• It's originally from the German Heinrich Böll (1963)

    This version is different from the original version written by the German Nobel-prize winner Heinrich Böll in 1963, but basically tells the same story.
    Almost every student in Germany should have read his famous "Anecdote concerning the Lowering of Productivity".
    Info from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anekdote_zur_Senkung_der_Arbeit...
    Most get this interpretation: Böll is asking here "Live to work - or work to make a living?"

    H. Böll died in 1985 and is considered a left leaning intellectual. The established "Heinrich-Böll-Foundation" is closely related to the Green Party.

    Greetings from Germany

  • Exactly, check their oil fund

    Right now, more than $100k per citizen in their oil fund.
    They did sth. all the other european nations failed to do: They build up savings! Well, mainly to finance the high social costs in the future. The fund invests only abroad and follows ethical guidelines.
    Wikipedia may not be the best source of information these days, but check the link for yourself.


  • You're right

    You're right with the dangers from the medical industry complex. Listen, there's a german doctor born in my neighbourhood who is fighting cancer for decades. His name is Dr.Matthias Rath. Do you know him? He said it's time for a new Martin Luther raising down the pharma-complex Check for further info: http://www4.dr-rath-foundation.org/
    MSM is usually attacking him, not a bad sign. What do you think?
    Sorry, I can't give her phone number to you. She would not welcome it and I respect that.
    Yours McSurfy

  • Germany is calling an 60+ US citizen!

    This is my very first post here so please be gentle...oh wait... I already know all of you are!
    I'm from Germany where less then 2% could tell you who Ron Paul is and even less what he's standing for.
    To support him I emailed the only US citizen I know personally. She grew up in Germany and married an US soldier (now veteran). She's from California aged 60up and going for Obama. I got her on the phone today. She said:"You're young. Come into my age and you'll see it the way I do." "Never in a 1000 years" I thought but replied:"I do still hope it's ending the other way round." I will send her some emails with more info. She takes me serious and enjoys(!) the talk. The retired ones are open minded for conversation, it's only up to your skills to get them on the right side. It takes definetly more time to convert the 50+ but they're usually neither deaf nor ignorant. I'll try my best for another RP-vote in June from the sunshine state. Ron Paul as president would be a blessing not only for USA but for the whole world, sth. most europeans should be aware of. How could they with the lack of reports in the MSM?

    Yours McSurfy
    supporter of Ron Paul and