• Travis County

    We got 7 of 7 delegates and the only two alt's elected were supporters also. Can't wait for the convention!!!

  • Legaleese...

    It sounds like a lot of you have watched Freedom to Fascism, but check out Theft By Deception: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7521758492370018023&...
    It's very repetitive, but helps to understand the law through the legal definitions like "taxable income" and "income derived from within/without the United States". This is the "861" argument and has been shot down, but makes more sense than anything else I've seen.

  • None

    The answer is they all get zero delegates, the same as DC. But Texas will be huge and is very into NASCAR. It could also help in Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Kentucky. That's 234 district delegates up for grabs or a total 398 total delegates.

  • District delegates

    The way I understand it is that some delegates are already chosen. Republican chairmen and other party officials are automatically delegates. In Texas, our GOP governor Rick Perry is a delegate I believe. So these are party loyals, but the districts are alloted for the voters. In Texas, the evening of the primary the voters elect the delegates. Find out how to be a delegate in your state so we have more delegates. Technically, even though other candidates win more delegates, they could be Ron Paul supporters and swing the vote at the national conference. Anybody else chime in if I'm off on something.

  • I pulled this up.

    We really need to focus on the district delegates and primary dates. Take a look here: total del. / district del. / primary time
    New Jersey 46% - 52 total – 39 district – super tuesday
    Arkansas 34.6% - 34 total – 12 district – super tuesday
    North Carolina 30.2% - 69 total – 39 district - May
    Delaware 27.6% - 18 total – 3 district – super tuesday
    Utah 26.1% - 36 total – 9 district – super tuesday
    Colorado 21.2% - 46 total – 21 district – super tuesday
    Tennessee 19.9% - 55 total – 27 district – super tuesday
    Illinois 19.3% - 70 total – 57 district – super tuesday
    Alabama 18% - 48 total – 21 district – super tuesday
    Texas 17.9% - 140 total – 96 district - March
    District of Columbia 17.8% - 19 total – 0 district – Feb. 12
    North Dakota 17.8% - 26 total – 3 district – super tuesday
    Alaska 17.8% - 29 total – 3 district – super tuesday
    Oregon 17.2% - 30 total – 15 district - May
    Florida 16.8% - 114 (57 actual) – 75 district ? – FL loses half delegates for early primary
    Oklahoma 15.7% - 41 total – 15 district – super tuesday
    New Mexico 15.2% - 32 total – 9 district - June
    Kentucky 14.2% - 45 total – 18 district - May
    Washington 12.7% - 40 total – 27 district – Feb after super tuesday
    Pennsylvania 12.3% - 74 total – 57 district – April

  • Politico link

  • What about the GOP

    Where does it say that the GOP are trying this? On the Texas GOP website, it shows Ron Paul has already submitted an application - http://www.texasgop.org/site/DocServer/1-7-08_name.pdf?docID...

  • Take a breath...

    Those numbers were off by a colum to the right. It shows Tancredo with more votes than Romney. All the numbers match, but in the wrong column. Let's not cry wolf unless there is one.

  • But John McCain?

    How does Mr. Bomb Iran come in first. Who are these independant voters?

  • Don't forget in Michigan...

    If Michigan's primary is still on Jan. 15th, then they don't have any Democratic delegates. Half the democrats won't even be on the ballot. If you Michigan people run into anti-war democrats like Obama's supporters, then let them know. Let them know that Dr. Paul will end the war and hopefully we can have a good showing there.

  • I got nothing

    Is it on yet. All I get is a bunch of commercials and no audio. I'm at http://www.ronpaul2008.com/snippets/127/manchester-townhall/ , but nothing.

  • Delegates

    Hey, I'm not in LA but I noticed there are paperwork requirements to be a delegate and a deadline of Jan 10th. Go to http://lagop.com/ and it's all on the front page. Make sure LA folks know.

  • Deleted

    Figured it out.

  • Where do you get the Dem vote number?

    I'm looking at CNN and it shows Obama won with 940 votes (2,500 total votes cast). What am I missing? http://www.cnn.com/ELECTION/2008/primaries/results/state/#IA
    It looks like to me that Paul crushed all the Dems with over 11k votes.

  • How do they get their numbers?

    Liberty has 61.29% with 15,822 votes, but CNN has 95% with 115,214 votes. What does the difference mean? Is Liberty an exit poll, because it looks like they won't have a final total.