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Tears for Fears - Mad World!


eaceP and oveL lwaysA.


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Addressed to A-B-B-A!

There was a comment you had made regarding my post on Measure 92 in Oregon that has compelled me to respond. I do not intend this response to be confrontational, rather genuine and raw. This is a very emotional issue for me and one that I've been following for years. Peace be with you A-B-B-A.

A-B-B-A statement:

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It's all a lie!

and I for one have been fortunate to realize it in this life.

No boundaries! No limits! No fear!

Peace and Love eternal.

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Everybody wants to rule the world.

Old yet historical in content:

Tears For Fears -


We will win this fight of our time! Believe we are alone! And in understanding this harness that innate rage and be what we were destined to be: awake!

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Quote of the day...

"I have every right to know if you are covering up the fact that you are selling me the altered biological integrity of something and calling it by a name that implies it is has not been. GMO corn is not "corn"...it is GMO corn. AND if you are spraying those foods with poisons I wouldn't even put on my own garden, then I have every right to know of your intentions to poison me as well." - The Pen

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For Ella...my precious baby girl...

You are my miracle...not that given by a god, but that which simply has been afforded me,

You are the most beautiful angel to ever be born or shall be,

You saved our marriage from infidelity,
from dissolution,

I knew you even when your heartbeat failed to register
the first time...

I am absolutely vulnerable and childish in your arms,

You verse me and teach what I never will be able to,

I am small again with you...as is God.

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If you're frightened...

now, I wish to tell you this...

I am with you. There is no death. This fight is the only one you'll ever be privileged to accept. What is fear but a lie.

Teach Love and Peace...always.

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Measures 91 and 92 - Oregon - what is good policy?

This is to be submitted and hopefully accepted as a guest Op-Ed to my local newspaper the weekend prior to November 4, 2014. I'm waiting on the response from the editor.

Title: What do we consider good policy?

In a few short days many of us will have cast our vote(s) concerning Oregon’s ballot measures, not merely as constituents, but as advocates, activists, purveyors and intellectuals. Are any of these measures advocating good policy for Oregonians?

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Refuse the Ebola Vaccination!

How many of you here will become the recipient of the Ebola vaccination at some point? We all know by now that it will be pushed just as the Flu vaccination is on an annual basis. The question is, regardless of how severe the pressure or consequences that come from a refusal to accept the vaccination, would you refuse it?

I for one do not trust a government or its subsidiary departments to administer anything safe when many of its very departments (EPA, FDA, USDA) allow and approve toxic poisons to reign upon our GMO crops, just as one example.

Refuse to be vaccinated!
Refuse force!

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War is a lie!

The war is a lie, and I've definitively decided it so.

The war is on what is not yet controlled. And once control is garnered, little left remains to be put up against the abusive love of an indifferent monster-in-governance.

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Fear Ebola but drive with negligence and disregard for your life.

Last night the MSM was howling from the living room! I absolutely cannot handle any form of mainstream news being on when I'm in the room anymore. I either go into another room or turn it down/off. The story regarding the person in Texas who apparently died from Ebola was being used as if it were the greatest crutch of reliance in modern media history to justify the measures being considered by the "powers that be".

I am not saying Ebola is not serious! What I am saying and what I told my wife was that this country is literally freaking out about something that is manageable yet everyday and every year tens-of-thousands of people die in auto related accidents due to negligence and carelessness and we recognize the mundane and inevitable nature of this happening.

So why is the fear being driven like an intoxicated driver into the hearts and minds of the American people? It is so easy to recognize why when you are awake.

PEace and LOve always.

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: EPA Approves ‘Agent Orange’ Deadly Duo Poison!

I just received the below email from the Organic Consumers Association regarding the approval of "Deadly Duo" herbicide by the EPA.


Why am I not surprised? I will surely be submitting a letter-to-the-editor about this, if nothing more than to bring awareness to my local community about the devils intention to bring sickness and destruction to our already manipulated foods.

My orange pain - documentary

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-UnRlNm7BM -

Take the 4F ‘Factory Farm Free Friday’ Pledge!

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Sketch comedy - Key & Peele - ENJOY!

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Amazing lecture by Rick Steves!

Tonight I attended by invitation an almost two hour lecture where Rick Steves (OPB - Europe Travel Guide, author, political activist) spoke on measure 91 in Oregon (Legalization, taxation and decriminalization of marijuana) amongst his travels and conclusions regarding racism, fear, propaganda and the dumbing down of American people.

His greatest point was that when he visited Iran (or anywhere) he is able to humanize his supposed enemies, rather enemies as said to be by the US government. His words were profound and he touched on a decimation to Iran's people I'd never heard of before. He discussed the Iran/Iraq war and how the US funded Iraq (Saddam Hussein) in fighting and killing tens-of-thousands of Iranians; he discussed the fearing propaganda of the US media; he touched on hemp cultivation and notably how other nations handle marijuana as compared to the US.

My eyes have opened even wider after this evening.


Peace and Love always.

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Not afraid!

For the first time in my life I'm not afraid. I could pass tomorrow and know that I've kissed the foreheads of my children ten thousand times and told them I love them many more. I could pass tomorrow having been fortunate enough to see through the veil of this 3-dimensional world and the lies that linger in the lower dimensions it encompasses.

I've moved on. I am at peace with the situation of this world. I was called on long ago to stop it, as were you all here. Fear is only as real as you let them make it. Death is not an end, but a beginning. Remember to love everyday and you will have little reason to fear not being here for the next one.

Peace and Love always.