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Protandim - Read This!

I would like to provide you all with some information regarding an encounter I had with an independent distributor of this growing supplement. You all may be aware of the recent bouts I’ve had with “rheumatoid arthritis”, despite having never received a formal diagnosis, but that is another story for another time perhaps. I am still Gluten-free at around 120 days and have to admit I have never in my life felt better.

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Balanced Budget!

How many years has it been since there was a balanced budget? And if your answer is more than five years, please explain why it is you still believe in the representation that has been bought for us.

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Passive-aggressiveness against the State!

I have seen posts on this site that would seek to name/call-out the heartless powers behind the puppet State. I have been privileged to read excerpts from these powerful influences that seem to cement their alliance with those who are also against the sovereignty and freedom of the people of this world. I wonder how much longer we will entertain and appease them by arguing against their words and actions, rather than arguing against their significance and place in the future we are working so tirelessly to manufacture.

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Nine/1=L1=V1=N - Truth and Hope!

The day is approaching where we find ourselves in an unfamiliar atmosphere, where we find ourselves at face with the murderer of that day...

the question is, will the revelation become imprinted on the public mind as a means to garner a proper address to the events of that day or as a means to foster a dire rush to prevent one.

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The tired man -

There is one singular remedy to our future,
and that is peace;
to eradicate peace is to eradicate our future,
for without it we haven’t one –

It has been spoken by many
and many have been shunned;
an overlooked bond is so glaring within its cage,
reduced to awkwardness and embarrassment,
rather than recognized for the commonality it offers –

There is such dire advocacy for unity
and yet the needle is groove-stuck;
we are unified by our individual plights
and it is uncertain if we have yet to appreciate them in one another –

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Pray for us!

I haven't prayed since the night my wife almost passed away from labor with my son. I am asking for you all to pray with me tonight in what ever manner you may, that my son will be well. I will not say more than he is not well in some regard and that prayers are needed at this time. I don't care if you are religious or atheist, agnostic or other, just think positive thoughts for my son that he may become better and we may figure out how to help him do so.

I love you all...

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Farewell friends!

Not that any of you have ever asked or insinuated your wishes to know who I am. And not that I contribute to collect publicity or notoriety, but it should be said that I contribute in the hope I have done so genuinely and for the betterment of the community here. I have enjoyed the last two years with you all but feel it is time for me to take a break. It sometimes feels like I’m sharing within a vacuous space, where we form our bonds with discretionary names, therefore discretionary posts.

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Thank you for giving me an out...

Two years is long enough to ramble on, and on, and on. After my last two posts, it seems appropriate to take the out you've given me.

Peace and Love always.

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Ron Paul is alive in all of you!

I want to address you all directly and genuinely. First of all, I actually appreciate your frustration, emotion and defense of the most principled man to serve seat in many decades. Second of all, I want to say I am surprised at how some of you turned to personal attack and most of you turned away from the point of the post, “Ron Paul was not principled in self defense.

I have been posting on this site for over two years and I have never given less than staying true to stating how I view the world. I have given thousands upon thousands of words of encouragement, empowerment and hope. I have given advice, information and link in an effort to share the positivity in my life, to share the health I have found in diet and education. I was actually pleased with some of the conversation regarding how Ron Paul stood up against the oppressors, the oppressive machine, but am also disappointed at the attack I received by asking a question that may have been better left unasked.

If you do not appreciate my contributions, my poems, my attempts to bring inspiration and hope to this site, then I will simply have to try harder to sway you. If you believe me to be an enemy, a troll or a deceiver by one post, then I will simply have to be persistent in my words that they may avert your ill-thoughts of me.

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Ron Paul was not principled in self defense...

Be honest...

did Ron Paul really stand his ground like an enraged patriot,
or did he cower to the black suits who cheated the election from him?

Be honest...

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Are we ghosts?

Are we ghosts?

Are we relevant and does being relevant matter?

Are we inspirational?

Are we delusional...delusional writers?

Are we heard?

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Question and Statement - poem

When did you become so big?

Hurling you at the grain-split fence,
marking you with flame and pocket knife,
inhaling your verse we were absolved and empowered
to mission for ideologies that would affirm our imaginations
willed by you,
ordained by you,

We war on still the ghosts of our childhood,
seek them out when we remember us:
small, steadfast, seizing life
that our souls not receive death –
know of it, but not receive it…

We remember us as children of God,
not that our prayers were absolute,
not that our prayers were ingenuous,

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The writer is dead!

I could write myself into oblivion and make nothing...
just as it should be...
writing for the sake of communication, imagine that?

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You are all family!

and soon like all family,
we will be apart.


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I was alive when...

Nolan Ryan threw his 5,000th strike out and pitched his 7th No-hitter;
Michael Jackson gave the world the Moonwalk;
Turtles were cheered by children in their fight against evil;
George Michael released "One More Try";
The Challenger exploded on live TV in our elementary class;
E.T. brought positive alien wonder to the world;
Rad the movie brought BMX to the stand;
Bruce Campbell was a B-rated top notch celebrity;
my grandparents passed away;
The Goonies set the map for Oregon;
Vanilla Ice started the white rapper fire;
Nine Inch Nails redefined music;
The 1990's were hip and I was a teenager in the dream of another life...