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Regulation X!

We awake to an age of perpetual regulation and appointment. We vote with our hearts on our sleeves despite the chest being its proper place of function. It doesn't take any more a Republican to change or dissolve regulation than does it a Democrat. The vote is Dead! We do not vote without vanity and we certainly do not vote for the goodest philosopher. No, we vote for placards that dangle by strings and well wish and talk about shining cities on adjectiveless hills.

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The Veteran's Ghost!

It somewhat saddens me to think that the day death finds me I may not be heralded in the same “honorable” light as those who have served the vainglorious and magnanimous monstrosity that is the United States military/armed forces. How were my actions in this life any less honorable than the actions of the military man/woman? If I had blown the back off a foreigners head in order to protect a puppet dictator or the drug fields he oversaw, would the metal upon my chest serve to warrant applause and respect?

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I just reached 17,000 people!


Even though Measure 92 didn't pass by less than 1% of the vote, I must feel empowered to never stop at telling the truth at all costs.

I love all of you this night.

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"Fair Phyllis"

This post may or may not inspire or frighten. The first time I heard of Castrato's I was in first year music theory in community college. Our teacher, one of the best I've ever had, would play songs for us to follow in our theory guides/texts. The first time I heard this song, I became interested in Falsetto, which Castrato's did not express in song, due to their genitalia being dismembered.


Link to what a Castrato was:


Peace and Love always.

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Where I'm at...

is in the sea,
amongst quiet thunders
and a purposing current.

I am staring at the earth
chalcedony star-points
in distant armor,

and the harvest is baron,
draped in transparent sill,
the drumming Nationalistic
frightened into killing,
forced now at fulfilling
the dereliction of their will...

we ensure our own poisoning
and implore a Mighty head,
the rules are Dead...

because I've seen preachers,
but I've also seen thieves and molesters
and the abominable acts of robed devils,
in many names of God,

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Songs that changed my life - Official Thread!

I have contributed much more here than anywhere else in my life. I am starting this thread in order to post and talk about songs that changed my life and the experience I had surrounding that song.

Does this sound like a viable and grateful way of giving back to the past that for so long I fought to strangle with control? For many years I struggled with longing for what had come to pass and I felt that this would be a wonderful way to share the healing and productivity that can come from embracing the life you've lived without suffocating it.

Peace and Love ALWAYS!

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Oregon has become the 3rd State to legalize Marijuana!

As of now Measure 92 is still to close too make an official announcement, however the link below gives the details of other measures and how they fared in Oregon.

UPDATE: Apparently now that Multnomah County has been counted, Measure 92 has been defeated by less than 30k votes, approx. 1% margin!



Peace and Love and Hemp!

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Measure 90 in Oregon!

Instead of voting on this measure, I merely wrote in the space provided: "there is no second party!" And there hasn't been for some time.


Peace and Love always.

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The stigma is vanishing!

Measure 91 in Oregon will most likely pass to legalize the recreational use of marijuana to those age 21 or older. For almost a decade I've been saying that some day "soon" marijuana would become legal...and you know why?

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Published in the Void!

My most recent letter-to-the-editor was published this morning in the local newspaper regarding Measure 92 in Oregon. Thank you for all the support and advice my fellow DP'ers.



Peace and Love always.

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Swallow the Sun - Plague of Butterflies (complete)


Enjoy my fellow DP'ers!

P & L Always!

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Tears for Fears - Mad World!


eaceP and oveL lwaysA.


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Addressed to A-B-B-A!

There was a comment you had made regarding my post on Measure 92 in Oregon that has compelled me to respond. I do not intend this response to be confrontational, rather genuine and raw. This is a very emotional issue for me and one that I've been following for years. Peace be with you A-B-B-A.

A-B-B-A statement:

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It's all a lie!

and I for one have been fortunate to realize it in this life.

No boundaries! No limits! No fear!

Peace and Love eternal.