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Gluten Free Testimony III - comprehensive links and information!

I have provided a comprehensive link to products with no Gluten containing ingredients as offered through Fred Meyer. I hope this helps clarify and empower those of you who have been following my Gluten Free threads. I have also provided some other helpful links for those who are Gluten intolerant or may suffer from Celiac Disease. Peace to you all.


Other links – informative





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I am alone!

To all the souls here driven to liberty and for it, this day finds me alone. I've come to realize a great crossroads when considering liberty. That crossroads is my children. Maybe I have been controlling for some time now when it comes to the protection of my children. Maybe I have been controlling for some time now when it comes to the future our representatives are destroying for them.

For those of us here who are privileged enough to have shared some or most of our lives with another; in health, in sickness, in poverty, in uncertainty, in desperation and in love, let me tell you I write this a lesser prided, humble man this evening. The last thing I ever want to be is controlling, or think that I have the ability to control others. Liberty has taught me better! When it comes to your own children, all of us here would agree that everything we discuss here, everything we vent about is for their future, their chance to have a betterment of society and the liberties we hope such society will foster.

I have come to realize this night that I only have complete control over my own body, my own spirit, my own health. Try as I may to influence those things in my children, I must recognize there is another person who has their utmost protection in mind...even if such views do not align with my own. You see, in marriage you come to realize through many vital and pivotal moments that even though compromise isn't always possible, surrender is.

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Privacy is the next great distraction!


Privacy is the next great distraction! The cybercriminals are the governmental bodies politik now. The belief in a small unit or organization of masterminds behind a computer hacking your files is absolute propaganda! The only criminals running free are those at the NSA, CIA, ATF, Pentagon and other disrespecting bureaus under the corrupt purposeful un-watch of our Federal Government!

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Words of inspiration and reflection!


The spirit is wearied when the past be viewed with longing…

longing will brooding turn,

reason withdrawn – and purpose

and every following event you will but a happenstance accredit,

a life of lonely play…

where even God must cower the roots of all things,

Source forsaken.


Look not upon the past despairingly…

do not see past as such – as your conception is,

gentle eminence of Self is near,

but only to admit…ephemeral points of enlightenment eternally await

with you, aside you

and before you knew Time.

Peace and Love to you all.

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Gluten-free Testimony II - The Symptoms that have disappeared!

As a follow up to my thread titled, "Gluten-free Testimony" I would like to share those symptoms that have disappeared as a result of my now 49 days of being Gluten Free. These are all symptoms I have dealt with up until seven short weeks ago, of which most have completely vanished. I share this with you all to give hope and empowerment to those who are still on the fence with trying this dietary remedy for themselves.

The list below is in no particular order. The changes in prior symptoms, some of which were not my focus to treat by changing my dietary intake are as follows:

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Hopeful for a moment!

Orange flickers...

embers holding the light of a star-cluster,
hopeful for a moment,
that they do not hide in the light,
that they claim a pulse,
that they have come...

Peace and Love always.

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Peter Popoff and the ruination of spirituality!


What a disgrace to religion, spirituality and humanity...money is debt you dunce...and tap water supposedly ordained by some knock-off, anonymous man of the cloth will not deliver $60k to your door without the Feds/IRS/State as the deliverer in clown costume.

What a shame of humanity and a usurper of the spiritually desperate and poor.

I was offered recently...I threw your offer in the garbage.

"Supernatural debt cancellation" is a LIE!

I work in finance asshat...there is no such thing.

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If Satan stood before me today!...

I'd tear It's head from It's shoulders and spit in the cavity left...

You are weak, ignoble, treacherous, deceitful, ignorant and most pointedly, the distant past...you will never claim reign...you are beast, not spirit.


Peace and Love always.

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Do you take the advice of Suze Orman?

This morning I happened upon a segment on finances in which Suze Orman was giving "financial advice" to a fair-sized audience. Let me just say that I believe in everyone's right to live their lives as they see fit, which includes organizing their assets/finances as they see fit. However, I would like to give my own advice to you all as a near 10 year financial consultant.

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The best comment I've ever received!

"Most people could rhyme decently, and lots of folks can paint beautiful pictures with words, but you, Pen, have a gift sorely lacking in poetry these days: an ear for language. Poetry should sound so good to the ear that one would listen to it ad infinitum even without knowing what the words mean. If you ever stop writing poetry I'm gonna break your face."

From the Rebel Poet...

Thank you friend.

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Michael...can I assist you with the DP?

What can I do to help this site thrive and spread?

Peace and Love always.

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The ONE time I felt proud to be an AMERICAN!


A true Human Being! Shame on this country and those who claim to represent it!

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F Cancer!

If you fear getting cancer in this life please up-vote and share why it is you fear it,
if you do not fear cancer at all, do not vote at all and do not comment.

Peace and Love always.

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The REAL Revolution - Inciting Internal Opposition!

There is a vital aspect of our push for revolution that is missing. We are harnessing the antidote for tyranny, yet any success of a revolutionary event will fail to surface unless people understand that the means to change are not only in knowing how to bring it about, but acting on that knowledge.