us. If your acts in nature do not come from the divine then you will not have the protections of divine law or any other law. When you silence yourself the true believers in the system cannot be awoken, they will never be our allies helping us and they will continue to believe their criminal racketeering is actually normal lawful behavior.

    "-It is absolutely possible for an act to be legal and have all the elements of a crime. Should it be?-No. Can it be?-YES."
    Is it the history of spineless men, criminal men, just men, what?
    It is the story of all of these battling it out for truth to prevail, an eternal never ending story waiting for the next pages to be written by those who choose to write them. If you think that the Constitution has integrated crime into it then you do not understand the scope and applicability of such document. It does not have the applicability to anyone other than those consented to enter and be bound by it's capacity, thus with all elements of valid contract present for those within capacity there are NO crimes within the law itself. The Constitution has no application to the people nor does it claim to because if attempted to then there would be crime in the document and would never have had the divine blessing necessary to become law. They are currently using the natural law to control the minds of others. This is a logical possibility in nature and when considering such a fact we can observe the nature of the human being and nullify or even reprogram the human operation but only IF we are actually willing to learn how to do it and then actually do it.

    "-I think your legal position is WRONG, ERRANT, INVALID. I think you don't understand the nature of government and its relationship to the people it RULES, SHEERS, and SACRIFICES."
    You are wrong it is criminals who rule, sheers and sacrifice. You keep confusing criminals with government. I think their programming has worked well upon your mind. Your entire mind appears to have been written to conform to and justify their fraud. This is not belittling this an attempt to show you how their programming works- you call these particular criminals government all in logical fallacy.

    Sitting here and acknowledging crime as legal is insanity if you seek liberty. If you have accepted the slavery to criminals then just admit it and let the divine issue all forms of tyranny that such a position deserves. Let the supreme judge of the world hear such case and judge according to those who bear witness.

    All of this type of positioning coming from the liberty movement is proving to me that the liberty movement not only allows slavery but DEMANDS slavery. Such a position proves that the real vector law abiding men should be seeking is to have divine providence removed so that all the deserving tribulations can come to a people that demand to be ruled by criminals through acquiescence and confusion. The self enslavement to criminals by Americans is intolerable. The contradictions, lies and fraud by the people themselves show me that IF this continues the divine's judgment will not be favorable once divine providence is lost. If such positioning continues by the masses then it is clear America is doomed and rightfully so for trading real law and justice for rule by criminals.

    It is clear that Americans are paralyzed with the fear of the fact that they might actually have to get tough with some criminals to bring proper justice. You can justify your slavery however you please and accept the errors of the past as facts for the future and sideline yourself but my final position is may the chains rest lightly upon thy wrists.

    I cleanse my hands of this. There is no way to free a man from the bondage that he demands. You sir, are the only one who is belittling you and it is sad you cannot see that.

    The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

  • canacannacronycrapitalism


    The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

  • If it's 'legal' then its not a crime

    I think you are really missing my point in all of this.

    The crime is enabled to continue by the People NOT calling it crime and seeking proper justice for those crimes but instead call it legal and simply seek to battle over the control of who can commit what crimes. If we know it is crime and can show all elements of the crime then it IS crime it IS NOT legal, lawful, constitutional, chartered government of incredible power, of the People or anything good. It is crime.

    To even call it legal is ignoring the real fact that it is crime and you calling it legal thereby choosing the reality you wish to project. Projecting a false reality only continues the confusions. When the new information comes to light not bringing justice is misprision of the crime. If we are to live within protections of divine law WE must bring justice. You are telling me to do it and clearly me doing it alone is only having minimal gains and can destroy my life which it may do which is the whole reason of me challenging the liberty movement on the issue of justice.

    "Either way, there is no legal mechanism to hold these purveyors of legalized harm accountable, and there should be."

    The Grand Jury is the answer. It IS there RIGHT NOW. You obfuscate the issue with misinformation here. They may TRY to claim a monopoly on access to the Grand Jury but that does not mean that they WILL CONTINUE to obstruct justice once pursued because if they do they will go down for their felony acts and they know it but only if We the People are there making the accusations.

    I can tell you right now that from my experiences operating alone that there is no doubt in my mind that we WILL access the Grand Juries and we will bring them down but ONLY if we actually formally do it and bring the entire process into the spotlight. It needs to be big asymmetric and each focused on the elements. If you think one man can make a as big a stink about the whole thing as a an entire Ron Paul revolution style organized organic asymmetric effort then you sir are not paying attention. That is why I make a distinction between we and just me.

    I have been involved with all levels of political activism including organizing over 10 thousand people into a broad umbrella political group that got the men in black on me for it's effectiveness in raising awareness. But I can tell you right now I am making way more progress in courts than I ever made in political activism. The reason is that there are true believers in the courts who only confused, not evil. This means as I reveal the truth and have them reveal their own confusion the criminals are revealed to the true believers and a split begins to occur. The split can fade away if there is not enough criminality revealing going on but if the liberty movement generally was there then the wedge between the true believers and criminals can be revealed very quickly and can be sustained. Once that happens we now have insiders who will help us in our investigations because they see it as their duty. This is the natural law protections that occur from following the divine inspiration delivered to us when upholding the law. The divine shapes nature but nature will only shape favorably for us if our intent is pure, our reasons just and most importantly if we follow every divine inspiration delivered to us. In real law the answer is already there all the way to liberty but if our only spoken position emitted into nature is that the criminals are "the legal system" that can legally initiate harm with "immunity" then we are removing the logical possibility of them being criminal in nature.

    This is exactly why it appears that the liberty movement generally abhors justice. Most are not willing to call it crime because if they only acknowledge the current situation as crime then they are responsible for bringing justice and it appears everyone is too pussy and too comfortable in their current slavery to bring the justice.

    It's kinda like a scam artist making his way into your life to rob and kill you. He makes all of these claims and you acknowledge the sense and reasoning and eventually call him your business associate but at some point the truth becomes apparent that something is not right and then you actually hear him plotting your murder so you have all the facts beyond all reasonable doubt that he is a criminal. Are you going to keep calling this man your business associate or end that forever and seek to bring the guy to justice before he kills you?

    I am just trying to be real here but it seems you wish to intentionally keep the cognitive dissonance implanted as both being simultaneously valid when the system being legal and criminals simultaneously are logically mutually exclusive by the nature of the terms.

    The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...