• 4) He acted as John Boehner's lawyer

    Cruz is not a friend of liberty

  • A Better Question

    Preface by saying, "we know that the US govt provided weapons and training to the Syrian/Libian rebel groups before they became ISIS."

    Then ask:

    "Do you think our government continues to support ISIS today?"

  • Freedom of Association

    If you are forced to associate with others, whether in business or socially, you are not free.

    Freedom includes freedom of association. If the right to refuse association is considered discrimination, then discrimination is a natural right, and a necessary part of a free and civilized society.

  • Beeman is correct

    Fat is not the cause of the current obesity epidemic. Do some research on the paleo-diet, ketogenic diet, and the work of Dr. Weston A Price.

    Most fats are healthy, except for grain oils which can cause soft-tissue inflammation and leads to atherosclerosis. It is a carb-rich diet (especially one high in refined sugar) paired with sedentary lifestyle that is the primary cause of obesity, metabolic-disorder, high-triglyceride levels, type-II diabetes, and heart-disease.

    My personal experience is that a high-fat, low-carb diet has been more beneficial to my health than anything else I have ever tried. I'm leaner, have more energy, and require less exercise to maintain muscle-mass. More importantly, I have virtually eliminated the chest-pains and high-blood pressure I was experiencing when I was on a low-salt, low-cholesterol, low-fat diet.

  • Total Scam

    Rand hasn't announced that he is running (even if it seems certain). Save your bucks to support the candidate when the time comes.

  • The Best Way To Stop ISIS

    The Best Way To Stop ISIS is to stop the US politicians who are illegally providing terrorists with money and weapons.

  • Common Link in Every Mass Shooting

    There is one common link in every single school shooting, the active shooter was taking selective seratonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs).

    Most SSRI drugs already carry a black-box warning for "suicidal ideation". But many want that expanded to include "homicidal tendencies", due to the mounting evidence.

    We've had guns for hundreds of years, but school shootings didn't start until children were prescribed SSRIs on a large scale.

  • I Call For McCain's Resignation

    For his open support of active terrorist groups in Syria.

  • Benghazi

    This takes the emphasis off of Benghazi (gun-running to terrorist organizations), which can take down members of both parties. It's a win/win for Dem/Rep establishment because it shifts the focus to something which does not implicate Hillary, McCain, and Graham.

    Unlike Benghazi, this "scandal" has no legs, it was invented to keep Hillary alive in politics.

  • Glucose Metabolism Feeds Cancer

    Do some research on the ketogenic diet (aka high-fat, low-carb) and you'll have a better understanding of what is happening here. Any activity that depletes the body's glucose stores will be detrimental to cancer cells. In short, cancer depends upon high blood-sugar levels.

    I would love to see a study on the survival rate of cancer patients under ketosis compared with those who use chemo-therapy. I would wager that the ketosis groups thrive by comparison.

  • Please Provide Examples


  • They Would Never Accept It

    The purpose of perpetual-war is not merely profit, but the continuous destruction of liberty at home.

  • Typical Shill Caller

    These radio shows habitually employ shill callers. It means that Savage is trying to appeal to libertarians. Like Rush, he wants you to listen to his show so that he can get inside your head and twist you toward the neo-con perspective.

    It takes years of listening, over which time his position will slowly change, and you won't even realize that you are also being changed. I used to listen to Rush from my late teens to late 20s, but woke-up to the scam following the 2008 election.

    Do not trust these radio frauds, not even for a second.

  • Don't Give Savage any Credit

    It's a mistake to think he will change. Agree only with the principle, but realize that the messenger is a habitual liar.

  • The Term is "Shill Caller"

    It is a common practice on these radio shows to use a shill to make the host look better to a specific demographic. He and Rush have both been using shill-callers apparently to appeal to libertarians. Don't believe anything this guy says. If you take the bait and start listening, he will feed you lies.

  • Don't Be Fooled

    Rush has been doing the same, but none of the propaganda spokesmen can be trusted. They only want you to listen to their shows so that they can manipulate your mind. Don't listen to them, stick with independent sources on the free media (internet).

  • This Certainly Means

    This certainly means that the Judge has knowingly released pedophiles into the community. (how else could she reach such a conclusion?)

    Therefore, the Judge is the one who has endangered every single child in the community, and should be similarly fined/imprisoned for each infraction (multiply by thousands of children).

  • It's Not Personal

    Cruz and Lee are neo-libertarians. Palin apparently will not support true liberty lovers like Paul, Massie, and Amash.

    I no longer have to guess, Palin is clearly not the real thing.

  • Extend the Idea

    Extend the idea to include citizen's arrest of any public official who violates their oath of office.

  • I Know Because of the Evidence

    Cruz's wife is a VP at Goldman Sachs, and Cruz was formerly an attorney for John Boehner. Cruz has always worked for the establishment, ergo he is no friend of liberty.