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  • If Rand Paul is a warmonger

    If Rand Paul is a warmonger then Elton John is a heterosexual.

    "I believe that when we must go to war, we must have a Congressional declaration of war as the Constitution mandates"

    "The Founding Fathers understood the seriousness of war and thus included in our Constitution a provision stating that only Congress can declare war."

    "He may involve those forces in military conflict only when authorized by Congress or in response to an imminent threat."

    ~ http://www.paul.senate.gov/?p=issue&id=14

    ... And since none of these wars we're involved in are authorized by congress, this is great news.

    It must be easy to walk around with a stick up your butt and be pessimistic about everything, but honestly Rand is the best chance we have at making change anytime SOON. Name another potential presidential candidate who even comes close to him, I'll wait.

  • So you don't like him because

    So you don't like him because he will impose sanctions?


    He wants to end the wars and bring all the troops home. I'd happily tolerate sanctions in exchange for that.

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  • Thx that was a great speech

    but I'm not married

  • Beat me to it. Well played

    Beat me to it. Well played sir, well played

  • FYI it's a joke, it's not

    FYI it's a joke, it's not real for those thinking it is... But it's still hilarious.

    That's actually Hungary, someone took video from the Hungarian news, and then threw some random north korean commentary on top of it.

  • It seems the citizens of New

    It seems the citizens of New York just got...


    ( •_•)>⌐■-■


    Sweet justice.

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  • Did y'all watch the entire segment?

    Towards the end (paraphrasing):

    "I see a lot of common ground where libertarian republicans and progressive democrats can work together against a government that has encroached too far upon our liberties"

    ... Awesome

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  • No consequence my ass

    No consequence my ass. Many liberals are questioning their chosen one now, just check the comments and reactions. Many people who simply didn't care or were unaware are now talking about drone strikes.

    He's the only one who has the balls to challenge Obama's constitutional power grab. Maybe you're ok with letting Eric Holder claim power to assassinate American citizens on American soil but im not. I'm glad he stood up, and I'm glad he brought attention to the issue.

    It must be easy being a pessimistic keyboard commando but lighten up, get off your high horse, and give credit where credit is due.

  • No but its called giving

    No but its called giving credit where credit is due. Rand just woke a lot of people up and scored a win for the liberty movement.

  • I bet that haterade tastes

    I bet that haterade tastes pretty bitter

  • Just to make it clear, Rand

    Just to make it clear, Rand does NOT have to be doing this. He could simply raise his hand to object and remain silent to filibuster. Instead he's using this opportunity to spread a message.

  • The liberals on huff post are

    The liberals on huff post are actually liking this, I see a lot of:

    "I dislike Rand but I agree with him on this issue"
    "Rand is a nut but this has surprised me"
    "His filibustering is actually admirable"

    Look at Rand, taking after his father and getting people on both sides to agree that we need to stand together against our authoritarian government.

  • That's not a bad idea,

    That's not a bad idea, breaking up the states. I'd support a national army, but for everything else the states should be sovereign. That would immediately solve our police-state/authoritarianism problem. Of course it just might be one of those things that sound good in theory but won't work in reality.

    And no I'm not an anarchist but I am definitely for decentralizing government. Your quote made me think, thanks for sharing.

  • Cool story bro

    Cool story bro

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  • Stop attacking our own

    1) He said he would endorse whoever the republican nominee before he became senator. So he kept his word, that was expected.

    2) I can understand your frustration with his support of Israel, but at least he's honest and open about it. He views Israel as our ally? Oh well. There's far worse "dirty little bastards" in congress. Plus, he's stated on record that he wants to cut foreign aid to Israel so at least give some credit where credit is due.

    I'm still voting for Rand if he gets nominated (which he most likely won't as TPTB will prevent that). His stance on drones, wars, foreign aid, federal spending, tsa, the patriot act, ndaa, etc etc etc etc etc are more than enough to get my vote.

    And if Rand doesn't get nominated, guess what we'll have? Another authoritarian president, guaranteed.