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no future without roots

Natal : Relating to birth

Native: Belonging to by birth

Naive: Acting as one born yesterday; artless

Naiveté: Quality of being childishly simple

Nature : The essence of a person or a thing

Natural: Relating to nature

Nativity : The process of being born; a coming into the world

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"Illegal Immigration is Killing the Environment" -Californians for Population Stabilization

Earth Day: Illegal Immigration Is Killing The Environment, Says Group

"Between 2000 and 2010, native-born Californians had fewer children and a giant chunk of the middle class fled the state, but California's population still grew by 3,390,000.

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Win the War on Terror Without a Single Dead Soldier

Win The War on Terror Without a Single Dead Soldier
"...Iran is a vibrant, ethnically diverse melting-pot of Kurds, Turks, Azeris, and Arabs...owes its Islamic heritage to a wave of immigration from Arabia...
...urge the President to build upon this multicultural heritage and declare Iran a "Nation of Immigrants."

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Who cares?


Who cares?

Who is concerned if you smoke a bit of dank?

Who is concerned if you have an abortion in a sterile clinic?

Who is concerned if you enjoy the occasional surprise buttseks?

Who is concerned if you plant your own veggies?

Who cares if you drill your own well?

Who does it harm to be a bit abbie normal?


Who fucking cares?


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Theatricality and Deception are Powerful Tools

"Theatricality and deception are powerful agents to the uninitiated..."
-Bane, The Dark Knight Rises, 2012

“Today, the real value of the minimum wage has fallen by nearly one-third since its peak in 1968.” - White House website

"Why were wages so high until 1968? Because that’s when Teddy Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act kicked in, bringing in about a million immigrants a year, almost 90 percent of them unskilled workers from the Third World.

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Brother for Sister Volunteers: Ensuring Women's Safety

Brother for Sister volunteers: Ensuring women's safety

The Brother for Sister movement that has recently sprung up in Russia consists of young men who walk young ladies safely home after dark, completely free of charge or obligation. They see them safe to their front door, and that's it—no courting and no romancing.

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The Real Yule Story, The Northern Shaman

"If you forget the very roots of belief...if you forget the Earth and its laws...you are lost."

BBC radio play, c., 1970's


Honor no gods but those of your own Folk, for alien gods destroy you.

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Hans-Hermann Hoppe in 10 Great Quotes

Hans-Hermann Hoppe in 10 Great Quotes
by Eric Field, June 28, 2013
hoppe 2

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Europe's Last Pagans

Posted in Religion, because it is religion, but for entertainment and enlightenment. It's RT, so take it how you like it. ;)

In ancient times, people of most ethnic groups used to pray like the Mari El pagans do to this day. These people are so loyal to their gods that their belief survived both the Christian expansion and the ban on all religions during Soviet times. Their ceremonies resemble scenes from Hogwarts, but their religious leader looks nothing like Alan Rickman. Meet Europe's last pagans on RTDoc. Source: RTД


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Vitter Introduces “No Washington Exemption from Obamacare” to CR

I've been following Senator David Vitter [R-LA] on Facebook for a while.
He's not perfect, having shown flaws of personal character, leading me to worry at one time that he may just be another corrupt good ole boy. But overall I've been fairly impressed by his record of political conservatism. He's no libertarian, but not scared to stand up to some of the more "progressive" Republicans.

Vitter Introduces “No Washington Exemption from Obamacare” to CR

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"Get Outta My Way" The Dirt Daubers

...just a distraction.

Official video for The Dirt Daubers' single, "Get Outta My Way." Directed by Joshua Black Wilkins.
Featuring Danielle Colby Cushman and the Burlesque Le'Moustache troupe.
Filmed in Nashville, TN.
For more information, visit http://www.thedirtdaubers.net/.


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Christians under siege

"In Egypt churches are being burned again. This happens there from time to time when there is a national crisis or when a member of the Coptic minority is in a dispute with someone from the Muslim majority. Why? Because being a “true” Arab means being Muslim...

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'Islamization of Europe a Good Thing'

"As concerns grow over the increasing number of Muslims in Europe, it appears not everyone is bothered by the issue, including an Israeli rabbi who even welcomes the phenomenon...

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A Libertarian Case against Mass-Immigration

A Libertarian Case Against Mass Immigration
Keir Martland

“Forced integration is a means of breaking up all intermediate social institutions and hierarchies (in between the state and the individual) such as family, clan, tribe, community, and church and their internal layers and ranks of authority. In so doing the individual is isolated (atomized) and its power of resistance vis-à-vis the state weakened.”7