• Gary got a vote this week in Ohio

    After voting for Ron Paul in the primaries, when it looked like he had lost his shot of getting the nomination after the Santorum-fest, I decided to get on board with GJ.

    I went in for early voting. This year, GJ is the first choice listed on the Ohio ballot, prime real-estate for a libertarian. It was my first Presidential election, and I'm proud to say that I voted for someone I actually support. Same thing with Ron Paul in the primary. Now if only we could get more people to vote for people they support, and not just tweedle-dee over tweedle-dum...

  • This is probably the most important article on the site...

    Seriously; everyone who is involved in the delegate selection process and could potentially become a Non-Paul delegate needs to know to abstain round one if they are a Romney supporter.

  • Precisely my thoughts.

    I'm glad someone caught this!

  • These are just county conventions.

    There are no delegates yet chosen to go to the GOP National Convention in Tampa.

  • I stand by my stance

    that Santorum and Paul should not be fighting eachother, rather both should be attempting to prevent Romney from winning 1144.

    That's the only way Paul can win: Romney must lose.

  • Two options for me

    Either writing in Paul, or voting Gary Johnson. GJ is a pretty good guy, he just has a couple wonky stances but I can get past those.

  • At least Republicans, as misguided as they are...

    aren't buying Romney's bullshit. While I find Santorum disgusting, I find Romney even more disgusting in how he attempts to win people over with "I can beat Obama" not "I will stand for our (crazy) values."

    Romney carpetbombed Ohio with ads for weeks leading up to the primary, yet he barely beat Santorum. Same thing in his home state.

    I can't stand (and wouldn't vote for) either of the two, but at least Rick Santorum is winning without simply dumping money... this may be one of the 5% of times when money DOESN'T win an election.

  • So...

    essentially no one but Libertarians like your mobile? :P (Not a bad group to have liking you, though!)

  • Won't get my vote

    Unless Mitt gives Ron Paul the first place on the Ticket (President) I won't be voting for that ticket.

  • I think

    they naively predicted this based on their rallies. Which they should have known draw many more than vote in those areas since people come far and wide to do so.

  • Isn't it media hype?

    It's mostly media hype and best wishes of the Paul campaign, but many of the supporters are out of state supporters who attend rallies in neighboring states.

    When we live in a world of 24 hour news stations, they're bound to run out of material and say "Why not ponder Ron Paul winning a few states?" And when he doesn't, it simply becomes "underperforming".

  • Back when this was still useful...

    I played around with this CNN delegate calculator http://www.cnn.com/election/2012/calculator/ To try and come up with a few different scenarios, one where Romney does well, one where Santorum does well, and one where Newt and Santorum do well.

    However, since Super Tuesday, all states that are finished are 100% filled in by the estimates (which assume that Paul will get a small delegation from each caucus state, which we know is probably not true.) so it's become very useless.

    What I did find out, however, is that if Santorum continues to perform well, and Gingrich takes a couple more states, we pick up a good number (say, 15o)delegates, Romney only gets to about 1000, ~150 delegates short. So since then, I've been rooting for Santorum in states where I know he can win.

    It feels weird to root for Santorum, but if the first ballot leaves Romney with only 1000 votes, and the majority are released for the 2nd ballot, we have a fighting chance.

    (By the way, even in the "best" case for Santorum that I tried, there's no scenario in which Santorum can win. So it's safe to root for Santorum and Newt, assuming they stay in it until the convention.) If this is a 4-way race, I ended in most scenarios with Romney at 1000, Paul at 200, Gingrich at 200, and Santorum at 800.