• You're welcome. Definitely my

    You're welcome. Definitely my favorite Ron Paul quote about foreign policy. It's pretty much inarguable.

  • If you're being driven away

    If you're being driven away from a website you love by a person you don't agree with, you don't belong on a forum.

  • These posts are so stupid.

    These posts are so stupid. Leave then, why are you even posting if you don't think people will read it?

    So you see the movement dividing and you want to leave? Couldn't this be the biggest threat to our movement so far? I think so, and you want to leave? What about giving your opinion and helping? What about coming to an agreement as some did by voting for Gary Johnson when Paul didn't get the nomination?

    We either decide to find common ground, and advance liberty. Or we can continue playing BS games with stupid polls, posts like these, and thinking to far ahead when we need too focus on ISSUES NOT POLITICIANS!

  • Jesse & 2016

    I'm from Minnesota and I remember when Jesse was governor. He wasn't bad at all (turned a deficit into a surplus and then paid the people back), but he was definitely controversial (much LESS then he is now) and I don't think there was a second term possible due to how the media bashed him.

    If you look at some of the things he's saying now and some of the stuff he has said on his show, there's no way in hell that anyone that hasn't "woken" up could take him seriously and vote for him for POTUS.

    I'm not saying I don't like him or that just because a candidate doesn't have a shot in hell you shouldn't vote for him, but this is like asking for failure. It's very clear he will not relate to the American people without coming across like too aggressive / crazy.

    Again, not something I believe myself, but if you look at someone like Ron Paul, who is humble and full of knowledge, Jesse comes across completely the opposite: an extreme bad-ass biker version if you will. I definitely believe there is room for people like him for the movement, but definitely not the figure-head. He comes across as an Alex Jones wake-up the people type of character.

    In the end, why are we trying to determine who our leader will be for 2016? I understand time is precious, but why are we the ones doing the searching? It's clear we've established a base and I'd say it's time for the leader to come to us. Let the actions of those who are in our minds determine who we will pick for our next figure-head. We shouldn't be struggling so hard, trying to divide what we have between petty arguments like this.

    Moving forward - we all know there is a chance for liberty once again in 2016, but for now let's focus on the issues more then the politicians.

  • Almost 7,000! Let's get

    Almost 7,000! Let's get there.

  • Man he really looks like

    Man he really looks like Bruce Campbell in this picture.

  • Wow 4000 in just two days?

    Wow 4000 in just two days? Awesome job guys.

    Mods - please front page this. This is the perfect way to show the American public that the White House is afraid to answer these questions.

  • At least they would look

    At least they would look foolish, they set their own rules requiring 25,000 and we deliver. If they don't answer it makes them look bad, let's expose them for the frauds they are.

  • BUMP! Almost to 3000, spread

    BUMP! Almost to 3000, spread this where ever you can, these petitions are spreading like wildfire, plus this would be hilarious if the White House even tried to answer even one of these questions!

  • Wow this only had a couple

    Wow this only had a couple hundred signatures this morning and now it's around 2k! Keep up the work guys!

  • Ah, it would be quite

    Ah, it would be quite hilarious to see them respond to all of those questions, I'm pretty sure they would refuse to answer more then 75% of them.

  • Just curious but what

    Just curious but what actually happens when it gets to 25,000 on any of these petitions? They'll look at it and throw it in the trash?

  • I really don't like this

    I really don't like this list, a lot of these candidates are NOT Ron Paul republicans, Peggy Scott from MN voted against Legalizing Medical Marijuana, and voted for stimulus. I can't stand how Ron Paul's name is thrown around so easily with these endorsements. A shame.

  • Great information and

    Great information and backstory about Rehberg (Love the boating story)

    Here's another article about Paul endorsing Rehberg.


    It seems to me that LIberty PAC is publicizing Paul's endorsements, I haven't seen much proof coming from Ron Paul himself, but I feel like his name is just being thrown around. A lot of the candidates he endorsed do not follow to our expectations, and it would seem since Ron Paul isn't endorsing Romney that you would expect him to treat similar politicians the same way.

  • I agree, we shouldn't take

    I agree, we shouldn't take endorsements as a sure sign to vote for someone, look up their record. This guy clearly isn't a liberty candidate and I have no idea why Ron Paul endorsed him other then that he voted for Audit the Fed.

  • Self-Bump


  • Hunter's response: "“Simply

    Hunter's response:

    "“Simply asking questions” is no defense for the permanent handicap on the liberty movement such a group will always represent, anymore than the Westboro Baptist Church could pretend its past behavior shouldn’t shape overall public perception.

    You make a bed, you lie in it.

    If you happen to belong to this group, I will not talk to you. If I see you at an event waiting to pounce on Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Justin Amash or any other liberty leader, I’ll not only call security, I might hire them myself. Others in the movement may talk to you. That is their prerogative, however I’m quite sure they usually have no idea what you represent when they grant you an interview.

    I will generally speak to anyone, from The Daily Paul to CNN and everyone in between. But I will not speak to anyone whose sole purpose in life is to make the movement I care about so deeply look ridiculous. I’m embarrassed to even have to write this statement because it could possibly acknowledge the existence of this group to people outside our movement who might have been attracted to our ideas otherwise.

    This outfit should also alter its name to “We Are Not Change” because nothing is ever going change in our politics so long as others believe this group somehow represents the liberty movement."

  • This post belongs on the

    This post belongs on the Daily Obama.

  • I think our foreign policy

    I think our foreign policy will be the biggest issue that we need to wake American's up to. I also think it's an issue that the C4L and others are taking lightly.

    Worst case scenario, Rand runs in 2016 and "compromises" on issues like foreign policy.

  • I said nothing about Jessie

    I said nothing about Jessie benton speaking to the media.. And it's pretty clear he did since he's the campaign manager?

    Also, confrontation at the RNC was futile? Wasn't that the plan all along? Go against the establishment, get Ron Paul as many delegates as he could, and fight for a nomination and platform at the RNC. Clear mission, however we made deals to cut some of the plurality short in some states.

    Who made those deals? Who said "Paul not looking to seak nomination from floor? It's pretty clear this guy is bad news, and made some pretty stupid decisions for Ron Paul.

    Benton is a loser, working now for Mitch "Neocon" Mcconnel, he votes for everything we pretty much despise in the liberty movement.

    I don't really know what there's left to defend here friend, Jesse is an utter failure.