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I made the funny papers - letter-to-the-editor 9/18/14

Here is the published article regarding US radicalization:


Here is the original post I made about this article:


I made the funny papers again!

Peace and Love always.

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No Hugs!

I wanted to bring up something my son told us this evening regarding an apparent policy of the elementary school he just started attending. As a kindergartener he was innocently giving and receiving hugs from another little kinder-girl when his teacher advised them that hugging is not allowed at school. Now to some this may not be such a big deal, but to me it is.

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Radicalized America! Letter-to-the-editor - REVISED!

In an article from the Daily Item, dated September 11, 2014, former 10th District U.S. Rep. Chris Carney warned that the threat from self-radicalized Americans is growing, and that this threat may be even more insidious than the threat from foreign terrorists. Are Americans disposed to relinquish even more of their civil liberties in response to such excitable proclamations? Possibly, but why?

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The pledge of allegiance taught on 9/11!

Tonight my son recited the pledge of allegiance using sign language that he had learned in his kindergarten class today. When he came to the part, "and to the Republic" I was quick to point out we no longer are governed under a Republican form of government. We are governed by an authoritarian, socialist government parading a democratic, nationalist ideology. I find it interesting that he learned this on the anniversary of the greatest day of loss of my generation.

Peace and Love always.

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Beams of light!

They’ve given us beams of light
and the inclination of fright;
they’ve harnessed the stigmatic truth
and allowed us black ribbons of remembrance;
they’ve incited within us the repression of will
and the apathetic are still;
they’ve realized an enemy of profit
and directed us abeyant;
they’ve made riddle of principle and reason
for sake of riddle itself;
they’ve managed to manage death
and leave the dead unmanaged;
they’ve incriminated us revolutionaries
in order to catalyze our bereavement,
and they’ve sequestered liberty
that the children abandon it.

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I disavow fear this 9/11!

I want to simply ask for your up vote and a corresponding response saying why you will join me in disavowing fear this 11th day of September, 2014. The greatest vice in the growth of terrorism is the response that fear demands: retaliatory and perpetual killing. This day has become the day of the demoralized, the guilty, the hateful, the disillusioned and the forever frightened. Express yourselves in disavowing fear and those who continue to perpetuate it at thirteen years since 9/11/2001. What about a petition? Let’s make this 9/11 one of change in ending fear!

Peace and Love to all.

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I would like to offer some sound advice regarding the use of cash versus plastic. If you take nothing else from this thread other than the stigma surrounding the use of cash then I am elated. Let me give my opinion as to why cash is much more viable as a means of payment than plastic, i.e. debit/credit cards:

1) cash can easily be manipulated into a much smaller size than plastic for safe keeping/storing;

2) cash is already counterfeited by the Federal Reserve, therefore rendering it void of monitor if lost/stolen;

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Obama’s a Socialist…Romney would have made a good President…Ron Paul’s a half-wit!

I’d like to share a discussion I was part of over this last weekend. The discussion involved a few family members and centered on the policies of Obama and the “Isolationism” of Rand Paul. There was also mention of the half-wittedness of Ron Paul and his “fear of getting involved in foreign conflicts”. The topper was when Ron Paul came up. There was no discussion of how his policies differed from Obama or Romney or any reference to his changing of the political discussion to include more than the status quo talking points.

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Few here care about my war posts!

We seem to be a community cloaked in the sorrows of wars after-math, yet my threads against war are dead on arrival, why? Stand with me or I stand alone! Either way, I will stand!

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The Shift: Generations of War!

Can we as a modern society calculate the span by which we’ve managed to devolve under the plights of war? As I most certainly cannot speak for generations before me neither can I speak for the ones yet to come. However, I will speak to those generations as therapy for and forgiveness of their conglomerate syndrome of dispassion and apathetic lien upon the peaceful advancement of humanity. The authorities presently over us are plainly inept in the stations they hold.

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Ghosts of War - preamble II

The ghosts of war are everywhere,
in the memories of grandfather-hood,
in the molecules of foreign silts and sands,
in her womb may come the military man.

The ghosts of war are everywhere,
in the erosion of river stone,
in the patterns they weave at Arlington,
and the heavy spaces above.

The ghosts of war are everywhere,
at the veteran's side,
on the veteran's shoulder,
enlisted by breath,
enlisted in death,
broke away with the tide.

And the dead child is quiet,
the Lord lesser resilient,
and the wolves of the dim form in darkness,
the devils depart

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Who we are!

Nothing more than receptivity and the capacity for submitting what will come to be receptive to another in any favorable way possible.

The greatest thing my son's Asperger's syndrome has taught me:

We don't have to ever agree or disagree, but we will...it is then we must grow together and create a space beneficial for the two of us. For those privileged with the experience of this, do not hope for it to be unture, hope for it to be as real as possible.

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They're all liars - every last one of them!

I am going to say something now that must be said.

How can anyone here not recognize 2012 for what it was? We run off and support the son of THE greatest representative in the last 238 years but chalk his defeat up to theft, misrepresentation, greed, rigging and deceit only to turn around and BELIEVE that we matter in the world of politics! Politics is the game of the chosen, not the supported!

Vow with me to withhold your vote...I promise you 2016 will be liberating.

Peace and Love always.

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Richard Attenborough and me!

All I know of this man is two things:

1) This scene from Ghandi (directed by Attenborough) ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GG_4UaCD8E ... one of the most powerful scenes in history;

2) The grandfather and ingenuity behind Jurassic Park (my favorite movie ever (through the eyes of an 18 year old));

Rest in much peace and thank you for these memories.


PEace and LOve always......

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The Balloonist Prayer!

"The winds have welcomed you with softness.
The sun has blessed you with his warm hands.
You have flown so high and so well
that God has joined you in your laughter.
And has set you gently back again
into the loving arms of Mother Earth."