• There are those

    who know exactly what is going on, and they are not telling. Instead, we get the tired, regurgitative speculation from those who have been told to shut up and lie or else.

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  • Government forced labelling

    may not be the be-all answer to the GMO issue, however government sponsored, corporatized ownership of food and lack of transparency as to what is within such foods is an abomination. It doesn't truly matter if these states enact through vote GMO labeling laws as the momentum for voluntary labeling is well under way. Vermont and Oregon are bastions of demonstrating the power of the people to persuade voluntary action through provoking criminal giants into spending millions to fight something they promote and claim as safe for the public.

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  • right on fishy...

    The integrity of our food is definitely a dire activist issue.

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    for revival!

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    for winning!

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  • Years ago I ate mushrooms...

    I melted into the molecules around me and the ocean was calling me...yeah, I get it.

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  • "an external form of non-familial surveillance"

    They are not alive are they? Do the elves eyes function biologically in order to hold the capacity for spying? While we're at it let's get rid of stuffed animals (which I tell my son they protect him while he sleeps) and any other anthropomorphisms we assign to inanimate objects. I think there are far worse things to write such a column on than the surveillance conditioning that inanimate stuffed elves are claimed to propagate.

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  • Our version of elf on the shelf...

    is to have the two elves merely do something different together each night after the children go to sleep. My son finds joy in seeing what mischief or play the elves have partaken in and trust me, this has nothing to do with surveillance. We do it for the amusement of the children, nothing more AND we do not tell them the elves are watching them and reporting back to Santa...come on!

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  • Thank you to all

    who have given so much in sharing what it is you believe in, liberty-based or otherwise.

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  • Michael...

    if you did not agree with my response, that is fine. I gave the only response I could give and I gave it so that you would have a better understanding of why and how shame played a part in my post. Peace to you.

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  • Shame - (definition)

    "a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behavior."

    Michael, the question is a matter of who is being shamed here.

    "What does it take for WE THE PEOPLE stand up for ourselves, let alone pay attention?? "

    I am the people, aren't I? I am guilty of saying the worse at times, but I am getting pretty restless with the worst being that which we occupy as advocates. Liberty will never die. Such a feat would require the absolute and entire dissolve of the idea of liberty, which is not impossible I suppose, but extremely unlikely. I am imperfect only in ways which pertain to my ability and willingness to change or accept those imperfections. We are all imperfect in this way, yet it is not an imperfection anymore than it is a fact. This site has changed the questions I pose for the better and rattled the words from me in desperation for the contact and positive affirmation of effort I put forth in sharing my deepest thoughts and dilemmas.

    When I say shame on you, I mean it as it is defined. I said it to another because I was made to feel humiliation and distress over being proclaimed as someone who doesn't ache at the situation of this world, and our nation specifically. So yes, shame on someone for presumption of my character as that of lack of belief in liberty and peace and reason. I am not angry when I say this, I say it to communicate genuinely the distress and humiliation I feel at being assumed the sleeping mass. I will not feel ashamed at being awake and no one should feel ashamed even if every person around them came to trade liberty for life.

    Should we shame without full knowledge of the thoughts, aspirations, dreams, fears and memories of the one we shame. WE THE PEOPLE means every last one of us. Every last one of us chooses the breadth of the liberty we feel necessary as pertaining to the lives we live and endure 'til death. The majority of us minus only one are not Ron Paul. The majority of us minus ourselves only are who we in many ways can choose to be. We shouldn't be asking when are people going to wake up, rather how many more have awoken since the day before.

    I said shame on you because I felt shamed. No anger. Just honesty from me to you.

    Peace and Love always.

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  • There are two outcomes to be faced...

    survival in peace or death in destruction.

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  • The only sound advice...

    do not be afraid! If we handle these criminal and negligent acts with steadfast wit and composure we will undoubtedly render the beast inane and powerless in time.

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  • Once you realize the poet

    within, it will subside and surface until your last days.

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  • You're all still living

    in the old dimension. These Bills, Acts, Measures and so on are meaningless. Congress is revealed as the traitor.

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  • your heart rests

    only by releasing what it restrains of itself.

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  • The measure passed!

    We are just now starting to see the uncovering of the folder's lies! Regardless of any libertarian/liberty-oriented view on mandatory GMO-labeling, it will pass! GMO's are a direct infringement on life and liberty, therefore if a corporation is going to use us as guinea pigs, they will learn to do so ONLY after we know which foods they are using as testers. Put aside the infringement and abuse of natural genetic integrity and realize that these agrochemical, multinational and biotechnology corporations care about one thing: control.

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