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Who we are!

Nothing more than receptivity and the capacity for submitting what will come to be receptive to another in any favorable way possible.

The greatest thing my son's Asperger's syndrome has taught me:

We don't have to ever agree or disagree, but we will...it is then we must grow together and create a space beneficial for the two of us. For those privileged with the experience of this, do not hope for it to be unture, hope for it to be as real as possible.

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They're all liars - every last one of them!

I am going to say something now that must be said.

How can anyone here not recognize 2012 for what it was? We run off and support the son of THE greatest representative in the last 238 years but chalk his defeat up to theft, misrepresentation, greed, rigging and deceit only to turn around and BELIEVE that we matter in the world of politics! Politics is the game of the chosen, not the supported!

Vow with me to withhold your vote...I promise you 2016 will be liberating.

Peace and Love always.

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Richard Attenborough and me!

All I know of this man is two things:

1) This scene from Ghandi (directed by Attenborough) ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GG_4UaCD8E ... one of the most powerful scenes in history;

2) The grandfather and ingenuity behind Jurassic Park (my favorite movie ever (through the eyes of an 18 year old));

Rest in much peace and thank you for these memories.


PEace and LOve always......

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The Balloonist Prayer!

"The winds have welcomed you with softness.
The sun has blessed you with his warm hands.
You have flown so high and so well
that God has joined you in your laughter.
And has set you gently back again
into the loving arms of Mother Earth."

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Do you have your ID on you?

I wanted to bring up a situation over this last weekend that involved my Driver’s License, or as otherwise put my ID. I was getting ready to go out for the day on the lake with a few other people and instead of carrying my wallet with me (which I would not need in the middle of a lake) I chose to leave it in the vehicle’s glove compartment.

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Generations of War - preamble (short)

Generations lost by war,
therefore to it.

Is the death of one man worth liberty,
or one man worthy of it if
denied experience of all it offers, or
refused such offering in what he may gift to others had they learned
of it had he had been gifted it?

I am going to make a difference with my writing,
and that difference will be heard in its howl against war.

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Two incidents: One involving the US Flag, the other Veteran appeasement!

This weekend I was able to get away from my home life and partake in an all day boating excursion on a popular Oregon lake. This all day trip found us anchored and swimming, tubing and grinning and blasting a reverb over the lake not even the county sheriffs cared to confront us about. Our boat was tagged, safe and even in the midst of boozing and smoking, we were not confronted about our happy and contagious behavior.

Right before we began tubing my cousin pulled out a beautiful miniature US flag and placed it in the back hole-spot of the boat. As he did so, the others on the boat began saluting and humming, "The Star Spangled Banner". I found myself rather uncomfortable and without urge or heartfelt obligation to follow suit. I did not salute and I did not hum. Soon after I pointed out in all my calculated inebriation that this is what we die and kill for...a piece of cloth. Yes, the ideals and principles behind the symbolism are of course an argument, however those ideals and principles are cemented in the stripes of red and white and the blue therein cradling the stars.

Later that evening after we had pulled the boat from the lake and departed the heavenly mirrors of sky of that day, we stopped at a gritty convenience store to get some more booze. As I was leaving the man in front of me in line exited the store the same time and we struck up an intoxicated conversation. He said, "I'm 64 years old, served two years in Nam". I replied, "Oh". The conversation was over sooner than it began and when I arrived back at the truck I told the others about the conversation they witnessed across the street from me. When I told them what the man said to me my cousin responded, "that's when you say thank you for your service!"

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Response to Michael Nystrom regarding the termination of the Daily Paul.

"I've decided to do this for 19 days total.

I'd like to bring the Daily Paul into the end of the year - 5 months, 3K per month. That is how I arrived at the figure.

And at the beginning of 2015, it will be time for us to part ways and go on about our lives.

Five months should give us plenty of time to debrief, make the contacts that we want to keep, and say goodbye.

It is like we're on a plane, approaching the runway, coming in for the landing. Seatbelt lights come on. Feel free to talk to your fellow passengers, as humans." - MN

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If I had the stage!

If I had the stage for just a few minutes,
If I had the microphone for just a moment,
I would not talk about politics,
I would not rant about the miseries of the past,
the transgressors of mankind,
the dis-eases they placed upon us no,
I would talk to the families of this world...

I would ask that parents not forget to display emotion,
show hurt, tears, suffering and grief...

I would ask that grandparents not forget their capacity for love,
for receiving it and giving it is ten-fold what it once was as a parent...

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Satirical letter addressed to Hugh Grant, CEO of Monsanto!

Monsanto Company
Attn: Hugh Grant, CEO
800 N. Lindbergh Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63167

To the direct and sole attention of Hugh Grant, Chief Executive Officer of Monsanto,

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Progression OR Regression?

Is the Daily Paul promoting progression or regression? The new blood here has provided a new atmosphere and while change should always be welcome in order for our sentience and ideas to flourish, let us not forget that change can and most certainly will deter “the progressive conversation” if such conversation entertains regressiveness due to such change. This is an obstacle for many and I’ve noticed the bickering here has become more prevalent as of late? If not, please feel free to dispute what it is I am sensing.

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I turn 36 years of age today, rather
13,140 days,
315,360 hours,
18,921,600 minutes,
1,135,296,000 seconds...

One's existence can be measured rather timely thanks to the invention of timeliness by humans, however one's existence cannot be measured by time alone.

On this day I am grateful, humble, honored, forgiving, eager, empowered, hopeful, leaning all the more towards liberty and a light for those who may have lost their own.

I love you all.

Peace and Love always.

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My email to New York City Council Speaker re: 9/11 High Rise Safety Initiative!

Here is the email sent by AE911Truth that I responded to the following way:

Council Speaker:

"“Instead of wasting New Yorkers’ time and hard-earned taxpayer dollars humoring conspiracy theorists with wild fantasies, the City Council will continue to focus on passing sound legislation.”


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- a head of state or officer in supreme command of a country's armed forces.

- an officer in charge of a major subdivision of a country's armed forces, or of its forces in a particular area.

Nowhere in formal definition does it imply or is there the implication that Commander-in-Chief coincides with competency-in-action, sensicality-in discernment or reason-in-administration and delegation.

Simple definitions remove liabilities and project them onto those who have granted the position so barren and elusive by definition.

Peace and Love always.

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It's not World War III -

Let me just start by saying this will not be a long thread. In fact, I merely want to address two points and then I’ll let you all brew on the points so made. I cannot believe how many times I’ve heard talk of World War III. We seem to be listlessly drawn to a subject that would surely be an end to many things in our lives. Why do we focus so much on matters that only materialize into and manifest fear and distrust?