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It's not World War III -

Let me just start by saying this will not be a long thread. In fact, I merely want to address two points and then I’ll let you all brew on the points so made. I cannot believe how many times I’ve heard talk of World War III. We seem to be listlessly drawn to a subject that would surely be an end to many things in our lives. Why do we focus so much on matters that only materialize into and manifest fear and distrust?

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Why am I Vegan?

I chose to go Vegan over three years ago. For three years I have told people that I became Vegan for health issues (definitely and not secondary, true) and other reasons I don't feel the need to delve into so deep as to constantly remind myself what startled me awake.

I don't care what others eat. I care about how well I sleep at night after knowing and seeing what I've experienced, only to turn an eye willfully and cowardly to the automated suffering from our human hands.

This is the reason I became Vegan:


And this is the movie that woke me up to the reality of agricultural industry:



Watch the full film here:

Peace and Love can never genuinely come at the careless expenditure of others anymore than the presence of Peace and Love by War!

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It's still the same old bullshit brought to you by the MSM!

Well, this tool on Fox calls the bus over two years early...and it's a broken, rusted and shamed one at that.


Sometimes you really want to scream your throat out!

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AE9/11 Truth email regarding the latest on the HighRise Safety Initiative in NYC!

If you do not get regular emails from AE9/11 Truth then you should take this opportunity to subscribe via the link I've provided. The tides are changed! Truth by nature is told, and by whatever means necessary...and the margin is disintegrating faster with each day! We, humanity, are finding our capacity for it.

A heartfelt thank you -
We couldn't have done it without you.

Dear friends,

Yesterday was a special day for all of us who have supported the High-Rise Safety Initiative in any way. After three months of pounding the NYC pavement, we finished our petition drive.

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The DP is a strong coalition in search of many truths!

I was once reluctant to share/post on the DP as a newcomer. I would like to take this opportunity to say to all those who may be registering this day, "I am hopeful that this is a turning point for the Daily Paul in that we may bring new life to the lively points and expressions already found here on a daily basis".

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I haven't lived this life for stars and stripes!

I haven’t lived this life for stars. I haven’t lived it for stripes. The fact is I have lived in ignorance of how they have been molded in order that my subservience to them is legislated and conditional. I was always that kid who found the reciting of the pledge of allegiance quite strange; I was always that kid who felt discomfort in removing my ball cap and placing it over my heart before it being acceptable to sing, “The Star Spangled Banner”; I was always that kid who questioned the procedures and those who told me I had to do something in order to be respectful. Respect is earned, not to be expected due to the position one may hold, i.e. parent, judge, sheriff. You would certainly not expect someone to be respected for the foundational fact that they bore life, especially if that life was beaten in fits of vice and rage.

I do not understand the bloodshed we endure in order to raise flags on plots of land. I do not understand how bloodshed justifies celebration of and honor to them. I do not understand many things, but how we justify death in order to raise cloth over earth and pronounce it the station of humanitarianism is a very mysterious and irrational thing indeed. Who are these people? Who can ascertain peace with centuries of murder and pillage? Who can ascertain peace as restorative when murder is legislated and voted for by inconsistent and unworthy representatives of mankind?

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True Libertarianism!

Whether it's Benghazi or Ukraine, Syria or Iraq 2014, Malaysian flight MH17 or Nicaraguan rerouted flight of President Daniel Ortega, Executive action abuse or Congressional impotency, one thing is clear and that is I don't give a f#$@ about any of it anymore. I can barely keep up with the challenges of my own life and the fact that we have to actually monitor our inconceivably incoherent government is telling of the level of competency we have elected to represent us.

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Tax Filing in 2015!

I have noticed something quite interesting over the past few years, even to a decade back, upon filing taxes. There was a time not so long ago when our, if any, tax return supplemented our income. For the past several years any return, which we've only had one in four years, is used to catch-up to the place we were one year ago.

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It is not the 4th of July, it is Independence Day!

Have you noticed people saying have a good 4th, Happy 4th of July or some other variable? Why does nobody say Happy Independence Day anymore? Thoughts?

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I actually felt happy today.

I'm feeling inspirational right now. I don't but infrequently catch that star and traverse it for only being able to catch it. I have been asking myself lately why shouldn't I feel anything but love and compassion for the little boy in my life who has Aspergers. I have found myself questioning everything about the most-likely diagnosis he is given, yet only questioning everything in defense of my most valued life. But what kind of parent would I be if I chose to ignore who he is in order to think about what someone else may want him to be?

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Independence Day - what will you be doing?

I have decided to take this 4th of July as an opportunity to educate my son as to why we celebrate our day of independence. I know some of you will say, and to an extent I included that Independence Day is becoming, and quickly so more of a relic celebration of principles and liberties we once had. However, we must remember that it is in our children that the truest and greatest of all revolutions will come to be; the purest uprising will come to fruition by the education and love of liberty we by example set and stand on for them.

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The Faint of Conscience!

I have made the choice to abandon my submission to the local newspaper as a letter-to-the-editor. Over the past year I have submitted numerous letters in the hope that they would spark or help assist the liberty movement so often spoken of here at the DP and so highly regarded by us all. In the end my contributions have materialized into mementos, rather scribblings of a man who feels his anger at the system has been exhausted.

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What if?!

The US government proclaimed empathy and sought to lift other nations out of legislated ruin?...

the US government proclaimed humanity and stop subsidizing sectarian factions to lord over poorer populaces of little means?...

the US government proclaimed freedom of boundary and offered creativity as a means to global quandary?...

the US government was already transparent and we chose
to act on the evidence before us?...

Peace and Love always...

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I've been doin' a lota crying these days...

Whether it was learnin' bout my son's Aspergers condition,
or the Toyota needing over a thousands dollars in repairs,

whether it has been facing the encroaching sales of finance,
or the micromanagement of my industry,

whether it has been restless nights with a teething daughter,
or soothing the nightly nightmares of my boy,

whether it has been my frustration with writing into oblivion,
or the oblivion I make for my writing,

whether God cares at all for the tears I've cried,
and many I've cried as of recent,

I've been doin' a lota crying these days,