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Proof! The Man is not the Person- Criminals who overthrew the Government have defrauded a man out of his right to due process

When Judge James Hankinson called for Terry Trussell's hearing to begin, Terry stood up and announced he was prepared to speak on the matter. Judge Hankinson then addressed him directly asking if he was Terry George Trussell and shortly after Terry began his reply, stating, "I am a living, breathing,...", Judge Hankinson interrupted his response and once again asked for Terry to appear.

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The role play PHREEDOM vs. BillRow

Role play for a 'police officer' entering my life.

BillRow is the 'police officer'
PHREEDOM is a man

IF BillRow wants more resolution then he can pick the state but must choose in the first comment by placing the State in question in brackets [STATE NAME].


All comments are only quotes that are actually said by each of the role.

Billrow will initiate contact and proceed with whatever 'reasoning' he chooses that is a fair representation of what 'police' do now in their official procedures.

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Challenge to the Liberty Movement - Where does the Constitution authorize Congress to apply law to People?

My claim is that the Constitution does NOT authorize the US Congress to apply ANY legislative code to the People.

I also claim that the Constitution has specific prohibitions to such claims in the Bill of Rights especially with the 9th amendment.

I challenge anyone out there to enumerate exactly where the Constitution authorizes Congress to make law applicable to the People.

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The enemy strategizing- CFR's "Pitchfork Politics" link and audio

Populists give voice to such resentment with a repertoire of strikingly similar slogans and tropes.

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citizen of the United States = slave to 'government' tyrants OR just criminal fraud?

The 'court' has explained to me that the State has "the right to protect its citizens". If the State claims citizen as "its" property and one born here is required to be a citizen of the United States then doesn't this mean the 14th amendment of the US Constitution violates the 13th amendment of the US Constitution prima facie?

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Why does the liberty movement abhor justice?

Why is that the Liberty movement seems to abhor equal justice for the criminal bureaucrats?

The criminals claiming to be 'government' have destroyed countless individuals and families across the country with their drug war and unequal application of law upon the population. Nearly all criminal actions in America have no accuser who invoked the agency of government to perform on their behalf which violates our most supreme law; Governments derive their just (lawful) powers from consent of the governed.

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What is The Law? link and comments

Legal refers to the body of statute and statutory construction within that body. Statutes apply only to those things which are TAXABLE under the jurisdiction of the entity wherein a statutory legal process is commenced. The only entities taxable by a government are those which IT GRANTS a special PRIVILEGE, TITLE, BENEFIT, or LICENSE to. LICENSES are special permissions that abrogate the common law and make legal what would otherwise be unlawful under a specific set of terms (whether for a fee, a fee and policies to be adhered to, or otherwise).


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How to get rid of hiccups with 100% success rate. You've probably never heard this one before.

Just had an itch to share something I learned on my own a long time ago about how to get rid of hiccups.

Probably around 1997 or so I learned through my own intuition exactly how to get rid of hiccups within 1 minute if done correctly. Not sure how to say I figured this out other than intuition.

For some reason during an episode of severe hiccups lasting more than half hour or so and desperate to get rid of them I realized that hiccups is somehow related to heart rate. The key to getting rid of hiccups is to consciously lower your heart rate.

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What do we agree on?

I have noticed the back and forth on many issues here on DP dealing with many of the deeper and more decisive issues that people here take a position on. I had an idea while reading Nystrom's post addressing these discussions in his "Everyone sees what they want to see"

I thought maybe it would be a good idea to attempt to find out what we do agree on. The idea here is this:

I, and hopefully you, will attempt to state seemingly simple self-evident "truth" that is singular in its scope in the comment section to find out what we do agree on.

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More criminal Bureaucrats who will not leave good people alone

Modern Day Thoreau Targeted by North Carolina Bureaucrats

Eustace Conway created his own reality deep in the woods of western North Carolina building an entire homestead in a manner reminiscent of Americas early pioneers. All facilities on his property were built from the forest he calls home. His work is impressive and his property is now a school to teach that teaches others about living the older natural way.

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Great Video Describing Globalist Agenda

I wanted share a video I just stumbled upon that is really worth checking out if you haven't seen this. This video breaks down the overall global banking agenda in one of the best ways I have seen yet.


Watch for yourself. This is a very concise and effective delivery of what is unfolding before us with the global banking establishment and government control apparatus from someone who claims to have had very candid exposure to the globalist minds of Havard.