• The "perfect" candidate is not required

    to educate or inspire people to learn. Ron Paul inspired/inspires a great many people, but how many of them do you find that agree perfectly with him? Most candidates aren't perfect (look at the R's and D's from the past few elections). I believe Ron Paul was the perfect candidate for 2012, but that opinion obviously wasn't held by the masses. But again, I don't think a nomination or victory is the only measure of success.

    Gray should grace the stage as well.

  • So Ron Paul running as a R got us nowhere?


  • If you login to a DOD computer

    If you login to a DoD computer, you instantly have to accept:

    "Use of this or any other DoD interest computer system constitutes a consent to monitoring at all times."

    If he ever brought up his personal email at work, one would think that he would be able to be monitored legally.