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I was born...

to write for liberty! I would write for you all. Not for anything other than writing the truths of matters that affect us our livelihoods and morals, however so variant. I write as release and for the hope that magic can be found in what it is we have created to harness a connection within one another.

P & L ~

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What is a radical? What is a terrorist?

I'm as close to a radical, a terrorist as would be realized if my children were no more my living grace and grace in living. We bomb children! We accept the deaths of those we would die of heartbreak for in our own in order that the boogieman exhausts his latest costume.

Me, a terrorist? Yes, if you kill my children in the name of resource, property, money and thought control.

Peace and Love to even those incapable of giving it.

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The root cause of violence!

What if the continuous and concurrent acts of violence in this country, such as the Newtown, Conn., shooting, could be attributed in some way to our “warfare state” and subsequent state of morality?

What if the examples and legislations being set by our leadership ultimately solicit and help to generate such acts and serve to eventually exploit those acts by and in the very legislation and/or executive orders they push upon every American citizen in the aftermath?

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The Lordship Right!

Let me hopefully not be the first to say this, but I don't believe anything they say anymore...anything. Eight hours after this historic, breaking news the advertisements prior and after the historic news are as ever choreographed and timed and paid for with the handsomest ransoms. Lies are truths and truths are condemnable. And the lies are so predicated upon the conditioned and rhetorical minds they insist we succumb to...shameless fools!


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What is your holiday tradition?

Merry Christmas Dp'ers and for every other holiday that I do not celebrate, may they bring the best out in all of you who do. I wanted to post a quick thread regarding holiday traditions in order to give you all a chance to share any that you may employ around this time of year. My wife and I have for the second year now let the kids decorate ornaments with paint, glitter, handprints, footprints or any other medium they might choose. We have decided that gifts from the heart and those with given with the efforts of wonderment are the best...and the family who receives them would agree.

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Organic Dairy producers withdrawing from the IDFA!

As of recent Stonyfield Farms and Clover Stornetta Farms have withdrawn from a trade group seeking to overturn Vermont's GMO labeling law.

“Our decision to stop our membership wasn’t that hard, honestly,” said Britt Lundgren, director of organic and sustainable agriculture at Stonyfield Farm. “I don’t view this as a big loss for us. Stonyfield is a strong supporter of GMO labeling across the country.”


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Did Oregon measure 92 truly pass?

Oregon's Measure 92 has been the topic of much controversy, namely its results and how those results and the recount has been halted as of recent. The request/filing for a recount was due to the margin between the yes/no votes and the 4600 unaccounted for votes due to signature issues. Please check out the link below to the Organic Consumers Association's story on the judicially-corporatized treachery being played out in front of us. Peace to all.


Peace and Love always.

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It's all too much - but not enough to keep me down!

I stumbled into this place but I will most certainly not stumble out. It’s all too much anymore. Sometimes I feel the dire need for a place to call my own; a place of brutal and empowering truth; a place where [we] are broken completely free of the pessimistic and languishing disingenuousness of those who have assumed lordship and autocracy over us. This place has given me so much of that, yet now I’m finding such brutal and empowering truth to be amiss here (this is just my interpretation and not meant to be contentious).

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Liberty is not dying!

Liberty: (definition)

the power or scope to act as one pleases.

Shame on you:


Liberty is altruistic, not the weapon. If Liberty is dying then why do I favor and strive to do as I please within the glory it affords me to do so with? Talk of liberty dying here is provocative and misinformation at its core.

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The Morning Never Came~

One night it happened
The morning never came
It has been snowing ever since
The plague of cold harvests the land
And only few still wait for the sun
Cities are buried under white curse
Remains of the man lay on the glacial ground
The monuments of ice curve upon us
Leading our way to the bitter end
One night it happened
The morning never came
The clocks tick anew this same hour of dark
And if we had only known
That it would last forever
We would have forgiven ourselves
And let the snow bury us together
One night it happened
The morning never came

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They've turned to Congress~


First of all, Congress is DEAD!

Second of all, they need to be excavated and buried, for they are beginning to cause a stench.

7% approval rating! Why would we trust anything they vote on?! They just voted for the Corporatocratic, masked-Nationalistic thief and beggar.

It is so blatantly obvious now that those still unaware are unaware either deliberately or by mental defection.

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December 6, 2014 - the spirit is in me...

Tonight I sit here, alone. Yet I feel so alive. This place gives me life and takes it viciously. Yet, I always come back to give it again.

Do you come here to give?

Peace and Love.

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Remembering You!

There was a time when I was as my son:
young, spontaneous, vitreous and cautious.
There was a time when I was as my son:
meticulous, impatient and dimensionally-receptive.

As a man I am these things still.

I am young in heart,
spontaneous in affection,
vitreous in empathy,
cautious in reprimand.

As a man I am these things willingly.

I am meticulous in direction,
impatient with conflict
and dimensionally-receptive through your eyes.

The song below is beautiful and sparks within me the reason for remembering you.

Swallow The Sun - Cathedral Walls

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Racism as proxy for accepting police militarization!

My wife had the television on when I arrived home from work the other night. The MSM was climaxing at the possibility of carnage and mayhem as protests erupted/were erupting across the nation. She asked me if I had heard about the acquittal of whatever his name is and I answered in the affirmative. Something suddenly turned me aghast at the situation and the exploitation by the MSM to turn this acquittal into an all-out racial dilemma. I let my opinion fly and told her that these two recent acquittals have absolutely nothing to do with race, NOTHING!

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Dish Network accepts Bitcoin now!

I went online to pay our monthly Dish Network bill and noticed Bitcoin listed as an option for payment. I had not seen this option last month. The link below is Dish Network's release of this information. I thought this was worthy of sharing! It shows to some extent the power behind the movement to end or compete against the fiat currency.


Peace and Love always.