• Immunity verified?

    Reeducation can only occur if education was initially implemented. Here is the actual letter I gave to my children's pediatrician. My concerns were never addressed. Why would I trust someone to reeducate when they refused to address the education I sought in the first place?

    This is the letter I am sending to our pediatrician in the next week, 3-4 weeks from the expected date of our second child (girl). Please read and any feedback would be awesome. I have thought about including information for them to review as well in support of defensive inoculation.

    This letter is to request comprehensive and complete information concerning vaccinations, specifically ingredients within and current schedule of inoculation(s) for newborns to four years of age. Our son is currently a patient of and was a patient of prior and has been since his birth. We are expecting a daughter March 21, 2013 and over the past four years I have educated myself further on vaccinations and their adverse effects, specifically the increase in claims of and links to neurological disorders, immunosuppressive complications and adverse allergic reactions that can arise due to the effects of vaccine ingredients and the methods by which they are derived/harvested/imbedded in the vaccine. We cannot in good conscience subject our daughter to potential risks if there is reason to believe or it is confirmed that the ingredients incorporated within the scheduled vaccinations can unnecessarily and needlessly bring causation for adverse effects that may arise in her, whether immediately upon injection or as may surface conditionally at a later time.

    We appreciate your attention to this matter and please know that our request is for the ultimate safety of our child. We would be doing a great disservice to other parents in our situation by not inquiring about the viruses, chemicals and adjuvant ingredients we are allowing our child to be injected with. We would also be negligent if conditions would arise and we had remained silent about the possibilities of how those conditions may have been brought about. Thank you so much for your candidness and professionalism concerning our request and we will be eager to review your response. If you should have any questions please feel free to contact....



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  • Love is

    inferiorly defined when comparable to the actions and emotions it solicits. Love is affection without care of return. Love is knowing no fear of a bullet if it meant saving the children who own your heart. Love is instinctual and the greatest instinct at that.

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  • It's putting sick kids at risk?

    They're already sick! The vaccinated put no lesser a risk in themselves in the form of an injectable remedy than the unvaccinated do in the forms of ingestible remedy. I had Shingles at age 34. It sucked! It hurt...bad! But I will never get the vaccination for it. I want my own immunity, not that impossibly-given by someone else under a forceful contract by mandate.

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  • They tried the same thing in Oregon

    SB 442 - it was abandoned due to pressure from parents/citizens just like you all. I posted several threads here in the last month regarding my letter-to-the-editor disapproving of legislation attempting to take away parents religious or philosophical exemptions for vaccinations. Speak up! It matters and is powerful enough to stop them!

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  • only in bearing children

    can we make immortality possible...only in children.

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  • Math is secondary...

    Sight: music can be demonstrable, therefore felt;

    Touch: music can be felt, therefore emotionalized;

    Taste: tone, pitch and timbre can make a repressive appetite, of any fold,

    Smell: music can excite a heaviness of breath or a depression of it, which directly alters the sense of smell;

    Hearing: music can be felt, therefore emotionalized and associated with periods of time in one's life;

    And kidding about the math being secondary. There is only One.

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  • Here's my problem...

    I cannot say I'm free of having taken my fair share of pharmaceuticals and injections, self-administered at that, but I will say my answer wasn't in the formulas of man's making but in the foods of my choosing. Food cured me. Does it seem irrational that the things we ingest might play some role in the way we feel? OR does it seem rational to force a made-sickness well by
    inferior creations?

    The WAR on uncontrolled substances is ever-present. They call it the "War on Drugs", but it isn't. It is a war on the uncontrolled, the uncontrollable. Nothing less.

    Peace and Love always.

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  • Who would have thought

    that Healthcare would lead to an ever-growing minority of people who actually discovered ways of healing their own ailments without the Big System of Medicine coddling their throats and anuses. There are more dis-eases made by psychological means and proclamation for the profitability of genetic swindlers and hustlers that it makes me wonder how prolonging sickness has become synonymous with caring for the health of someone.

    Their is no Health Care when prescriptions compound sickness due to side effects not only available for review but stated in gleeful commercials of dreamery, as if one side effect is an improvement over another and to a situation caused by the side effects of prior ingestible or injectable chemicals.

    The Affordable Care Act is not about health, otherwise might it not mention it by the title that claims to nurture it?

    I was offered Methotrexate over a year ago to treat an absent and unidentified condition, and if that didn't work the medications would be compounded immediately for intensity of results.


    •For both men and women: Do not conceive a child (get pregnant) while taking methotrexate;


    So why was I offered a chemotherapy drug to treat an arthritic diagnosis? And if Methotrexate doesn't work "well", try Xeljanz!


    XELJANZ is a prescription medicine called a Janus kinase (JAK) inhibitor. XELJANZ is used to treat adults with moderately to severely active rheumatoid arthritis in which methotrexate did not work well.
    It is not known if XELJANZ is safe and effective in people with hepatitis B or C.
    XELJANZ is not for people with severe liver problems.
    It is not known if XELJANZ is safe and effective in children.

    But don't worry. We're Doctors and we're here to help.

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  • I was Vegan until 6 months ago

    and now have reintroduced eggs as another form of protein, which I get more than enough of daily through other sources. I have been Gluten-Free since Feb 2014 and have ELIMINATED my 30 year supposed diagnosis of "Rheumatoid Arthritis", which I believe I never had to begin with. Maybe I suppressed a long and listless virus through diet? Arthritis was the symptom and I CURED IT! I CAN FEEL IT IS GONE!

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  • Mandatory voting?

    Nothing amazes me anymore but my children. These [people] think they can glean the moss off our backs from our conditioned apathy and fear of inquiry. I'll vote your majesty! And I will write-in Ron Paul, even when he's dead!

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  • BUMP...


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  • Thank you...

    this is why I love this site. I love agreeing and disagreeing and that should be our focus, not whether or not one person is right or wrong. We learn as we go and I will dutifully learn as I continue on. It's all about communication and trying to understand that the "why" of the conversation is simply yet unanswered as subordinate the purpose of asking the "why".

    Simply put, what is the purpose and reason of communication and how can we best and most favorably respond. And I! I will say what is best for my own child!

    Until the day comes when you've changed thousands of diapers in the caregiving of my child; when you've sacrificed willingly to provide something's as essential as water, food and cleanliness; when you've cupped vomit and handled poop without thought; when you've given every valueless penny to provide shelter and heat for my children, then, and only then do you get any opinion whatsoever. But then again, I'm just a father who would give all without hesitation and gladly.

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  • Write a letter to the postmaster general!

    Either they stop delivery to everyone who doesn't fit compliance or they are frivolous and unbalanced in their action. Go to the top and question in a formal and documented manner.

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  • bump...

    thank you for all the comments.

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  • I stand corrected

    Who's Online

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    There is hope...in every 33,057th person who ventured here for whatever reason they chose to...never give up!

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  • Well it's Life insurance

    not Death insurance. It properly should be called Death insurance. First, fix the word preceding insurance.

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  • Eventually

    we'll all come down with cancer if the condition of our food, water, air and chemicals that pollute them have anything in the slightest to do with it, which they do.

    The Great Lie: Health.

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  • Bump...

    as this is a big deal for all of us. Oregon might very well lead the opposition to this type of legislation being brought forth in other states.

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  • Born at St. Charles Hospital...

    Central Oregon's offering of one of the best medical facilities in the Nation. I can't help but believe I was meant to be a Native-Oregonian American for a reason. What a great state to speak out in.

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  • Exactly...

    Healthcare is about the tuning in to one's own body and listening to what it is calling for as cure. The Affordable Care Act is neither affordable, but by privilege of the dictator barely and forcefully, by the thinnest thread apathetically, nor for the care of a deliberately and governmentally-sanctioned, poisoned society...

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