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Vaccines - a letter of support and vindication for those advocating parental choice!


The above article was published this morning in the same newspaper as was mine back on February 11th. I have submitted a letter of response to a fellow citizen's calls of conspiracy at my advocating for parental choice. I will post the published response as soon as it is available, but I wanted to share what my local community is reading much more about today due to our willingness to simply bring it into the public conversation.

Peace and Love always.

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A responsibility to "ensure" health and safety?

I will be responding as I cannot hold back. I am not looking for argument and I am not pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine, I am pro-facts (as Ron Paul has said). I will not be labeled a conspirator for facts and my willingness to disseminate those facts.

Since I cannot link, search "Albany Democrat Herald Rights & Responsibilities" to see the letter to the editor I am challenging.

Peace and Love always.

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Charlie Sheen for President 2016!

They've gotten so awfully embarrassing at creating worthy news they've chosen to replace Donald Trump with the next-in-line media-case, and as so chosen a man who publicly lost his mind, wherever to.
I guess I kinda lost mine when I chose the rabbit hole.

Peace and Love always.

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Nationalism requires attachment...

is bad enough, but we're talking about xenophobia, not Nationalism. Nationalism requires attachment, not fear.

Xenophobia finds us embroiled in war.

Peace and Truth always.

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Are you out there?

It's a void, an abyss. I spill my inners for font sizes. I give my all for a strangers community. I return out of dire need for contact, any. I will remember you all.

P & L always.

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The Ship!

Swallow the Sun - The Ship:


We are boarding. It is happening.

Peace and Love always.

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You vote only by not doing so. One's duty to vote only goes as far as one's duty not to. The system is not cohesive to the principles it was built upon, therefore it is your duty to not participate.

Recently I had my letter to the editor published regarding parental choice. We do not need Rand Paul or anyone for that matter to uphold and join hands with in staking what is already ours. Parental choice is not had at the hands of anyone but parents.

Peace and Love always.

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Death threats via email and twitter?


Would such an acclaimed and detrimental group really hack twitter and use email to send death threats? Come on guys, they apparently behead people yet send a death threat via traceable devices?

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Published - letter to the editor: Matter of Parental Choice!

I know sharing my letters-to-the-editor is nothing new, however I felt as if this was worth sharing. For all the parents here at the Daily Paul, we have a voice stronger that party and politic. Parental choice is again an apolitical issue and if Rand Paul is going to stand up for my choices as a parent, then he is standing up for what is fundamentally important and dire for parents to seize upon with unified voice.


Peace and Love always.

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A proper memorial!

It's hard to internalize and forget the experiences I've had with death in this life. When I hear reports of men, women and children burned alive, literally combusted by missiles from teeming skies, it makes me wonder what I did in this life to deserve that long-lasting and final embrace from the man my father emulated. What did I do to have the disorienting yet serene experience of kissing the forehead of my grandmother after the colors left her face?

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I love you!

The greatest and most direct response I've ever received. We all shape each other. Shape well.

"Yes, I agree "It is a story of correction and setting things

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It is hard to put things down and know what else to pick up (or do for the cause). I comment rarely but your collective posts "moved" me into Oregon Delegate status (NOT alternate). I was part of a collective push and we worked hard right up until they Froze the Floor for the Romney speech at the RNC.

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Doom-metal is Truth-metal...it's primal and inborn!

Swallow the Sun - Cathedral Walls!



Truth is beautiful. Therefore, whatever its regard it is beautiful to someone.

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A beautiful song!

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Soup Label American!

“Living Under Drones: Death, Injury and Trauma to Civilians From US Drone Practices in Pakistan”, NYU School of Law and Stanford University Law School, 2012:"