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Who are you supporting this fall?

Let's say the ballot contains the following candidates:

Barack Obama
Mitt Romney
Gary Johnson
Jill Stein

Will you vote for one of these four, or will you be writing in Ron Paul?

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Why are we all so upset when Santorum wins primaries?

Now I understand why you don't like Gingrich or Santorum; obviously you are supporting Ron Paul for a reason. But there is so much outrage when Santorum or Gingrich win states on this site that it really baffles my mind.

The ONLY way Ron Paul can win is if Romney does not get 1144 delegates. And the ONLY way Romney can be blocked from 1144 delegates is if Santorum and Gingrich and Paul continue to take over 50% of the delegates from here forward. That's going to mean a lot of Santorum wins.