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Investing into Hemp

I think hemp is going to be a huge industry.

Where can I invest? That is my question.

I want to support a market to grow. Commodity or company shares.

Can we share this information?

We could even validate the reputation of business to avoid bogus investments.

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Thoughts on Ben Carson?

I don't know if anyone has posted this yet and I have no idea about Ben Carson's background - however.



Also I don't view this 'blaze' website, I got linked this.

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Taxes simplified

I think that myself and others need to be educated on what the tax system is in a very simple manner. I'm hoping someone has a video already for this.

This information should explain what taxes are allowed under the American constitution and only those taxes.

Then go on to explain how they are implemented.

Then explain what taxes are not under the constitution. Explain why they are illegal.

Getting that education out there rather than just saying "I don't want my income taxed" is be useful to educate a lot of people. Does anyone have anything I can use?

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Daily Paul redesign concept

Hi everyone,

I've put together a quick concept of what I think the Daily Paul website could look like if it had an updated look.

I'm hoping the moderators take a look

I've also redesigned the header (in code, no image so it loads quicker and looks crisper).

anyway let me know what you think can be done to improve it



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The problem with conspiracies

Ok before I start.

This article below is for advice. If you don't like what you read don't use it. I'm not telling you what to do - you're free to do as you like and you should know that already. I mention this for the commenters who just don't seem to get it. I hope I have made this clear enough for everyone to understand and I figure most intelligent people will. I'm not asking for your opinion as to whether you agree with me or not - keep it to yourself, I just don't care.

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To the booers and the dismayed

When you're angry, be cool instead.
When you're booing, be quiet instead.
When you're dismayed, network and get organized instead.
When you want to show hate, show love instead.

Be smarter.

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Let's make it a little more clear

A lot of you folk may not get it so I'm going to explain it a different way.

Ron Paul is using a delegate strategy.

He doesn't require the media or to run in the straw polls. He's stopped campaigning in those states because there is no point - he has a delegate strategy 

He requires dedicated citizens to become delegates for him. 

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Wall posters of Ron Paul

Where can I get great wall posters of Ron Paul combind with his best quotes?

I'm not going to wait around for history to catch up in order to stick some up, I want to start already. Right next to the other greats.

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Argument for freedom vs power

When you think about it.

When you vote for Romney or Obama you're asking for "power over others". You're asking for government to control other people including yourself.

When you vote for Ron Paul you're voting for freedom for you and you're fellow citizen. You're voting for government to protect your freedom and not have power over the people.

It's a simple choice. Rule over another like a tyrant. Or help protect their freedom. What kind of person are you?

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Media explained USE THIS!

I see a lot of reports of the evils of the media on this site and as a person who has studied marketing, media and so on I'd like to share an opinion of mine that will hopefully turn perception to a more positive outcome for Ron Paul.

You know the term "there's no so thing as a free lunch"?

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Ron Paul Crowds! See them all in one place!

I'm building a website that will hopefully show a timeline in photos (1-3 photos for each post) of each Ron Paul rally.

The goal is to demonstrate to the world how popular Ron Paul is by showing how many people go to his rallies. At the majority of his rallies it's a full house and the crowds are huge - people need to see this.

The website I've started is just a tumblr page.


I'm hoping to add twitter & Facebook links to the page theme and a decent title photo. Any advice given will be respected and probably used.

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Donations outside of the US

I live in Australia, I'm not an American and I can't vote but I do believe in the message Ron Paul promotes and I would like to donate directly to his campaign.